Charleston vs Savannah – Which Best City To Visit In 2023

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If you are planning to do a historical city tour in South USA and need clarification on Charleston vs Savannah, read this article, which will clear your confusion. Read Charleston vs. Savannah and plan your weekend trip accordingly. By the way, you can’t go wrong with either as both cities top the pretty towns of the USA list.

What to do in Charleston SC this weekend - Savannah Vs charleston
  • The distance between Charleston, Sc, and Savannah, Ga – 110 Miles – 2 hours apart.

These historic cities in South USA are famous amongst tourists and receive many tourists throughout the year. Their historical significance dates back to the colonial era of the USA during the 1600 and 1700s, thus playing an essential role in US history too. 

Things To Do In Savannah Ga This Weekend
Forsyth Park, Savannah


Both have cobblestone streets, historical architectural buildings, colorful rows of houses, romantic waterfronts, plantations, beaches, moss-covered trees, and southern hospitality. 

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Many people do Charleston and Savannah together on a south USA road trip but if you are going for one, then read this Charleston vs Savannah.

Charleston vs Savannah (Charleston Or Savannah)

Though both have many similarities, this article will list some differences between the two pretty cities of the southern USA. 

Charleston vs Savannah – Looks of the place.

Both cities have southern charm. Charleston has more coastal vibes, and Savannah has laid-back vibes

Savannah: There are many squares in Savannah with small parks around them. With moss-covered trees, you will also spot colorful houses covered with climbers or moss, which makes the whole atmosphere very romantic and dreamy.

Romantic Things To Do In Savannah Ga
row of Colorful houses (Jones Street), Savannah

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Charleston – There is a row of rainbow-colored houses and elegant historic homes with tall palm trees, making the whole atmosphere vibrant and energetic. 

Charleston vs Savannah - Savannah or Charleston
Row of colorful houses, Rainbow Row, Charleston Sc

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Charleston vs Savannah – Timings

In Charleston, most businesses and museums close early; in Savannah, most shops close late. So Savannah is more of a late-night type of city than Charleston.  

most romantic things to do in savannah ga

Savannah – Savannah, Ga, is famous for taking your drink and sipping your drink, and most of the restaurants and shops are open till late at night here. So the party scene is very vibrant. 

Charleston – Many boutique shops and other commercial brands close their outlets between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM; hence, late night party scene could be more vibrant here. 

Charleston vs Savannah – Food

Savannah is famous for its nightlife and drinks, and Charleston is renowned for fine dining food. 

charleston vs savannah
Savannah Pedal bar

Savannah – You can walk and drink in Savannah, so mostly famous for drinking on the roads. And its favorite ice cream parlor, Leopold’s, is the world’s top 10 ice cream parlor. 

Charleston – Charleston is one of the best foodie cities in the southern USA and has many fine dining options. Many fine dining restaurants in historic homes are worth it for special dining events. 

Charleston vs Savannah – Which is more romantic?

Savannah – Savannah, Ga, has many gardens, squares, laid-back corners, moss-covered trees, houses, and a romantic destination. 

charleston vs savannah

Charleston – Charleston has many historic and colorful houses and is very popular with history lovers. 

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Charleston vs Savannah – Which city is more historically and architectural wonderful?

Charleston is known for more architecture, and Savannah is known more for nature.

Savannah – You will find the best examples of Greek Revival architecture. Savannah is known for its beautiful coastal landscapes, colonial, well-preserved architecture, and greenery. Savannah is full of Spanish moss and Southern charm, graceful architecture, rich history, and, therefore, the perfect place to visit.

savannah vs charleston

Charleston – Charleston architectural styles depict different styles that mark unique historical periods. These styles are Colonial, Georgian, Federal, Classical Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Victorian, and Art Deco. This charming historic town in Southern USA or Lowcountry ranks as the best city in the USA too. The perfect romantic vibes, excellent weather, historic charm, stunning colorful houses, and blooming plantations of Charleston, South Carolina, will amaze you on your holiday to the southern USA.

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So Charleston has many forms of architecture. 

Charleston vs Savannah – Which city has more nature attractions like beaches, parks, and islands?

charleston south carolina vs savannah georgia

There are many beaches near Charleston, so if you are only looking for beaches, then Charleston wins in the abundance of beaches nearby. And if you are looking for gardens and parks in historic downtown, then Savannah has more green spaces inside the city center.

Savannah – There are 22 squares in Savannah, each with a small or big garden with sit-outs, sculptures, and many beautiful spots. There are also parks and a lovely historic riverfront, famous for a vibrant getaway and dining out. 

Savannah is a coastal city and hence Tybee Island nearby is worth visiting. 

Charleston – Charleston is also a coastal city and has many nearby barrier islands and beaches. There is one famous garden in the historic downtown, a renowned walk around the sea, and a colorful row of houses. 

Charleston vs Savannah – Which city has more plantations?

Charleston has more plantations as compared to Savannah. 

Best things to do in savannah ga this weekend - Most Beautiful Places In Savannah Ga
Wormsloe Plantations, Savannah

Savannah – Near Savannah, you will find a couple of plantations only. Wormsloe’s historic plantation is famous and worth visiting near Savannah, Ga.

Charleston – Many plantations near Charleston, like Magnolia Plantations, Boone’s Plantations, Drayton Hall, McLeod Plantation Historic Site, Middleton Place, and many more.

3 Days in Charleston Itinerary - weekend getaway
Plantations near Charleston, Sc

Charleston vs Savannah – Day Trips

Savannah – Savannah has many day trip options, but there are fewer beaches and plantations nearby than in Charleston. 

Charleston – Charleston and its neighborhood are bigger than Savannah so you will find many day trips from here. There are many islands near Charleston. 

TIP – Both are 2 hours apart so that you can split your holidays into cities. 

Charleston vs Savannah – Walkability 

Savannah’s historic downtown is more walkable as compared to Charleston. 

facts about Savannah -Romantic Things To Do In Savannah Ga

Savannah – Savannah’s Historic District contains 22 park-like squares and more than 1,500 historically significant landmarks in just 2.5 square miles. Now you can imagine how is the walkability of this historic downtown. This historic downtown is completely walkable with a free shuttle bus by the city tourism board. 

Charleston – The historic downtown area is perfect for walking as it is a little small. But harbor areas are famous too, so you cannot go walking throughout. Charleston is a little more spread out. 

Charleston vs Savannah – Photogenic or Instagram Spots

savannah vs charleston - charleston vs savannah
Door picture in Charleston, Sc

Both have many pretty points to capture the best shots. In a photogenic location, both cities are winning. Some of the streets and spots top the must-visit list in the USA travel bucket list; hence, both have several colorful and unique Instagrammable spots.

Charleston vs Savannah – Guided tours

romantic savannah ga - savannah or charleston
Vintage Horse carriage tours in Savannah

Charleston – These are some famous tours in Charleston, Sc

Savannah – Some of the famous tours in Savannah, Ga

Charleston vs Savannah – Historic Downtown Hotel stay options

Charleston – Historic District is the best choice to book your stay in Charleston. 

Charleston one day itinerary - 24 hours in Charleston tour
Charleston, Sc

Savannah – Book your hotels in the historic downtown with a view of the river or famous squares. 

charleston vs savannah - savannah georgia or charleston sc
Historic Hotel, Savannah, Ga

Charleston or Savannah – Video tour

Charleston Historic Downtown Walking tour 

Savannah Historic Downtown Walking Tour

Now you can select Charleston or Savannah on your weekend holiday road trip in the southern USA. Both have stunning locations, island beaches, parks, food, shopping, plantations, and vibrant hospitality. So you can select either of them or go for both. 

Best of Savannah - romantic savannah ga - Savannah Georgia or Charleston sc
Squares at Savannah, Ga

Both these cities are favorites for elopements, weddings, girls’ getaways, proposal destinations, and famous movie locations. So whatever you will select, it will be your memorable holiday. 

Charleston itinerary - Savannah Georgia vs Charleston Sc
Charleston, Sc

I hope you loved reading about Savannah vs Charleston or Charleston vs Savannah with all their key features, itineraries, and hotel options. You will plan your weekend getaway to Savannah Georgia vs Charleston Sc. 

savannah georgia or charleston sc
Forsyth Park, Savannah

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