Important Factors For Choosing a Hotel Accommodation

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There are many essential factors in choosing a hotel accommodation for a successful trip. So read these important hotel hacks and choose best hotel.

Choosing a Hotel Accommodation
Important Factors To Choose Perfect HOTEL Accommodation for Successful Trip

Hey, holidays are coming, and you have finalized your dream destination and booked air tickets.  Now you are again in the big dilemma of choosing the right accommodation/stay for a Successful Trip.  You are thrown with a bundle of great choices regarding hotel stays which are very tempting and appealing deals.

 There are many factors to be considered in booking a hotel like hotels having a room with a view, big luxurious lobbies, hospitable staff, perfect location, proximity to city-center or public transport, freebies deals, etc. but choosing wisely and filtering out will help you in choosing a Perfect Hotel for Successful Trip.  Also, many people prefer to stay in hostel due to many reasons.

Reviews of my Comfortable and Luxury Stay in New York City
Comfortable and Cozy room

After traveling to various places for many different reasons and occasions, I have done a few hits and misses on Hotel selection during my Trips.  And have concluded that Choosing a Hotel for a Successful Trip depends totally upon the Destination.  In this post, I will also talk about Destination types that govern our choice of hotel.

Important Factors For Choosing a Hotel Accommodation for a Successful Trip

DESTINATION TYPES – Choosing a Hotel Accommodation

  • Big Metro Cities like NYC, Shanghai, London, Mumbai, Sydney, Paris, Tokyo, etc.
  • Nature Destinations like Islands and hilly towns eg. – Santorini, Mykonos, Maldives, Mauritius, Shimla, Kazbegi, Garmisch, etc.
  • Staycation Luxurious Resorts on the outskirts of cities or places with no major tourist attractions.
  • Highway Stays during Long Drives, e.g.driving in the USA, India, Australia, etc.
  • Stay in a Historical Palace/Mansion, e.g., Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Udaipur, Seville, or any Historical Place converted into Hotel.


 Here the primary selection of Hotel you will consider is Location or Proximity to City Center. The closest to the City center, the more you enjoy city life.   Though the location of all hotels plays a vital role if you are traveling to big cities, it should be given PRIORITY.  You would save a lot of time commuting if you lived in the heart of the big city.  Traveling from the heart of the town becomes very easy as you get public transport to all places nearby from a walk away from your hotel. 

All big cities have very well-arranged vast public transport networks, so living nearby is a wise choice. 

Reviews of my Comfortable and Luxury Stay in New York City
View from my window – 42nd street

But if you are living in centralized locations of big cities, then you have to slightly compromise on a few points like –

  • The size of the Room can be smaller.
  • Hotel staff can be bustling, so you can lack personal attention
  • There may not be wide front landscapes or porches in the hotel.
  • The swimming Pool can be on a rooftop, not on the ground floor.


  • You can access 24 hours open restaurants, cafes, Supermarkets, and Medical Shops at walking distance from the hotel.
  • Nightlife can be easily accessible
  • Public Transport is at a walkable distance
  • Save your time in commuting
  • You get the feel of busy city life and enjoy city vibes
  • As there are many eating options outside of your hotel, you can even skip your breakfast option with room for a better money-saving deal.  


If you have selected a place full of nature, like blue seas, rugged landscapes, rolling hills, and snowy mountains, then prefer a hotel/ Room with a view of nature. So if you are going to beaches or hilly areas, the selection of hotels with a view is perfect for a successful trip. If you are selecting a destination because of its natural beauty, choosing a hotel with the same picture is always good to enjoy nature at every moment. 

You have to bear a few things like –

  • The hotel is away from the city center
  • Public Transport is not easily accessible, but that particular area or town is so tiny that you can reach far places without wastage time.
  • No 24 hours shops/cafes nearby and therefore we have to rely on Hotel’s restaurants.
  • Sometimes these Hotel Properties are small and don’t have all amenities.


  • You will enjoy a million-dollar view 24 X 7 from your room.
  • You will get a perfect sunrise and sunset from your bed. No need to wake up early and reach the sunrise
  • Soak into nature in your comfort.
  • Many such hotels provide free shuttles to the city center

Staycation Luxurious Resorts on outskirts of cities

These kinds of resorts/hotels exist where there are not many historical places or natural places to visit.  These kinds of resorts are tourist attractions. As nearby cities do not have many places to look out for, these Luxurious Resorts/hotels serve as the Perfect Staycation option for fun-filled Family Weekend Trips.  In this type of visit, SELECT a HOTEL with full amenities. 

Looking out for a wide range of luxurious amenities is an essential factor.  We cannot neglect the amenities of such stays.  DOUBLE CHECK with your hotel about these amenities and their usages included with the Room Tariffs or Payable Extra. 

Sri Lanka Trip
Sri Lanka trip

Be careful as you spend more than 80% of your time in this resort, so double-check the amenities and other details. 

Here you have to bear slightly on –

  • You cannot reach the city very quickly, as it is far away from the city -center. So carry on all your essentials with you.
  • Depend on Hotel’s Entertainment, Food, and Luxury Facilities.
  • Can Be Expensive


  • You will be pampered like King/Queen, so you can spoil yourself for a few days.
  • Rooms and hotel premises are huge
  • Lots of Luxury and Adventure Sports within the premises.
  • An evening full of Entertainment like Live music, dance, various shows, etc.
  • Children can have their own company at Day Care center on the premises.
  • Spa, Yoga, Exercise, or Meditation are some exotic facilities you can try.


 Highway Stays are necessary stays when driving on Long Road Trips. In many countries or continents, traveling by road takes several hours, and you have to stay a night near the HIGHWAY.  These destinations are not chosen by us but mandatory ones when we continuously drive through 8 to 9 hours. 

If you are traveling by road and going long, do not book the destination hotel in advance.  There are many CHECK-IN OPTIONS while driving through.  Whenever you feel tired of driving and do not want to travel more, stop at your nearby motel/inn and check-in. 


  • Free Wi-Fi Facility
  • Free Parking for your car
  • Onsite restaurant or eating facility nearby
  • Nearby Fueling Station.

This stay is just an escape on the highway to relax and sleep at night. Don’t expect great things from these motels.  They should be well-maintained, safe, and clean.  You will not get luxury amenities, hospitable staff or a view from the room.  It is to spend your time or take a rest and walk out the following day.  I took this kind of stay during my East Coast Road trip in the USA, and many times in India.  


Nowadays, there is a growing trend of living or spending a night in an ancient palace or monument which has great significance in history.  Some of these Palaces are converted into Luxury hotels with ancient royal customs. Here the History of the Palace and its related stories rules the selection of accommodation. These Palaces can be far away from the city or can be in the town.  They offer all the ancient styles of treatment to their guests. 

Picture of my Stay Spanish Mansion in Seville owned my royal ministers now converted into the hotel.

You have to bear slightly on –

  • You must climb stairs as they may lack modern amenities like elevators or LIFTS. Their architecture is such that they cannot construct Lifts or something like that.
  • Sleep on traditional beds, not like modern mattresses or pillows.  
  • Bathrooms can be like olden day styled Hamas or bathtubs, without those fizzy showers with many settings.
  • Food can be specific traditional styled according to the customs of that Palace.


  • You are witnessing and living at a Palace where major historical events occurred centuries ago.
  • You will get all ROYAL TREATMENT.
  • You will learn about the ancient Royal customs and ceremonies.
  • For a few days, you will be having a Lifestyle of a King / Queen

So you must know that DESTINATION plays an important role in choosing hotels.  But for all types of stays, there are many choices with reviews on and TripAdvisor. Check for the good and bad reviews, and then book for it.  Therefore Choose Hotels as per your Destination choice, not by Brand name or other things. 

Read my HOTEL REVIEWS ON Staying at Big Cities like NYC, Shanghai and Nature Stay like on Greek Island islands – Santorini or Mykonos.  Also, read about Staycation options near Dubai and Abudhabi at Hatta, Liwa, etc. 


  • Call Hotel personally to check all details that matter to you the most to have total clarity.
  • Don’t get carried away by the Hotel’s pictures on their sites. Check Traveler’s photos of those hotels or read reviews of Travel Blogger on your specific choice.
  • Check on their website for current First – Timer Discounts or special Membership Discount offers.
  • Call them and ask for Free Shuttle service to Airport or Free Car Park( if you are driving) and breakfast options.
  • Read about Hotel vs Airbnb – why some travelers like Hotel stay compared to Air Bnb home stays. 

The main question is – WHAT MATTERS YOU MOST? Is the main reason for choosing a hotel. You will not get all the facilities or PLUS POINTS of your choice. You have to compromise slightly on but will get other PLUS POINTS TOO.  So if your hotel selection is based on the choice of Destination, then you are sorting out or filtering out half of the hotels.

Click below to select your preferred stay in your favorite location.

Now you can know Important Factors in choosing a hotel Accommodation for a Successful Trip

choose best hotel
Important Factors To Choose Perfect HOTEL Accommodation for Successful Trip

So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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  1. I like that you mentioned that we should be choosing a hotel that is close to the city center. I think this would be very convenient if ever there are things that we need in the middle of the night. Actually, it is important for my husband to have a pharmacy near because his illness attacks unpredictably. So I need to find a pharmacy if ever it happens.

  2. These are great tips to keep in mind when choosing where to stay. The Spanish mansion in Seville is perfect to add to a historic trip. I always want WiFi and if I’m going somewhere warm, AC and a pool! As you said, I’m willing to sacrifice size for location. I did choose a hotel in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, just because it had stone bathtubs on the roof!

  3. I like that you mention choosing accommodations near the center of a city so that you can easily commute to wherever you want to go. It would probably help to find all the ones in the area you want to stay in and then start to consider the other benefits they offer, such as if they’re a bed and breakfast hotel. Choosing somewhere that provides breakfast could help you save time and money since you’ll be able to eat at the hotel rather than finding a restaurant or making your own food.

  4. Completely agree with all your points and such a good guide for new travellers. Of course each have their own way of travelling and this affects the hotel choice. When I visit a big city i always make sure it’s in the centre of the city and convenient to sights I wanna see or public transport.

  5. I can agree with you that it is mandatory to have an immediate stay in a hotel near the main road if the person is planning to travel for more than 9 hours. We have yet to go out on the road, but I think I will add this to the things that I need to be mindful of. Actually, maybe it will be best if purposely take the route that will lead us to a good hotel, and schedule a stay there so as to make it seem like a vacation before a vacation. I will talk to my wife about this. Thanks.

  6. Very good advice in this post. I always check the hotels own website after finding it on etc. I think I tak elonger choosing hotels than booking flights on the internet. 😀

    1. I too take more time in selection of hotels than other things during travel, as selection of hotels is very important

  7. Thank you for pointing out that you should check the hotels website before booking. My husband and I love to travel and are always looking for cute little rooms to stay in. I’ll have to look into differnt hotels.

  8. This is a great post. You have narrowed down each point carefully. I loved the segregation, the plus points and difficulties. It is a useful post for every traveler. Loved reading it.

  9. I ahve to say this is going to be of huge help to me in future. When I book a hotel I usually check if the rooms are clean enough, service and location. Wifi is always welcome everywhere, but I’m going to keep in mind the rest of the tips. Thanks for sharing.

  10. You have some great suggestions here and this would be a good article for people who have never really traveled before. My deciding factor is always if they have good free wifi because we work on line. We have been caught before when they stay there have wifi and then it does not work and then we end up with a huge phone bill.

  11. We usually stay in hostels but I do think that each type of accommodation, even different types of hotels and hostels, have their place and their usefulness depending on the type of travelling you are doing. I know many times how the accommodation has been has really had an impact on our enjoyment of a place.

  12. Thank you for sharing your tips – they are really useful. I always spend way to much time on booking accommodation. Somehow I get sucked into this huge abyss of choices you can make, when you are looking for at place to spend the night. Last time we had to book a hotel I made my boyfriend do it 🙂

  13. For us, the main factor while selecting a hotel is its location it may not be centrally located but should be well connected by public transport. And if it is to someplace amidst nature then views matter too. Once in a while, we love to book a resort away from the city to relax and do nothing.

  14. These are all fantastic tips! I totally agree with you on city hotels – for me it’s all about convenience, so location is totally important. And also being close to public transport is great as well. On the other hand, if I am going somewhere that is more nature focused, totally a room with a view please. It’s so true that you are never going to find the ‘perfect’ hotel that ticks all the boxes, so it’s important to consider what is most important for you.

  15. Very well articulated. I agree that in big cities the location near public transport and food outlets matters a lot. While when in a natural surroundings, you must choose an accommodation with a view. And then there are so many accommodation options available, that one must research and compare based on their budget and choose the best possible for them

  16. Perfectly logical. But me, I have decided to stay in timeshares because there is always a kitchen. I have the option of eating in most breakfasts and a few dinbers.

  17. I love searching for and booking hotels and I also always look for the perfect hotel type for each destination. Like you I believe there is no one hotel that is perfect for all kinds of holidays and so your categorization makes a lot of sense to me.

  18. This is a solid list and I can tell your engineering background. I think I would modify the field properties for accommodation type == natural area. There are some hotels that give your preferential access to area. Certain hotels give you private trailheads, after hours access hot springs or beaches, or park access after the gates close. This is one of our favorite reasons to splurge on a nice property.

    1. Thanks Jenn, I loved how you described field properties and can make out my listing according to Engineering background.

  19. This is a great post! Lots of people are overwhelmed when picking accommodation. you broke it down well 🙂

  20. What a well documented post! Full of really good tips 🙂 thank you for that! I, somehow, apply some of these tips, as I usually seek accommodation in the city centers, if I am on city breaks or really short city visits, but I always looks for something more remote if I am in nature, in the mountains or at the seaside. I usually prefer smaller, rather family run business than larger one, wherever I go 🙂
    I found very interesting the idea of living in a historical place – haven’t done it yet, but who knows? 🙂

  21. You’ve presented a great compilation in terms of accomodations. When travelling solo or with family, I prefer to stay in the center, I love to take the vibe during my stay. The mansions are also a nice option, but are they costlier than hotels? From past few years I have grown an inclination for AirBnb too, have you explored that option yet?

    1. Yes, in big cities I too prefer city center to feel the vibes. Sometimes mansions are costlier but sometimes not, it depends on the owner and season also. I haven’t tried AirBnb as my friends have some other reviews of them, but have been to local stays at few places through references.

  22. This is a great post with a lot of helpful travel tips. I always find deciding where to stay the most time consuming as there are so many options. We love staying in kid friendly hotels and AirBnBs.

  23. Thanks for sharing your extensive tips!
    Choosing the right hotel accommodation is sometimes overwhelming especially when its affordable AF. But I always consider my travel lifestyle. I consider hotels that is safe (IMO) and comfortable based on my needs.

  24. You explained it well! I visited big cities few times a year and we find being in a convenient location is so crucial. It saves you a lot of time getting to places especially when you have very little time. No matter where we go, we always look for stable WiFi too.

  25. Some really important and practical tips you have given. And as you have said, the kind of hotel, entirely depends on the kind of vacation, and the type of destination. There have been times, where I have stayed in big cities, but had to travel some time to reach the points of interest, as my hostel was outside the city centre, and I was travelling on a budget.
    What I feel is, no matter the destination, access to the public transport, should always be given a priority.

  26. Great set of tips for hotel selection. I really like the different categories, and agree and priorities shift depending on whether you’re in a major city or doing something like taking a road trip across country and simply need a comfy spot for the night. Thanks for sharing!

  27. That’s a very interesting article, it’s making me reflect on the things I normally look at when booking an accommodation. Normally the top three things are location (not necessarily super central as long as there are good connections) wifi and general reviews from other travelers. I also tend to stay more in bed & breakfast instead of big hotels, to have more authentic interactions with locals 🙂

  28. Very informative and cool tips before selecting any accommodation. I prefer to stay a bit away from top attractions but close to nature. Staying in a main city center always cost more. But it all depends on the selection of the destinations.

  29. This post is really useful. You have made a really comprehensive list of selection criteria. Hotel selection plays a important role as few of our trips ended on a sour note due to bad hotels. El keep these tips handy.

  30. We are definitely a bit more picky about hotels now that we travel with our little ones, but in the end we still spend so little time in our hotel room (we basically come there to crash and leave early in the am) that we just want it to be clean, safe, and affordable.

  31. We too are quite finicky when it comes to choosing accommodation. Generally we prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle when in big cities, though this results in a little inconvenience and more expense for commuting. But we feel it is worth it as we can get the best of both worlds. Your detailed analysis of the parameters to look at while choosing accommodation is quite detailed and useful.

  32. I love that you’ve broken down this post into different types of hotel stays! Each type of vacation can be SO different in my experience, depending on where your hotel is located. I generally prefer hotels that are located in the middle of the city (if I can afford then). If not, I try to find a more affordable option where I can commute into the city to do tourist activities! My favorite is to stay in historical places, but you’re so right about the stairs!

  33. These are great tips on choosing the right accommodation. I agree about the road trip options; I remember doing the road trip in the US and not liking any of the motels! Still, there was free, though unsecure, wifi. I do prefer the hotels out of the city; as long as they have all the facilities I need of course!

  34. These are very useful tips on hotel stays. We are very particular with location when we travel as who knows when the next time we will be back. Our rule of thumb in the past has been to not stay near bus or train stations!!

  35. Hello Yukti!

    These tips are great – often I book my hotel rooms without considering the type of trip – so this list will help me maximise my experience for my next hotel stay!

    Btw, which hotel have you enjoyed the most so far?


    1. Hi Mick, It is difficult to tell which hotel because, I chose according to destination, so if I love that place then that hotel is surely on my list….

  36. I couldn’t agree more that on a road trip you should not pre-book hotels. On a bunch of occasions I’ve wanted to change my plans and been restricted by hotels I’d booked which had passed their cancellation period. Sometimes it is better to be spontaneous like we were when we found a little gem in a small Romanian town

  37. I found myself nodding at every point while reading your post! I’d have to completely agree with everything, what you need to ensure while looking for a hotel and what the priorities should be. When I visit a big city, I always make sure my hotel is in the centre of the city, its convenient to step down from your room and be able to walk to restaurants and cafes. Also, when travelling to places with nature, countryside and mountains, I love to stay in bnbs with local families, in houses which are amidst nature, with fantastic views! Of course, sometimes, all you need is a ‘stay-for-the-night’ hotel when you’re on a long journey and the most important thing at the time is to have access to WiFi!

  38. Thanks for these tips! I like how you categorized them.
    I used to book hotels a bit out of the center because it’s cheaper but since then I have changed my mind and have chosen to pay a bit more to be more central. Just because you would lose way to much time and money with the commute.

    1. You are very much correct that paying a little more for saving time in commuting sounds more practical solution.

  39. Great way to categorize selection of accommodation choice when you travel. My favorite are places close to, or among, the beauty of nature. Camping out under the stars is wonderful but not always possible or feasible in certain locations so using the tips you have shared here would be really helpful. You have definitely made some good points about room size, transport and amenities.

  40. Done great tips on choosing the right hotel when you on vacation. A good hotel can add all the great aspects to a holiday yet a bad one can be a real damper. I prefer centrally located hotels as they always save travel time and you have a lot of amenities on your doorstep. However as you said they can be small rooms. Great tips and a great post.

    1. Thanks Amar! I agree centrally located hotel saves lot of time in commuting specially in big cities. But if you are going to forests, hilly sides or beach towns then you can slightly compromise on location and can choose a room with a view.

  41. I’m fond of hiking mountains, swimming in the sea, and wander around ruins, and historic places so I would go for nature destinations. You are right, in this case the view is pretty important and can make up for being further from the city center. 🙂

  42. Hi Yukti,
    This is a great breakdown of very important info that will help us choose the right place to stay in many locations. I am big on place with a nice view like the mountains or a beach. Being away from the city center has never really been an issue, but it is just definitely important to prepare in advance for anything that might be needed. Thanks for the info!

  43. This is always so tricky! Most of the time I was lucky, because the hotel was nice and clean. But I also experienced the opposite which didn’t always give me a good feeling and so I didn’t enjoy my vacation that much. So thanks a lot for your tips!! I like how you structured it in different destinations 🙂

    1. I also had many hits and fails during my stays, but concluded that if we overlook some of the features and focused on their plus points, then it would be more beneficial. I now try to choose according to location type.

  44. All great points and tips! As a family, traveller, I usually prefer to stay in apartment style accommodation or a larger junior suite. if we are having a lazy holiday then an apartment suits us better as we don’t feel so claustrophobic. I also like having a kitchen and having washing facilities.

    1. yes Apartments are great for having home life feeling in tourist destinations, but choosing their location is very important. Like in city center or near some natural landscapes.

  45. Thanks for sharing such an insightful post on choosing the best hotel. I am a city girl and I always try to find accommodation close to the city center. Most times (if I dont plan ahead), I do find them expensive, so my next step would be to choose hotels closer to the airport as there will be excellent transport/transit system available from all major airports!

  46. These are really great tips for selecting a perfect holiday accommodation. I like the way you’ve categorised the tips according to the destination type and have listed the pros and cons for each category. I’ll be using them for my next hotel booking. Thanks for sharing.

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