Countries Offering Free Travel To Tourists – Get Paid To Travel

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Traveling is an expensive affair and if you get paid to travel then it sounds dreamy. But yes, you are hearing this for the first time that many countries in this year 2021 are luring tourists by paying them with lucrative offers and travel deals to visit them. In 2020, tourism was worst affected and many countries had huge losses, and so concerning that, for opening tourism in their parts, they have come up with many mind-blowing schemes. Many countries are ready to pay you for free hotel stays reimbursement of your airfare, guided tours, attractions entrance passes, and many more deals. Do you want to check about countries offering free travel to tourists – get paid to travel then read this article and know about how to get it?

Countries Offering Free Travel To Tourists – Get Paid To Travel

Countries Offering Free Travel To Tourists – Get Paid To Travel


Countries Offering Free Travel To Tourists – Get Paid To Travel

Italy is heaven for tourists and this country has opened gates for international travelers with some restrictions to specific countries from where tourists can travel.   Sicily – a world-famous beach destination has suffered huge losses last year and now opened to attract tourists with many lucrative offers. To recover losses, the official tourism board of Sicily has decided to reduce the airfare to 50% with a one-night hotel stay free for booking of 3 nights. This step is taken by the local official tourism board to attract tourists and revive the tourism again.



 Japan deals in 2021

Famous for cultural and nature tourism, Japan too had a massive fall down last year due to the hard-hit tourism industry. So to compensate for the loss, Japan has decided to come up with lucrative offers to tourists with some freebies, travel vouchers with Japanese travel agents, and hotels, so that you get discounts up to 35% on your travel.  Japan tourism board has collaborated with numerous travel agents to promote this scheme. The major attractions covered under this scheme are Shinsekai, Otaru, Kamakura, Kagoshima city, Mt. Tsurugi, and Shinjuku.



Countries Offering Free Travel To Tourists – Get Paid To Travel

Mexico one of the most visited places in the world is as much colorful as its traditions are. Mexico’s famous tourist destination Cancun is offering many lucrative offers to tourists. They have launched the Cancun 2×1 project in which the official authorities are offering mind-blowing deals to tourists/visitors. Some of the deals get a 1-night stay free for booking 2 nights at proposed hotels by Cancun. They have also partnered with some air-lines companies to offer lucrative deals. Some of the agencies are also offering two days of car rental services for free if you book for 2 days. So to enjoy the beautiful shores of Cancun, these offers are worth grabbing.



Countries Offering Free Travel To Tourists – Get Paid To Travel

Famous for scenic landscapes and quaint beaches on the shore of the famous Black Sea, Bulgaria is attracting visitors by offering lucrative deals. Beach lovers would love these deals as they are offering free entry to beaches by waiving entrance fees. Not only this many beach clubs here are offering free sunbeds, sun loungers, beach tables to woo beach lovers.


Amazing Things to Do in Cyprus
Aphrodite Rock

Cyprus to a land of exotic beaches and beautiful Mediterranean climate is offering a lucrative offer to woo visitors. To increase tourism, the Cyprus government is launching the scheme to bear the cost of accommodation, medical expenses, food, and everything else for a person who gets infected with the virus when traveling in Cyrpus. But the condition is that you should be already infected before arriving while boarding the flight to Cyprus.


Countries Offering Free Travel To Tourists – Get Paid To Travel

A beautiful country in Eurasia with an amalgamation of European and Asian culture. Blessed with natural beauty and many historical monuments this country has come up with a very unique offer to lure visitors or tourists. So if you are visiting this country and if you catch a virus in this country, then Uzbekistan will pay you $3000. But to avail of this $3000, one must explore the country with a local tour guide.

TIPS FOR Countries Offering Free Travel To Tourists – Get Paid To Travel

  • Check all requirements before planning to travel to these countries listed above like the GREEN-LISTED countries for them.
  • At present international traveling rules.
  • Whether vaccination is mandatory for them or not.
  • All this information can be found out on their official tourism websites.
  • To avail of these offers, you need to book hotels, airlines, guided tours which are listed or approved by these official tourism boards.
  • Though you have purchased the offer, due to the present virus situation, these offers can be postponed. So be prepared for last-minute changes.
  • Follow all safety protocols and act accordingly.
  • These countries are offering discounts or deals to promote local tourism, so better to book local guides through them as they have suffered heavy losses last year due to the closing of the tourism industry.

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