Cycling in Dubai – Where to Bike?

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Cycling in Dubai – Where to Bike?

Cycling in Dubai is favorite among outdoor activities in Dubai and so you can find many cycling or bike tracks all over.  Dubai is sprawling up with many cycling tracks and in winter you can find many biking enthusiasts go for bike rides either for leisure or sporty outdoor adventures. These cycling or bike tracks are located along with the beautiful backdrop of the city skyline or nature terrains. Go for environmentally friendly sports mobility around Dubai and experience Dubai most uniquely.

Cycling in Dubai – Where to Bike?




Bike at the cycle path which has a beautiful backdrop of Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa. This cycle track is converted to a came track near the Meydan racecourse.  It has 3 stages 4km, 6km and 8km with other facilities like changing rooms & shower facilities. The path is well-listed so you can take a ride in the evenings too. Children can also join in with a special dedicated track to them with interesting street signs, speed bumps which give a glimpse of road safety and road ride to young riders.

Cycling in Dubai – Where to Bike?


Ride along the beautiful desert in natural surroundings at Al Qudra Cycle track. This is a little away from city noise and with the complete natural surroundings.  Two cycling paths are perfect for mid to experienced level bikers.  The short path is 18 km and the big loop is 50 km with beautiful dunes on your side. You can also hire bikes on the spot. No need to book, free activity if you bring your bikes and helmets.


Dubai Autodrome offers a closed 2.46 cycling track which is good for beginners to experienced people.  Booking is not required and you can start when you arrive. Sometimes weekly evening events are held under floodlights.  

Cycling in Dubai – Where to Bike?


Some of the most popular hangout parks or picnic spots for families.  The Al Barsha park also has a 1500 m long cycling path for children and adults.  This park is perfect for young toddlers too.

Mushrif Park is one of the oldest parks in the country and is located on Khawaneej Road in Mirdiff.  The whole garden is spread out in 1300 acres that offers a 5km track for cycling.  Cyclists can enjoy the 2 lane track which also passes through dunes.  The garden has some nominal amount of entrance fees.

Cycling in Dubai – Where to Bike?


The Dubai Canal is a public waterfront destination that is popular for amazing views of the famous skyline of Dubai. This path passes through Sheikh Zayed Road across Safa Park and Jumeirah.  This  3.2km ride is a newly developed path  


If you love Marina views with stunning skyline then ride along the beach which is a 14 km cycling/jogging track running from  Dubai Sailing Club to Umm Sequemm. 

Cycling in Dubai – Where to Bike?



Cycling in Dubai – Where to Bike?

  • From November to March, the weather is perfect for biking in the day time. In summer, go for a late evening bike.
  • Wearing helmets are compulsory
  • Keep hydrated yourself in between. 
  • There are Careem rental bikes at every spot. But these bikes are normal bikes, so if you are sports enthusiasts then take bikes with gear with you. 
  • Children under 12 should be accompanied by adults.
  • Do not use cycle or bike tracks for other purposes.
  • Look out for BYKY spots or Careem bikes to rent a bike. Rentals start from 20 AED.  Public rental bikes do not have gears and are simple bikes.
  • Private rental shops on the spot offer rentals for approximately 100 AED for 2 hours for bikes with gear – a complete sports bike. 


  • Al Wathba cycling track, Abu Dhabi
  • Al Hudayriat Cycling track, Abu Dhabi
  • Al Ain Cycle track
  • Yas Marina Circuit
  • Hatta Mountain bike track, Dubai

So gear up with your bikes, wear your sports gear and take a view of Dubai on your bike. A perfect way to explore Dubai in most sustainable way and a healthy outdoor activity for all ages. 

So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING…………………………………………………… 

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  1. Interesting to note how they have developed these cycling tracks. And one for each level of cyclist. Amazing that most of them seem to be free and do not need a booking in advance. When I was there, only Jumeriah had a small track – not exclusively for cycling but even for skating and skateboarders. Seems like a lot has changed

  2. It’s so interesting to learn that more and more countries are now adopting a policy of encouraging cycling for the immense benefits it offers for a healthy living and promoting a clean environment. Dubai focusing on the same is so heartening to learn. I love cycling and when in Dubai would certainly love to do that as an activity apart from other interesting opportunities it offers as a destination.

  3. I was surprised to learn that cycling is so popular in Dubai. Great to know that there are several dedicated tracks for cycling, and they look so beautiful. I have always enjoyed cycling and would surely want to try it when I travel to Dubai. It is extremely environment-friendly, and it is nice to know that environmental travel is promoted here.

  4. Wow, I would have never visualised cycling and Dubai if I had not read this post. Thats so amazing. I wish I had known when I visited Dubai last time. I would love to go for some cycling there and see for myself. Something to add to my list I guess.

  5. I have never been to Dubai and I didn’t know that Dubai has started allowing cycling. I guessed only European countries are famed for cyclists. This is great initiative and one can see the city on their own way at slow pace. I liked the Jumerah Path and Marina area , would love to take Dubai cycle tour.

    1. Dubai is growing very fast and encouraging sustainable and many outdoor activities. Not only cycling here is getting popular but other outdoor events too and many world famous cycling events are held here every year.

  6. I’ve never been to Dubai, but I imagined it to be a place where everyone has posh cars and nobody cares for outdoor activities, especially in summer. Pardon my ignorance! Al-Qudra sounds good to me, or anywhere that you can hire bikes.

    1. I know many people still think that Dubai is for posh cars and no outdoor activities. But right now scene has changed and Dubai has come up with many cycling events and other outdoor activities too. Not only this they host world famous cycling events too where many cyclists come from different parts of the world.

  7. To be honest, I never really though of Dubai as somewhere that would invest in cycling, but it’s great to see. It must be a good way to get out and see the city. The Jumeurah path sounds good, I love that marina area so it would be great to see it on a bike.

  8. I had no idea that cycling was as popular as it is in Dubai. It gives me hope to see countries that are promoting an eco-friendly way to travel by making it easy and fun. I always love riding my bike to grab a coffee, and would love to give it a try in Dubai! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I was surprised to learn that cycling is so popular in Dubai. I figured with such a hot and sunny climate that people would be less inclined to cycle! Loved reading about the recommendations and having my eyes opened to this hobby, especially knowing that there are specialized tracks for cycling as well. Al Barsha Park looks positively idyllic!

    1. Actually earlier there were not many cycle tracks and cyclists in Dubai. But now Dubai has gearing with many cycling events, tracks to be used for free, cyclists and in winter the temperature is perfect – 25 deg C. In summer you have to go for night biking, so all tracks are well-litted too

  10. I have seen recently that cycling is getting more popular in the UAE. I used to be a keen cyclist in my younger years and I am still active now but I just cant imange cycling in the heat there. (I am from the UK and I think anything over +25 is not cycling weather for me). I am glad that Dubai has made a cycling canal path to promote environmental travel through the city and looks nice to do, but for me, thats an early evening thing or when it gets dark. 🙂

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