Las Vegas To Red Rock Canyon – Perfect Day Trip

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Let’s know about a hidden gem from Las Vegas – Las Vegas To Red Rock Canyon Day Trip tour.

Las Vegas To Red Rock Canyon - Perfect Day Trip

Red Rock Canyon, which spans more than 195,000 acres, is Nevada’s first National Conservation Area and is one of the most scenic places in southern Nevada is as popular with visitors as it is with locals. Therefore Red Rock Canyon is worth doing day trips from Las Vegas, by car.

Distance from Las Vegas – Las Vegas To Red Rock Canyon Day Trip


Las Vegas To Red Rock Canyon - Perfect Day Trip

  • Red Rock Canyon is about 15 miles (24 km) west of Las Vegas. Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas.
  • Combine Las Vegas tour with a California trip due to 5 hours drive from San Diego.
  • Many travelers make this trip a long weekend road trip from San Diego.

How to reach – Las Vegas To Red Rock Canyon Day Trip

The closest airport to the Red Rock Canyon is Harry Reid International Airport, Las Vegas. Many travelers rent a car in Vegas city or Vegas airport and drive to the conservation area.

Las Vegas To Red Rock Canyon State Park

Basic Amenities – Las Vegas To Red Rock Canyon Day Trip

Restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, banks, postal pro, and grocery stores are located at the corner of Charleston Boulevard and Desert Foothills Drive, 4.5 miles northeast of the entrance to Red Rock Canyon on State Route 159/Charleston. 

  • Many restaurants, supermarkets, stores, gas stations, etc., are further east along Charleston Boulevard.
  • There is a restaurant, bar, motel, horseback riding, and petting zoo in Bonnie Springs/Old Nevada, which is 5.5 miles southeast of the entrance to Red Rock Canyon, along State Route 159.  

Red Rock Canyon State Park Scenic Drive

Where to Stay – Las Vegas To Red Rock Canyon Day Trip


As Red Rock Canyon is located only 15 miles from Las Vegas, travelers prefer to stay in Las Vegas city.

There is one campground in Red Canyon Park – Red Rock Canyon campground, which is 2 miles away from the visitor center. It has not many facilities. The campground is located one mile south on Moenkopi Road from the junction with W. Charleston Blvd. Its physical address is 3293 Moenkopi Road, Las Vegas, NV 89161. Per night stay for RVs is 20$.

Las Vegas To Red Rock Canyon - Perfect Day Trip

What is a suitable time to visit Red Rock Canyon State Park, Las Vegas

Go early morning May through September, when temps can reach 100F by noon. October and November will usually be comfortable all day long. March and April, are good months to visit Red Rock Canyon, State Park.

Red Rock Canyon Temperature Warnings 

Be aware of the heat forecast. Summer can be very hot in the Mojave Desert. The average highs at Red Rock Canyon reach the mid-90s°F during summer and certainly reach above 100°F during heat waves.

Hikes & Trails – Red Rock Canyon State Park 

Red Rock Canyon day trip from Las Vegas - Perfect Day Trip

  • Moenkopi Loop
  • Calico Hills
  • Calico Tanks
  • Turtlehead Peak
  • Keystone Thrust
  • White Rock – Willows Springs
  • Grand Circle Loop
  • White Rock Mountain Loop
  • Willow Spring Loop
  • La Madre Spring
  • Petroglyph Wall
  • North Peak
  • Bridge Mountain
  • Lost Creek – Children’s Discovery
  • SMYC
  • Ice Box Canyon
  • Dale’s
  • Pink Creek Canyon
  • Fire Ecology,
  • Arnight
  • Knoll
  • Oak Creek Canyon
  • Middle Oak Creek
  • South Oak Creek
  • First Creek Canyon
  • Kraft Mountain Loop Hike

Things to at Red Rock Canyon State Park | Las Vegas To Red Rock Canyon Day Trip

Las Vegas To Red Rock Canyon - Perfect Day Trip

  • Take a 13 miles scenic drive throughout the park along the scenic loop. 
  • Explore Calico Basin and Red Springs Picnic Area
  • Go for Calico Tanks Trail, the most beautiful trail here.
  • Hike to Calico Hills for stunning views from the top.
  • Explore Lost Creek – the stunning waterfall of the Red Rock region.
  • Do not miss to spot Petroglyph Wall, which displays ancient rock art in the entire park and is the unique part of this park.

Las Vegas To Red Rock Canyon - Perfect Day Trip


Safety Tips – Las Vegas To Red Rock Canyon Day Trip

Red Rock Canyon State Park suitable time to visit


  • You will find many Rattlesnakes in Red Rock Canyon as they camouflage with the environment under shrubs, within rock cracks, and along with sandy soils. These snakes are venomous, and you need to be careful if you spot them.
  • There are not many mosquitoes due to the dry climate of this region. 
  • Do not challenge yourself during summer as due to excessive heat, it can be hazardous to be outside for a long time.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and carry sun protection gear.
  • Be hydrated always.
  • Look out for heat forecasts before you plan.
  • Do not leave pets or children in the car as there are lot more chances of overheating in the car.

Red Rock Canyon State Park – Opening time and Entrance information

Red Rock Canyon State Park Las Vegas Nevada

Vehicle Entry fees – Day Trip to Red Rock Canyon from Las Vegas

  • 15$ per car or truck and 5$ per bike.
  • Parking is permitted in parking lots near Visitor’s Center.
  • Also during the scenic drive, you can park your car at designated Vista Points. 
  • The 13 Miles scenic drive is one way.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon State Park Las Vegas opening hours

The Scenic Drive is open every day of the year with some slight changes as per the season:

Nov – Feb – 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM
March – 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Apr – Sep – 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Oct – 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Highlights of Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas State Park tour

Las Vegas To Red Rock Canyon - Perfect Day Trip

  • 13 Miles Scenic Drive
  • 26 Unique Hikes and Trails
  • Climbing
  • Biking – Road Biking and Mountain Biking
  • Camping
  • Unique Flora and Fauna
  • Nature Photography

As you all know that Red Rock Canyon is an area of worldwide geologic interest and beauty, it is worth making a trip from Las Vegas due to its proximity and wonderful, beautiful shades of red all around. It is located within the Mojave desert, and hence the beauty of its surroundings is also very unique and photogenic.

Las Vegas To Red Rock Canyon - Perfect Day Trip

I hope you will surely go for Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon day trip when you visit Las Vegas. It is a perfect day trip from Las Vegas.


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Red Rock Canyon day trip from Las Vegas Scenic drive

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