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Khasab is a port city on northern Oman’s Musandam Peninsula. Khasab has located close to the UAE border about 200km from Dubai. From Khasab Harbor, ancient-styled wooden boats named “Dhow”(Arabic word for wooden boats) cruise the Strait of Hormuz, offering rugged coastal views surrounded by rocky mountains and dolphin sightings in the ocean.  Let’s go for a Long weekend getaway to Khasab (Oman) from Dubai.



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Book Musandam Dibba Full-Day Cruise with Lunch from the UAE

The Musandam Peninsula has beautiful Fjords or Khors, created by fragmented rocks stretching like a claw into the sea, and huge cliffs standing beside are splendidly reflected in the blue waters of the Strait of Hormuz.



fjords and khors of oman

The coast which meets the Strait of Hormuz extends some 600 km. These stunning Fjords have been named “The Norway of Arabia”. Musandam area is divided into four parts –

  •  Khasab ( we stayed in Khasab)
  •  Bhuka
  •  Dibba
  •  Mudha.

10 Things to do in Khasab Musandam | Weekend trip from Dubai

Dhow cruise Trip to Musandam Fjords-  

One full-day tour by Dhow through a traditional Omani decorated dhow where visitors are comfortably seated on the floor on cushions and carpets. Visitors are allowed to find the ancient towns and snorkel the waters of Telegraph Island & Seepi Island, going to Khor Shem, Qanaha & Maqlab along the way.  Also, dhow stops at dolphin sighting view in the middle of the sea where dolphins come along with us. Buffet lunch and refreshments are served on board. Snorkeling gear and towels are provided onboard.  Timings of Cruise:-  10: A.M. TO 4:00P.M.

Camping in Musandam Beach-

People take camping stuff and do overnight camping on the beach beside the sea and mountains.  People take their caravans also.

camping beach
camping beach.

 Overnight staying at  Dhow cruise

Camp under the moonlight to enjoy nights in the sea surrounded by cliffs. Dinner and breakfast are provided onboard.

Mountain Safari to top of Fjords

You will need a 4 X 4 vehicle for this to reach Jebel Harim, which offers a most beautiful view from the top at 2087m above ocean level. Visitors enjoy the stunning views of the Hajar Mountains.

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Snorkeling & Swimming in Clear Waters

Dhow Cruise stops in the middle of the sea for an hour and offers snorkeling and swimming between the sea. 

snorkeling in blue waters of oman
snorkeling in blue waters of oman

Natural Dolphin Watching

Watch dolphins swimming with you along the Dhow Boat- 

Banana Boat ride,

Local Beach Access with seagulls –  Local beach of Khasab is suitable for beach lovers and can access water sports.

Kayaking and Fishing

There are many fishing points in the Khasab area. Also, lots of Kayaks can enjoy kayaking.

oman 888
fishing Point

 Khasab City Tour

A tiny city on the borders of UAE & Oman with local Arabic Culture and a small fort in Portuguese style.


Explore the Mountains of Musandam. From the top of the mountains have stunning views of the Gulf of Arabia and the Gulf of Oman.  On top of the mountains, camping can also be done. Many people lay down their tents and stay here. 

Nearest International Airports – Dubai in UAE and Muscat(Oman)

From Dubai it takes around 4 hours to reach here, covering a distance of about 200kms by road.

Read more about visa and other practicalities for Musandam Trip Oman by clicking here.

Between UAE and Oman border, there is a checkpoint border where our visas and passports are checked. Read more about 7 reasons to love Oman. Sometimes it takes a lot of time because of the massive rush on long weekends, so it is better to start early from Dubai so that Queues can be avoided. This place is a favorite of UAE for day trips and long weekend trips.  Check visa formalities on Oman official site or go for an online visa before going. Driving after crossing the border to the Khasab city is very scenic.  If you are spending a week in Oman, then check this Oman itinerary for a one week trip. 

After reaching Khasab, we stayed in the local 4-star hotel, Atana Khasab hotel, offering views of the sea with mountains and a swimming pool. Many rooms face the sea, and many face only mountains. The hotel is located on the rocks facing the sea. It offers professional diving courses also with skilled instructors. Parking is free in the hotel.  

Currency – Omani Rial

Food – Arabic and Continental

Atana Khasab hotel arranges cruise services and mountain safaris. These services pick up from a hotel and drop also.  Oman is a great place for photography. 


Oman Itinerary
Oman is great for an outdoor photoshoot
weekend getaway to Khasab from Dubai
Oman is great for outdoor photography

Muscat is the capital city of Oman and it is also worth visiting a place. Read about what to do and see in Muscat. 

Read about Complete Guide to Oman by clicking this 

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    Camping beside the sea in such a location would be such an awesome thing to do.
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