Majestic Germany | Germany Itinerary

Majestic Germany Itinerary

Must Visit Places in Majestic Germany | Germany Itinerary

I have done this trip by Euro Rail.  And these cities can also be done by road trips if you are renting a car.  There are many Music Festivals in Germany which are also worth visiting.  Also, you can do road tripping – Driving through the romantic road tour in Germany

Before you plan for your Majestic Germany tour, read complete details about this country on Germany Travel Blog

Munich – Beer Capital of the World | Must Visit Places in Majestic Germany | Germany Itinerary

Famous for Cars manufacturing companies, Engineering & Technology Museum, and Art center. In this article you will know more about what is Germany famous for

Take Hop On Hop Off Bus and tour around Munich.

Indian Mango Tree is the best restaurant for vegetarian and Indian food.

Engineering Museum and Buildings of Munich.

Garmisch(Bavarian Alps) | Must Visit Places in Majestic Germany | Germany Itinerary

Snow-clad cities near Garmisch area like Mittenwald, Zugspitze ski resort and once a winter Olympics location). The local Buses very cheap option takes you to all the villages of Garmisch and very convenient also. You can also Rent a car.  Family Guest Houses are very popular here and very accommodating in all senses.IMG_5731, Neuschwanstein castle in Fussen

Heidelberg Must Visit Places in Majestic Germany | Germany Itinerary

The Scientific hub of Germany and the oldest university of Germany is in Heidelberg.  The most romantic town with red roofs and a flowing river and colorful streets surrounded by colorful shops and beer bars.  Walking is the best way to experience this city. And if long distance then prefer to rent a car. Click this link for more information on Heidelberg.

FrankfurtMust Visit Places in Majestic Germany | Germany Itinerary

The Biggest city of Germany and also a major financial hub of Europe. Frankfurt is a city with skyscrapers and modernity.  Shopping lovers will love this city. You will find cuisine from all the parts of the world here. Very much metropolitan.  Metro is the best way of commuting in the city. From Frankfurt, you can also book a scenic Rhine Valley road tripThough Germany is famous for beer, but there are quite famous  and best coffee spots in Frankfurt. 

For commuting within Germany take a Euro Rail pass which is always a very good option in Europe as all trains are very well connected to each and every part and run on time.

7 Days Itinerary for Majestic Germany | Must Visit Places in Majestic Germany | Germany Attractions Tour

Day 1. Arrive at Munich night stay for 2 nights

See Munich city.

Day 2. Go to Car manufacturing companies like BMW or Mercedes and see how a car is being manufactured. Please check the date and timings before going as some days are off for visitors. Hop on Hop off bus drops you there.

Day 3 to Day 5

Go to Garmisch stay for 2 nights if you are nature/countryside lover

Go to different surrounding villages. Also, take a cable car and go to the top point of Bavarian Alps good for skiers and snow lovers.

Next day go to Fussen for the castle. It will take half day depends upon the rush. So it is better to book tickets online for castle entrance to avoid the queue. From Garmisch local bus will drop you to Fussen castle downhill. To climb up there are two options i) trekking or ii) horse carts(available there but you have to queue for them also)

Day 6 – Go to Heidelberg by train (1-night stay)

walking tours

Day 7 Go to Frankfurt. If you are visiting Frankfurt for short time then read about how to spend a 5-hour layover in Frankfurt. 

2 nights is enough but it depends on you. Stay near the railway station for better connectivity of metro, bus, and railways.

Read about funny and silly things about Living in Germany for many years.

Black forest is on the borders of Strasbourg in France and Germany which you can go from Munich. The Black Forest is an amazing place.

Currency – Euro

Language – German

Plan for Heidelberg by clicking this link


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  1. Germany is on my bucket list…may be sometime soon ….Neuschwanstein castle looks like straight out of a fairy tale!

  2. I would love to visit the Bavarian Alps sometimes. I have heard how beautiful they are and how amazing it is to hike there in summer.

  3. Germany as a tourist destination never occurred to me but l look at your itenary and the beautiful pictures and I am tempted to pack my bags and leave right away.

  4. I must say that you are sharing really helpful information about traveling. When I will plan a trip to Germany I will surely consider your advice and go to the places you have shared here.

  5. my goodness the Neuschwanstein castle looks so magical and so unreal hahaha.. it was like those castles depicted in our childhood fairytal.. it reminds me of the Beauty and the Beast castle.. this place is truly worth visiting.. is the castle accepting tourists to explore the interior??

  6. Beautiful photos, I have always wanted to visit Munich. Indian Mango tree sounds great I will be checking out the menu as I am a vegetarian and love Indian food x

  7. I love Germany. In fact, when I was in high school our jazz band did a 10 day tour playing in lots of little pubs. It’s one of my happiest memories. My husband love it too, especially for the beer!

  8. I love Germany that is so much to do and see there and don’t get me started about the history :-). Reading your recommendations took me right back there especially your section on Neuschwanstein. I remember being there and understanding why the Disney castle is based on it.

  9. Really nice itinerary! I haven’t visited any of thoses so it’s a good suggestion. I wish you wrote more about Black Forest since I’m planning to visit there. The picture of Neuschwanstein castle is beautiful too!

  10. Great itinerary! I’m hoping to visit Munich this winter for the Christmas market. I would have loved to visit the Neuschwanstein castle too. The castle looks amazing – like taken out of a Disney movie!

  11. What an awesome itinerary, it seems to cover everything! Thanks for sharing, this will come in handy as we are visiting Germany later this year. Trying all of the beer and visiting the Neuschwanstein castle are top our list – it looks like something out of a fairytale!

  12. The Neuschwanstein castle in Fussen looks like it comes straight out of a fairytale, stunning! Normally I always go by car to Germany (from The Netherlands) but the Euro Rail pass seems like a great alternative. Thank you for sharing your trip and practical tips.

  13. Great suggestions! This itinerary is quite similar to the one I was on for a school trip when I was 15 and travelling to Europe from Australia for the first time. I will never forget seeing Neuschwanstein Castle in the snow. It was so amazing! thanks for helping me remember how much I love Germany.

  14. I’ve never had much interest in visiting Germany but your photo of Neuschwanstein castle is making me second guess everything! That is absolutely stunning. I’m adding the Bavarian Alps to my travel wish list!

  15. Oh Germany you are so pretty. The old buildings, the beer and the people. Thanks for this great guide.

  16. This is such a fab post!! I’ve already visited Munich twice but really want to go again just to head to Neuschwanstein castle with my sister, so I could totally use this itinerary as a base when that trip comes to light!

  17. Wow Berlin isn’t even on your list, and wowowowo that castle in Garmisch is a total dream! Would you tell us why Berlin is not part of your list? We keep hearing so many good things about the place that if we go and don’t stop by, is like we haven’t seen Germany properly!

  18. I just love the photos in this post. Germany looks so beautiful. My favorite would have to be the castle with that stunning mountain backdrop. The itinerary is extremely useful and it all made this so enjoyable to read. Thank you.

  19. I’ve been to Germany twice before, but actually missed a lot of these. I’d love to take a cable car up to the Bavarian Alps and try out skiing! It must be quite an experience! Btw I love the picture of Neuwschwanstein Castle in Fussen – what a fairy tale shot!

  20. Excellent itinerary! The Harry Potter fangirl in me thinks Neuschwanstein castle looks a little bit like Hogwarts. We’ll be heading to Europe in 2018 so we’ll definitely be putting these highlights on our list of must-do’s!

  21. Another really thorough post and while it’s impossible to see all of the German highlights in just a week, you certainly managed to pack in a few of the best. Neuschwanstein castle in Fussen looks absolutely incredible and really, the beer in Munich is a must. That being said, I would always advise tourists heading to Germany to stop by Cologne, my favourite city in the country

  22. LOVE LOVE LOVE your list!!! My husband and I are dying to do a proper Germany trip. We’ve only been to Berlin, but want to spend a few weeks traveling around. We might have to use your suggestions! And that castle looks incredible!

  23. You have a great itinerary here to see Germany. Munich, Garmisch(Bavarian Alps), Heidelberg, Frankfurt and the Black Forest all look beautiful from your pictures, perfect for photographer. I still need to visit the Neuschwanstein Castle in Fussen, the photo of the castle is one of the best I’ve seen!

  24. I did a study abroad in Germany and loved visiting places around the country. I made it to Neuschwanstein and Frankfurt, but need to try to get to Heidelberg. And Munich was really cool to visit too. Thanks for the itinerary!

  25. All of these German cities look amazing. I’ve always wanted to see the Neuschwanstein castle so that would be number one on my list. But Frankfurt looks amazing – I am a city girl at heart so that would be high up on my list too!

    1. Yes for the castle there is entrance fees. You can book online to a avoid standing in huge Q. Berlin is modern city famous for that historic wall.

  26. Very helpful itinerary. I am off to Germany next month on my 6 weeks Europe discovery. I loved the recommendation on Bavaria alps. I am a nature lover, would love to explore

  27. I love Germany, definitely need to get to Neuschwanstein castle soon! The pictures are so pretty. This is a great itinerary if you only have a short time.

  28. There are so many incredible sights and places to visit in Germany. I’ve only gotten to Berlin so far, but Munich and the Bavarian Alps are at the top of my list for my next visit!

  29. I loved this as it gave me an over view of Germany. I found the mention of Anne Frank House missing from this list. That is at number one on my wishlist. Ever since I read the book Diary Of Anne Frank, I had wanted to visit the house.

  30. I’d love to visit Germany. This is an excellent itinerary. You have covered the places that I would like to see such as the Neuschwanstein castle. It looks wonderful. HeidelBerg looks romantic and lovely. It looks like a perfect place to have a family.

    Iza c/o Kathy James (Walk About Wanderer)

  31. You have it all covered from castles to snow to beer bars! Thanks for this superb itinerary to this wonderful country. Hope to visit it someday for the fairytale Neuschwanstein castle!

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  33. That castle just looks like something straight out of a fairy tale! It is so Beautiful! I love this great little itinerary here, looks like the perfect way to spend a week

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  35. We live in Las Vegas and have a Brauhaus that is a replica of the one in Munich and it would be interesting to see the original one day. The photo of the castle looks almost like a fairy tale. You’ve made Germany look like a very attractive place to visit one day.

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