7 Days Itinerary to Serbia – Visit Serbia

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Is Serbia worth visiting? Yes, it is and so read about 7 Days Itinerary to Serbia – Visit Serbia – Best of Serbia Sights. Check this complete Serbia tour guide and save this Serbia travel guide for your upcoming trip.  Serbia in winter is also a perfect tour.

With travel restrictions easing all over the world many people are now focusing on how they can gradually rewind into their old lifestyle and travel to different places around the world.  If you have plans to explore places that offer unique experiences you can visit the Balkans. While many countries fall in the Balkan Peninsula, Serbia is a great choice for your next travel destination. So let’s have a look at 7 days itinerary to Serbia – Visit Serbia – Best of Serbia Sights.  Read about the Serbia tour guide and save this Serbia travel guide.  Serbia in winter is also a perfect tour. 


7 Days Itinerary to Serbia – Visit Serbia – Best of Serbia Sights

With so much to explore and see in Serbia, you must have a planned itinerary that makes it convenient and easier for you to explore Serbia without having to compromise the time and money you have. To save further, book your flight tickets in advance on reputed sites known for cheap flight booking.

7 Days Itinerary to Serbia – Visit Serbia – Best of Serbia Sights – Is Serbia worth visiting?

7 Days Itinerary to Serbia – Visit Serbia – Best of Serbia Sights

Day 1: Getting Familiar with Belgrade

Your visit to Serbia begins with you landing at the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport a.k.a. Belgrade Airport. This would be your first day in the Serbian capital so you can unpack, unwind and take your time to settle down before you begin your Serbia tour. Soak in the local atmosphere and the vibrant culture of the city. You can dine at the hotel or walk around the locality to explore local cafes and restaurants during the evening hours.

Where to Eat – Little Bay, Bela Reka, and Ribnjak are among the top restaurants in Belgrade that you can choose from.

Day 2: Exploring Belgrade

7 Days Itinerary to Serbia – Visit Serbia – Best of Serbia Sights

Right after your breakfast, it’s time for exploring one of the oldest cities on the planet. Nestled on the junction between Sava and Danube rivers, Belgrade has a rich history to explore.

One of the most popular places in Belgrade is Republic Square. Not too far from Republic Square is the iconic Belgrade Fortress. The ramparts and the walls of the fort speak to you of the thousands of years of struggle it has lived through. Another fine piece of architecture that you can explore close to the fortress is the Church of St Sava. Considered as one of the largest Eastern Orthodox Church buildings in the world, the Church of St Sava with its white granite and marble walls and a towering dome is a work of art.

Skadarska better known as Skadarlija is one of the best streets that you visit during lunch hours. The place has plenty of taverns and restaurants allowing you to explore the bohemian magic that dates back centuries and has been an integral part of Belgrade city.

After lunch, explore the Nikola Tesla Museum which presents the life and work of Nikola Tesla, a Serbian national hero.

Nightlife options – In the evening hours, you can head to Ada Ciganlija, a leisure destination on a river peninsula on the western side of the city. When the sun sets you can head to Knez Mihailova where you can fine dine, shop, and enjoy the nightlife.

Where to Eat – MIX Bistro, Kolarac, and Mosaic Restaurant and Bar are a few of the best restaurants in Knez Mihailova.

Day 3: Visiting Novi Sad


7 Days Itinerary to Serbia – Visit Serbia – Best of Serbia Sights

A 90-minute drive northwest of Belgrade lies the city of Novi Sad. Nestled on the banks of the Danube River it is the second-largest city in Serbia. The European Commission recently voted it as the European Capital of Culture for the year 2021-22.



The best place to explore Novi Sad is by exploring the Freedom Square (Trg Slobode) and the Novi Sad Synagogue. You can explore Serbian architecture and learn more about the major cultural and religious institutions of the city. Not so far you will also find the Neo-Gothic Catholic Cathedral. If you want to take a break you can explore one of the many coffee shops around Freedom Square.

After lunch, you can head to Bishop’s Palace that has its history to tell. When you are done exploring the local city streets and architecture you can head a nice dinner at restaurants that oversee some of the great landmarks of the city.

Where to Eat – Caffe Pizzeria Restorante Terasa and Carda Aqua Doria are among the top choices for food in Novi Sad.

Day 4: Unwinding in Subotica


7 Days Itinerary to Serbia – Visit Serbia – Best of Serbia Sights

The next morning a further 90-minute road trip north will take you to the beautiful city of Subotica. If you love to explore some of the undiscovered places on the planet, Subotica is a must-visit.



The day begins with a visit to City Hall (Gradska Kuca) which is the most popular landmark of the city. You can take a daily organized tour through the building to explore the insides of this landmark. Not too far from the City Hall is the Subotica Synagogue that speaks volumes about the artistic work done on it. While you are here, you can also explore the Raichle Palace which has more splash of colors and unique forms.

Once you are done exploring these architectures you can break for lunch. Subotica has plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bakeries to keep your appetite full.

When you are done with your meal you can relax in the Mulberry Forest (Dudova Suma). While there are no mulberries you can find, but this two-centuries-old park offers a perfect getaway to unwind and beat the afternoon heat. In the evening, take a three-hour drive to Belgrade and check in to the hotel for dinner and accommodation.

7 Days Itinerary to Serbia – Visit Serbia – Best of Serbia Sights

Day 5: Go Back in Time in Nis


The next morning we take a three-hour car trip southeast of Belgrade to a city called Nis. If history is what you seek, there is no other compelling place than Nis in Serbia. While Nis is a buzzing modern city it also still reveals the fragments of history all over the place.



The city tour begins with a visit to the Holy Trinity Cathedral which is located in the city center. After that, a visit to the Skull Tower (Cele Kula) will take you back in time to one of the important moments in Serbian history. While you are here in Nis, a tour of the Nis Fortress is inevitable. Exploring the fortress can take a few hours so take your time before you head for the meals.

Where to Eat – Nislijska Mehana, Stambolijski and Kod Rajka are among the best restaurant choices in Nis.

Day 6: The Picturesque Nature of Zlatibor


7 Days Itinerary to Serbia – Visit Serbia – Best of Serbia Sights

A four-hour car trip to the western side of the country brings us to Zlatibor. With its mountainous terrain and natural landscape, this offers a perfect break from the urban cities you’ve visited so far.



You can start your tour of Zlatibor by exploring the landscapes of Mokra Gora and the village of Drvengrad. Subsequently, you must also explore the turquoise green colors of Lake Uvac. Zlatibor is a photographer’s paradise so keep your cameras handy for some great postcard-perfect landscape shots.

7 Days Itinerary to Serbia – Visit Serbia – Best of Serbia Sights

A visit to Stopica Caves located on the northeast side of the Zlatibor village is a must.

Take your time to explore the rest of the day on your own and explore the nature around you.

Day 7: Return to Belgrade

Serbia bridge - 7 Days Itinerary to Serbia – Visit Serbia – Best of Serbia Sights

The seven-day trip in Serbia whizzed past, right? A little more than a three-hour car trip to Belgrade would bring you back to your hotel. You can take some time to rest and pack and enjoy your day shopping and eating at local restaurants and cafes in Belgrade before you head to the airport to fly back home.  This ends your 7 Days Itinerary to Serbia – Visit Serbia – Best of Serbia Sights.

General tips – 7 Days Itinerary to Serbia – Visit Serbia – Best of Serbia Sights

7 Days Itinerary to Serbia – Visit Serbia – Best of Serbia Sights

  • Check weather conditions on Accuweather or the local website before planning your trips.
  • The best time to visit Serbia is Spring and Summer. The Winter season is a heavy snowing season – so if you snowing activities then plan for Serbia in winter.
  • Serbia is a relatively affordable country as compared to other European countries.
  • Serbia has many historical as well as natural sights.
  • Driving on your own by renting a car in Serbia is pretty safe.

This is also because Serbia offers something for everyone. The country has so much to offer in terms of rich history and culture, picturesque landscapes and gorgeous mountain ranges, sumptuous local food and delicacies, and even iconic monuments and architecture that have stood the test of time. I hope you loved reading about the 7 Days Itinerary to Serbia – Visit Serbia – Best of Serbia Sights and will soon plan your Serbia trip.

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