Where to stay in Tbilisi Georgia ( List of Best Hotels in Tbilisi + Area Wise Guide ))

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I would list some of my favorite hotels in Tbilisi as per area and also give you some other choices.  From this article, you will be able to find the best places to stay in Tbilisi, Georgia, as per the area and nearby tourist attractions, with all pros and cons. So read this article on Where to stay in Tbilisi Georgia List of Best Hotels in Tbilisi.    

Perfect Day Trips From Tbilisi Georgia 

Tbilisi, the jewel of the Caucasus, is now becoming the most upcoming and fast-growing tourist city. Maybe the charm of Georgian people and culture or 8000 years old wine-making technique or the enchanting beauty of the Caucasus attracts many tourists every year to this charming city located at the borders of two continents. As this city is now a favorite tourist destination, you will find hotels of all ranges and styles here.

From funky and colorful boutique hotels to high-end star hotels and even budget hostels, there are plenty of choices from all over the city. But before booking a hotel in Tbilisi – read this Tbilisi Hotel guide with a selection of the best hotels in Tbilisi.  

Where to stay in Tbilisi, Georgia? – List of Best Hotels in Tbilisi


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Where to stay in Tbilisi Georgia List of Best Hotels in Tbilisi | Tbilisi Hotel Guide with best places to stay in Tbilisi


Where to stay in Tbilisi, Georgia? – List of Best Hotels in Tbilisi
Foot hills of hilltop castle – Narikala Fortress

One of the oldest and historic parts of Tbilisi. This area is enriched with many ancient styles of architectural buildings of the ex-Soviet era, hilltop castles, rivers, bridges, and vibrant city centers. This is the top and best location for staying in Tbilisi, as you will find everything within walking distance from your hotel/hostel.

Click below to select your hotels in Tbilisi old town – historical center – Hotels in Tbilisi Georgia

High-range luxury Hotels

Mid-range  Hotels

Budget Hotels/Hostels


  • Narikala Fortress
  • Old Town
  • Abanotubani Sulphur Baths
  • Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater
  • Kartlis Dedaview Point
  • The Bridge of Peace
  • Famous nightlife street – Shardeni street


  • Close proximity to major tourist attractions of city – Can be done by walking
  • Some famous Georgian restaurants, funky bars, nightlife, cafes are located in this area.
  • Ancient style of architecture and so you can enjoy traditional Georgian vibes.
  • The rooms can be smaller but view of the old city from the rooms is perfect.

Where to stay in Tbilisi, Georgia? – List of Best Hotels in Tbilisi

SECOND NEIGHBORHOOD – RUSTAVELI STREET / REGION – Where to stay in Tbilisi Georgia List of Best Hotels in Tbilisi

Formerly known as Golovin and now named Rustaveli to the famous Georgian poet – “Shota Rustaveli.” A 1.5km stretch starts from Freedom square. This vast and elegant stretch is renowned for high-end boutique-style shopping and many famous government offices. The architecture of these buildings on both sides of the road is worth admiring, and also, big trees on both sides of the road make it the perfect photogenic street of Tbilisi. Famous museums, shopping, and beautiful government buildings make it a perfect location to stay for tourists.

Where to stay in Tbilisi, Georgia? – List of Best Hotels in Tbilisi

Click below to select your stay at Rustaveli street

High range Luxury Hotels

Mid-range  Hotels

Budget Hotels/Hostels

Where to stay in Tbilisi, Georgia? – List of Best Hotels in Tbilisi
One of my Boutique hotel stay in Tbilisi


  • Georgian National Museum
  • Cathedrals/Churches
  • Shopping

Where to stay in Tbilisi, Georgia? – List of Best Hotels in Tbilisi


  • Magnificent and Elegant grand hotels
  • Rooms are big
  • Shopping at walking distance


Where to stay in Tbilisi, Georgia? – List of Best Hotels in Tbilisi
Taken this picture from my Hotel room at Freedom Square

This famous and crowded square is between Tbilisi’s old town and Rustaveli street. This square is known as Freedom square as it has some historical relevance of many protests, speeches, and demonstrations for getting the freedom to Georgia from Soviet rule. You can see a tower in the center with a golden statue visible from all parts of the city, which is the central part of this square. The Old City Hall building and this tower in this area are popular among tourists.

This is a vast square located at the confluence of Tbilisi’s old town and the famous shopping street of Rustaveli.

Click below to select your stay at Freedom Square

High Range Luxury Hotels

Mid-range  Hotels

Budget Hotels/Hostels

Tbilisi hotels list
View of Freedom square from my room


  • As it is located at the junction of the old and new town, all major tourist attractions and shopping are within walking distance.
  • Famous 24 x7 Georgian food restaurant – “Machkela” is located just a few steps away.
  • National Museum
  • Vibrant and always crowded during day and night.


  • Magnificent and Elegant grand hotels.
  • Rooms are big with the view of tower and hilltop fortress.
  • Shopping and tourist attractions at walking distance.


Tbilisi Hotels

If you cross the Bridge of Peace, you reach Avlabari on the other side of the river and fortress. It was an Armenian-influenced area in ancient times and has many small and big cathedrals on that side. This area has many hotels with a river view and a hilltop castle. Just you can say the other side of the river is Avlabari and the side towards Narikala fortress is a Historic old town. Both regions are connected by the Bridge of Peace.

Click below to select your stay at Avlabari

High Range Luxury Hotels 

Mid-range  Hotels

Budget Hotels/Hostels


  • Cathedrals/Churches
  • Hotel with the perfect view of river and fortress
  • Rike Park and garden.
  • The Bridge of Peace

Tbilisi Hotels Guide


  • Many hotels with a view of the historic old town city and river
  • More residential and less touristic
  • Close to the old historic city center


Named after Mount Mtatsminda, which means “Holy Mountain”, it is located in central Tbilisi on the banks of the Kura region. This centrally located mountain is visible from every corner of the city and forms a beautiful skyline of Tbilisi city. This mountain is the recreation and amusement center for this city.

Best Hotels in Tbilisi
View from Mtatsminda hill top

Click below to select your stay at Mtatsminda

High range Luxury Hotels

Mid-range  Hotels

Budget Hotels/Hostels

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS AT MTATSMINDA – Where to stay in Tbilisi Georgia List of Best Hotels in Tbilisi

  • Mtatsminda Entertainment & Amusement Park.
  • Tbilisi’s famous Ferris wheel.
  • Funicular ride.
  • David Church.
  • Beautiful views of the whole city from the top of the mountain.
 Best Hotels in Tbilisi
Peaceful region of Mtatsminda hills and park

WHY STAY AT MTATSMINDA – Where to stay in Tbilisi Georgia List of Best Hotels in Tbilisi

  • Amusement Park nearby with a big garden.
  • Beautiful views of the whole city, especially New Year fireworks
  • Restaurants and food shops can be a little far away.
  • You must get down to Rustaveli Avenue to catch buses to different parts of the city.
  • Peaceful area with fewer tourists.

So these are the few areas with the best Tbilisi Hotels and perfect places to stay in Tbilisi. If you want to look at other areas, they are Vake, Vera, Marjanishvilli, and Saburtalo, but they are all far from tourist attractions. So my suggestion would be the best five neighborhoods that I have mentioned in my list of places to stay in Tbilisi. Now after reading this you know where to stay in Tbilisi, Georgia List of Best Hotels in Tbilisi.

Best Hotels of Tbilisi
Tbilisi Old town

If you are staying in Tbilisi then select and book some of the best day trips from Tbilisi with some options below –

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  1. Great post, Yukti. Georgia is really catching up tourism-wise. I know so many people who visited over the past years – and each and everyone was just amazed. It’s very high on my list.

  2. Wow, I really didn’t know much about Georgia or Tbilisi, but it’s clearly such a beautiful city! I love that you include options for all budgets, and I think I would be most tempted to stay in Avlabari. It looks so calm and authentic. The churches also look so stunning!

  3. Tbilisi is a lovely town from all accounts. Have been hearing and reading a lot about this lovely place and hope we get to visit there. Your post is definitely an invaluable resource for planning a visit as accommodation forms one of the main areas on which we focus on during our travels. Nice to see that you have curated a complete range of hotels from budget to high-end. We would love to stay near the historic city centre when we do get there.

  4. Such a great list of hotels to choose from, I would definitely lean towards a hotel in the Historic City Centre, I didn’t realise Tbilisi was such a beautiful city. Its definitely on my bucket list now.

  5. I heard that Tibilisi is a must visit, now i know why – especially The Historic City Centre I should put it to my 2020 list, and thanks for hotel recommendations

  6. I would definitely choose staying in Second neighbourhood as I like bigger rooms and wouldn’t be too happy with the crowd of the first neighborhood. Guess I will have to stay in more than one hotel to visit entire Tbilisi nas stay near the attractions. Great list and certainly helpful.

  7. To me the Historic City Centre is undoubtedly the best place to stay in Tbilisi. The area itself is beautiful and lively as well, close to all the top places to visit in the city and certainly has an amazing architecture. For me, the old part of cities is always the most attractive, especially in Europe, with its cobbled stone streets and patio cafes.

  8. Georgia is fast becoming one of the coveted destinations for travellers. It is also high on my list. Well, as for stay in Tbilisi, we are spoilt for choices. I would probably stay at the old town, historic city centre. I love ancient architecture, old buildings and when I visit cities, I love staying at crowded centres. A city is known by its people and a place like old town will be the perfect place. What do you think? Avlabari also looks great. Infact, all the places are just as wonderful. It will be a tough choice.
    And I am totally intrigues by 8000 year old wine making technique. Need to plan a visit soon.

  9. Georgia is high on my list and I have had some very useful information from your posts around this beautiful country. Tbilisi is a beautiful city and the mix of cultures that reflect on the architecture does attract me for sure. I always try and stay central as this gives you an advantage where you don’t spend a lot of time travelling and use it looking around and experiencing the electric atmosphere which is in the centre. Similarly as you suggested this is the best located place in Tbilisi and walking distance from your hotel. I would love to try the Wyndham as I have stayed in a few and you do pay a bi more but the service and quality is top notch. Thanks for sharing

  10. I’ve always had Tbilisi on the list as a place I’d love to visit. I think I’d definitely go for the old historic buildings in Avlabari. It’s great to have a run down of the different neighbourhood and what they are all like. Looking forward to my visit.

  11. Another place on my very long wish list, Tbilisi is somewhere I think I will love. Your guide to neighbourhoods and hotel recommendations is very handy. I think the historic old centre or Avlabari appeal to me most.

    1. Good to know you loved Avlabari the most and also the views of historic Tbilisi from here are worth from your hotel room.

  12. I have never been to Georgia but been seeing it quite a bit lately and am very tempted to give it a visit in the near future. Such a great detailed post. Selecting a place to stay is so important. I find that where you stay can make or break your trip. the elegant hotels in the Freedom Square area look ideal. This post will make selecting a place to stay so much easier.

    1. Thanks Joella for finding this post useful and yes Freedom square is also an ideal location to select the stay as it is close to old and new town.

  13. We always opt for the historic center in any city if we can find a good place to stay. You have certainly provided lots of options for consideration. Did you stay in every hotel you list, and if so, which was your favorite in the historic center?

  14. Thank you for this detailed list. Choosing a hotel and a location is always important when travelling to a place for the first time. I would go for the historic centre in Tbilissi!

      1. 8000 year old wine making technique! I would love to see this! The old town architecture is beautiful! Between the colorful building and all the shopping, I’m sure this would be a wonderful trip! Freedom Square I would also love to see in person!

  15. What a gorgeous city. The Old Town really appeals to me, being overlooked by the castle. Wandering around at night with the lights on would be wonderful. This is a great list for booking a trip to Tbilisi, thank you.

  16. The number of hotels in Tbilisi is pretty impressive for a city where tourism has just booming recently. I see at least 4 world’s known hotel chains in the list. With all the great things to do and places to visit in Tbilisi, it’s no wonder I guess. I like how you organized the post with hotels ranges from high end to budget, followed by tourist attractions and reasons to stay in each district.

  17. This is a great guide for those visiting Tbilisi. I am always looking into so many factors when choosing a hotel in a place I have never been to, and especially when traveling with kids. Rustaveli Street seems so cute and cozy in the photo. Although, Avlabari area might attract me with all those old and historic buildings.

  18. Wow, Georgia looks really cool, I’d especially like to visit the historic area of Tbilisi. Some nice looking places to stay too especially the one with the view of Freedom Square

    1. Given a choice my pick would be Mtatsminda for its scenic view and strategic location. I am more of a nature person and would love to explore it that way even if staying in the heart of the city. Tbilisi is high on my bucket list of places to be visited .
      Great post .

      1. Mtastsminda is truly a natural wonder and if you are nature loving person, then you would surely love it.

  19. Great article. This post brings backs memories, as tbilisi was the first city in which my girlfriend and I traveled. We had a great stay but the stay could have been better. I am pleased to see your mentions as those were all the places that we visited during our time and we loved it. Glad that you mentioned that Georgia has some great wines too.

    1. Glad to know after reading this post, you revived your memories of Georgia and yes the wines of Georgia are famous and unique too.

  20. Geogria is one of those countries which I think is next on my list to hit up. Havent even started planning the trip yet but this hotel guide is very useful, so I have bookmarked this page for future reference. thank you 🙂

  21. I LOVE that this guide is so well organized! Georgia is one of those places that I’m dying to visit, but feel super overwhelmed by; I would not even know where to start. This really lays everything out in such a comprehensive manner and is such a great resource for planning our trip there! We are looking to visit my husband’s homeland of Armenia and would definitely do this trip alongside that! You had me at wine lol!

    1. You would love this place and even wine too. Armenia and Georgia are neighboring countries and therefore you can club together and visit both places.

  22. Such a helpful guide! I have never been to Tbilisi and I would really like to but unfortunately I have no plans to visit soon… Maybe 2020!! If I do, I’ll make sure to refer to this great post – it is very complete and I love that you listed so many places to stay.

  23. A fascinating part of the world I have yet to visit. I would enjoy staying in Tbilisi old city, in the historic center. I like to be walking distance to most things, and to explore the main attractions there, such as the fort. I love your photo of the old city centre.

  24. Oh wow! The first picture looks like some old mansion in India! The similarities are too many!! Haha… 8000 yr old wine making techniques? Now, that’s very tempting. As a wine lover, I need to visit Georgia!
    Staying in the historic city centre with a window or terrace view of Narikala fortress would be enchanting! I had a similiar airbnb in Athens with view of Parthenon. Its just magical. To be able to stay in an ancient style building like the one in the first pic would be just perfect!
    Mtatsminda looks nice too. With a stay up on the hill with a view of the whole city would be perfect too!

    1. I too agree living in mansion of Soviet style house is worth here. Though they may lack some modern amenities and are surrounded by narrow streets but the views are splendid.

  25. We have never been to Georgia. And I would not know where to start to pick a hotel. We do love to be in the historic centre of cities so that we can easily walk around. Although the smaller rooms sometimes makes it a little tough to spread out and relax. But the elegant hotels in the Freedom Square area might be more along my line. Especially with easy access to both the new and old town. Thanks for providing a great overview of the different areas in Tbilisi. A great reference if we plan a visit.

  26. Brings back memories of my trip to Georgia. Good summary of main areas. The main Tbilisi sights are within walking distance of each other but I found the transport areas (bus & train stations) so far from the centre.

  27. What a helpful guide! I don’t have any plans to visit Tbilisi soon but will definitely refer back to post when I’m ready to visit. It looks like a really interesting city.

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