Explore Adventure, Yoga & Wellness Tourism in India – Incredible India

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Explore Adventure, Yoga & Wellness Tourism in India - Incredible India

Incredible India

Being A Travel Blogger, recently I attended ATM 2018 held from 22 – 25th April 2018 in Dubai.  I got a chance to attend Incredible India’s official pavilion and some seminars of them.  More than 20 participants from India represented travel trade, diverse heritage, nature, culture and wellness tourism.  This year India’s theme to promote its tourism in ATM 2018, was “Adventure, Yoga and Wellness Tourism.” Let’s Explore Adventure Yoga & Wellness Tourism in India – Incredible India.  

Explore Adventure, Yoga and Wellness Tourism in India – INCREDIBLE INDIA

Incredible India highlighted the medical, wellness and adventure tourism in India. And if you are planning 1 month India itinerary, then I would suggest some rejuvenating resort staycation in your itinerary. 


Check some one of the best Naturopathy, Ayurveda and rejuvenating resorts in India which are surrounded by exotic nature, lovely landscapes and using age old Indian therapies to rejuvenate your soul, mind and body. Click below to book your choices from many regions of India – 




Medical Tourism in India

Not many people know about this fact, that there is a significant increase in the percentage of Foreign tourists arriving for Medical treatment over the years and it is growing more rapidly since 2000.  Now India has become an important hub for Medical Tourism due to several factors like world-class hospitals with the latest technology, highly skilled doctors and paramedic staff, cost-effective medical treatment.  There are not only medical treatments for which India is known for but it is also known for holistic treatments which include Yoga and Ayurveda in combination with medical science.  India offers many Yoga courses with authentic traditional surrounding amidst all nature. Read more to know about Yoga teacher training courses in India 

Yoga Tourism in India

India is a land of Yoga and it is the way of life for centuries. In ancient times, sages and saints used to practice YOGA in serene mountains or by the side of wild rivers.  Therefore the thousands of year old practice of YOGA & PANCHAKARMA which helps in complete rejuvenation of body, mind, and soul is promoted by Indian Tourism.

Adventure Tourism in India

Also, Ministry of Indian Tourism has declared 2018 as the year if ADVENTURE TOURISM in India. There are various adventurous options available in India due to drastic Himalayan landscapes in Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim,  Arunachal Pradesh, high current rivers perfect for white water rafting and other mountainous activities.  Also water sports like Scuba Diving, Kayaking and Canoeing are rising through vast coasts of Kerala, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Lakshadweep, and Andaman – Nicobar islands.  Click here to know about Kayaking and Canoeing in Indian rivers.  

Explore Adventure, Yoga and Wellness Tourism in India - Incredible India
Incredible India

Glimpses of ATM’s Indian Pavilion | Explore Adventure, Yoga and Wellness Tourism in India – INCREDIBLE INDIA

As a travel blogger, I was invited to this event and seminar held by Incredible India (official tourism board) at ATM 2018 and therefore all pictures and videos are provided by Incredible India.

Glimpses of India Pavilion – ATM 2018,  Mr. Navdeep Singh Suri, Indian Ambassador to UAE innaugurating the India Pavilion. 

Explore Adventure, Yoga and Wellness Tourism in India - Incredible India
Indian Ambassador Mr. Navdeep Singh Suri ji inaugurating India Pavilion at Arabian Travel Mart 2018.

Glimpses of  Seminars and Press meets  of India tourism at ATM(Arabian Travel Market – International Travel and Tourism Fair)  2018 

Note – This is not a sponsored or paid post.  I was invited by the Press Release team to showcase the new campaigns and developments on my travel blog.  Glad to be part of this new campaign and so Explore Adventure, Yoga and Wellness Tourism in India – Incredible India


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  1. I love your blog it gives such a good information, The Images are so beautiful, i love it. Thanks for this post. For more Indian places you can visit me. I also love travelling.

  2. Proud to know that India has become a hub for medical tourism. I am glad that yoga and Ayurveda is picking up so well these days. Also good to know about so many adventure destinations across the country. Thanks for the awareness of so many things going around.

  3. I am glad you represented the travel bloggers community at ATM Dubai. Good to see India promote itself. Yoga is our strength and its high time that we grab everyone’s attention. Rather India is incredible because we have so much to offer in its 29 states. The need of the hour is to focus on tourism and make things easier for people who visit us. They should take happy memories.

  4. Yoga was born in India and many other medical streams of treatment are the gift of India to world. So yes India is becoming popular choice for medical treatments. Also glad to know that India has finally given attention to adventure toursim as well.

  5. India indeed is one of the best destinations in the world for affordable medical tourism and Yoga. I am glad that you wrote about this. It is no secret that India has one of the best doctors in the world and thus they are in great demand. The traditional as well as modern healing treatments available in India for a fraction of a cost are drawing people from across the world. I loved this blog and I am sharing it.

    1. Thanks Abhinav! I would love that you are sharing this and hopefully this awareness reach to every corner of this globe

  6. One of my friend is into Yoga big time and I have seen the difference it makes to your life. India being the birthplace of Yoga is a perfect destination for Yoga Tourism. Glad to have stumbled upon on your post.

  7. India has been the land of yoga and have been promoting the holistic way of living for years. Seeing other countries realizing the importance of yoga makes me feel happy and proud as well. Have been doing yoga since childhood and it is more of mental strength than physical.

    Glad you got a chance to know more about it and share it with your readers.

    1. Thanks.. I loved to be a part of press release. You would surely love Incredible India due to its unique culture and hospitality.

  8. India has been the cradle for Yoga and Ayurveda from a long time. There are definitely more reasons to come to India for treatments and holistic well being. I just hope we are able to provide a frictionless experience for the traveller coming in to access the right places, that can help them sample and use this lifestyle

    1. Yes, I think India provides very comfortable and frictionless access to right places to its tourists.

  9. This is really a great insight on the growing tourism in India. I agree there are a lot of tourists that come to India for Ayurveda treatments and Yoga practice. I wish to go for such a trip and practice yoga for a few days near Ganges. I didn’t know about the growth of medical tourism in India – something new I’ve learnt today. Glad to know about 2018 as the year of adventure. India has a lot of adventure sports to offer and there are heavenly offbeat destinations to enhance this experience. Indeed Incredible India!! 🙂

  10. This is absolutely gold, I loved reading all the information about your Meets, and i’m from India and yes yoga is done everywhere now.

  11. I took a private yoga class in Thekkady over Christmas break and it was one of the best ones yet!

  12. India is a unique and incredible destination. What India has to offer in terms of tourism is vast and unfathomable. Of course Yoga and Medical Tourism are being highlighted now which augurs well for the country. Nice to know that the authorities are promoting India as an adventure destination this year.

    1. Yes, India is truly incredible and with many hidden gems.. we still need to promote those hidden gems.

  13. India seems like the perfect place for yoga. I love wellness retreats, and am happy to see what they’re doing in India. I would definitely look into a vacation there.

  14. I haven’t been to India but know some people who traveled there to learn yoga. I would love to visit one day for a yoga and wellness retreat. Didn’t know that you can do scuba diving there!

  15. I’ve visited India so many time so already but not once for Yoga or Ayurvedic treatment! Maybe in the future because it’s definitely the place to go for that! I have participated in some adventure sports there, though, namely snorkelling and white water rafting. I love India so really excited for these new campaigns!

  16. The year of adventure tourism? Nice! I did not know this. India has always been a hub of wellness tourism, given the Yoga expertise the country has. India can easily establish themselves as a hub of watersports (especially in Admaman Islands, incredible marine life leads to great diving options) and mountainous activities (we have one of the longest mountain ranges, Himalayas!). There are many adventure activities in India that I am yet to experience.

  17. Such a nice experience! I’ve never been to India but will definitely learn some Yoga when I’m there. India has many offbeat destinations and experiences that I’d like to experience.

  18. Love to see you got this opportunity to attend. Also happy to see India taking leadership in adventure sports which has been a neglected area for long.

    1. Yes, there are many hidden treasures in Indian tourism and it is good that now they are focusing on them.

  19. Over the years I’ve had so many friends visit India for wellness tourism and yoga retreats. It sounds like India is a hub for wellness tourism. I would love to do a health cleanse in India one day. It’s also interesting to learn the increase in medical tourism to India.

  20. Good to see that India is now promoting Yoga and wellness along with tourism. The offbeat destinations and experiences needs to be promoted more. Thanks for such a nice post, the world needs to know more about our country!

  21. Sounds like a really interesting ATM to attend. I still haven’t been to India but would love to go. I really like Yoga, but don’t make enough time to practice it properly. I think going to India would definitely inspire me to do this. I can totally see why India is a great adventure tourism place, one of the things I would like to do the most there is hiking in the Himalayas.

  22. Awesome! Glad to know quite a few Indian bloggers managed to attend ATM.
    Its always such a good feeling to see something connected to our land, when you’re in foreign land.
    Being a big country, India has something to offer in all aspects – Sun, Snow, Adventure, Spiritual, Wellness, Heritage everything!

  23. I have never been to a yoga retreat before but it is something that has always interest me. I could definitely see myself trying one out in India. I definitely think it is a great way to be some where amazing and get health at the same time. I loved that Indian saying ‘Guests are the same as God’.

  24. It’s great to see that we continue to promote wellness and adventures in India. There are so many hidden gems in India that are not yet hit by mass tourism. Perfect places for Yoga retreats.

  25. I have never been to India but when I go someday, I would definitely enjoy if there was yoga involved. Yoga has such a calming effect on people, and what would be a better place for it than the country where it was invented.

  26. I’ve only visited Mumbai in India but I’d love to visit more. I’m not the biggest fan of yoga but some of the adventure aspects sound really interesting!

  27. I am so glad that the country is promoting these hidden activities. Specifically Adventure sports. Hopefully we will get some better ones with this boost. we have some amazing dive spots in India and most unexplored. Also, some fantastic paragliding ones. Thanks for sharing these plans

    1. I agree with you that India has lot of adventure points and if they are promoted then India would be a favorable destination for adventure lovers.

  28. What a great press trip. Medical tourism huh? Bangkok is also the same with people flocking there for all sorts of procedures for wellness and enhancements. India is on my bucket list. So much to see in this vast country. Not sure my 9 year old daughter is up for it yet so I might a few more years:)

  29. I haven’t practice yoga in a while, but I loved it back when I did. I actually just stayed at a hotel in Bulgaria that had an ayurveda program which I thought was very interesting. It’s awesome that the word is getting out more about these types of things!

  30. Thanks for sharing this. Like all others posts from you this is very helpful and great details taken into account. From the sub continent myself I have never tried Yoga. This gives me an insight on how popular this is becoming. Photos are great as well. Thanks

  31. Well captured. Also, I believe, wellness tourism is India’s strong point and incredible india shall convert it to its USP. I am sure you had a nice time at the mart.

  32. I actually had no idea that India is knows for medical treatment tourism but it makes sense! It also seems like a perfect place for yoga! I am not surprise people go there for it as well! Its such a big and wonderful country and I cant wait to finally visit one day!

    1. Ada, India has done lots of development in Medical field and even their doctors and holistic treatments are famous worldwide. Visit India this time and rejuvenate yourself..

  33. Such a great experience! I would have done the same thing if I was in India. I think ITDC is doing a great work!

    Congrats on this opportunity

  34. I have traveled in India for 3 month and I remember seing on every corner a yoga retreat or Ayuverdic massage where you can have a rejuvenation of body, mind, and soul. Wherever you go the air smelled like essential oils! I do belive that if anyone is looking for a wellness-holiday India is the place to go!

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