29 Interesting Facts About Charleston Sc

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This article is on interesting facts about Charleston SC, with some fun facts about Charleston and Charleston history facts.

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Complete Charleston Travel Guide - Facts About Charleston Sc

Facts About Charleston Sc (Charleston Facts)

Charleston – a charming historic town of Southern USA or Lowcountry ranks as the best city of USA too. The perfect romantic vibes, excellent weather, historic charm, stunning colorful houses, and blooming plantations of Charleston, South Carolina, have a remarkable history and some unique facts.

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  • Charleston was the fourth largest city in colonial America and the wealthiest!
  • Charleston boasts the first public college, museum, and playhouse in the U.S.  Best Things to do in Charleston SC - facts about charleston south carolina
  • Charleston Became a City in 1783
  • In 1787, the first golf club in America was founded in Charleston SC.
  • Charleston’s longest cable-stayed bridge in North America is named Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. It spans the Charleston Harbor, connecting historic Charleston and Mount Pleasant. Charleston in 24 hours - facts about charleston sc
  • The Civil War began in Charleston 
  •  Charleston is the oldest and second-largest city in South Carolina.
  • Pirates often invaded Charleston city. 
  • Dr. Alexander Garden, a Charleston physician, first imported “Cape Jasmine” from South Africa circa 1754. The flower was renamed “Gardenia” after Dr. Garden.
  • Charleston’s first baseball team was the Sea Gulls, established in 1886. The team is now called the Charleston RiverDogs. Part owner and “Director of Fun” is actor and Charleston local Bill Murray.
  • Charleston is home to one of the Oldest Trees in the CountryFacts About Charleston Sc
  • Charleston introduced Pineapple fruit to North America. The Pineapple came to Charleston from South America through the Caribbean because of colonial trading and business.  
  • The symbol of Charleston is the Pineapple – the fruit of hospitality.  Facts About Charleston South carolina
  • Charleston is nicknamed the “Holy City” as immigrants brought numerous Protestant denominations, Judaism and Roman Catholicism.
  • Charleston is associated with many celebrities like Bill Murray, singer and songwriter Darius Rucker, talk show host Stephen Colbert, and street artist Shepard Fairey.
  • Charleston is very colorful due to its many colorful buildings. Some say that there were colored differently so drunk sailors could recognize their homes after returning late at night.  3 Days in Charleston Itinerary - weekend getaway - fun facts about charleston sc
  • Charleston Gunpowder Magazine is the oldest public building in South Carolina. 
  • As Charleston was a central hub for southern trade, it grew its wealth from indigo, cotton, rice, and slavery. 
  • Charleston was the capital of American slavery.
  • Charleston often ranks as one of the friendliest cities in America.
  • The Charleston area’s rich musical history includes plantation-era spirituals and Civil War camp songs.
  • Charleston means free peasant settlement and is a variant of the Old English name Charlton.
  • Charleston is built on a swamp. English settlers located Charles Town on the highest 62 acres of ground on a marsh-riddled peninsula. Charleston history facts
  • Charleston, known initially as Charles Towne, was named after Charles II.
  • In August 1885, a storm landed near Charleston as a Category 2 hurricane, causing severe damage.
  • The overall cost of living in Charleston is higher than the national average.
  • All the homes in Charleston have verandahs that face south or west because the wind blew from that direction, and it kept the houses cool naturally.  fun facts about Charleston sc
  • Charleston is known for the art of sweetgrass basket weaving, which is the state’s official craft.
  • Nobel Prize science laureate Robert Furchgott is a Charleston native.

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fun facts about Charleston sc

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