Best Camping Spots In Abu Dhabi

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In this article, read about some Bedouin ways of staying in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and learn about the Best Places for Camping Spots in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Best camping spots in Abu Dhabi UAE

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE, has an arid land with vast sand deserts, stunning dunes, an oasis, rock mountains, valleys, marshes, mangroves, and salt plains. And so camping in these unique natural spots in the month of winter is a fantastic thing to do in Abu Dhabi for outdoor enthusiasts or nature explorers. Plan your winter escapes to unique camping locations in Abu Dhabi and experience the Bedouin lifestyle of the Middle Eastern region.

List of Best Camping Spots In Abu Dhabi

Let’s look at the best camping spots in Abu Dhabi, some of which are camping in the Abu Dhabi desert and camping in Abu Dhabi beach.


Al Wathba Lake

Al Wathba Lake and desert is a beautiful camping location in the Abu Dhabi emirates with eco-friendly outdoor activities. It is a stunning fusion of desert nature scape with man-made lakes.

  • Distance – 45 minutes away from Abu Dhabi city center. Click here for Google Map Location
  • Type of Camping – tents and RVs
  • Nature type – Desert and man-made Lake
  • Facilities Provided – Beautiful picnic sites with Barbeque areas, A 1.2 km long cycle/bike track with bikes on rent rental center, A pontoon walking area, 3,000 sq. m. of gathering space, Two separate observation decks, Food trucks & Cafes, Parking, First aid facilities, Restrooms, Seven playgrounds and two volleyball courts and 1.4km of running track around the lake

Al Quaa Milky Way – Abu Dhabi to Al Ain Road

Best camping spots in Abu Dhabi UAE

This spot is the darkest place in UAE, where you can spot wonders of the sky like galaxies, the milky way, shooting stars, constellations, planets, and many cosmic creations.  Now you know one of the best camping spots in Abu Dhabi, where you can spot beautiful creations in the sky.

Location – At 23.604633,54.750256 and is an approximately 90-minute drive from Abu Dhabi city towards Al Ain. Click here for Google Maps Location.

  • Type of Camping – Own Tents and gear; better to go by 4X4
  • Nature Type – Desert
  • Facilities Provided – It is a secluded spot near Abu Dhabi and the darkest area away from city lights. Therefore do not expect restrooms, toilets, gas stations, and cafeterias there. So be prepared for virgin desert camping with nature and galaxies all around. 
  • Tip – If you are visiting to spot wonders of the sky, do not choose full moon day. 

Al Khazna Desert Exit 52 – Abu Dhabi to Al Ain Road

This spot is a beautiful virgin desert spot from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain. The west of the desert along the walled area is full of colored dunes and starfish dunes with steep climbs. Nearby there are many camel farms too. 

Best camping spots in Abu Dhabi desert UAE

  • Location – 40 to 50 minutes drive from Abu Dhabi towards Al Ain. 
  • Google Co-ordinates – N24 14.265 E55 11.355 – Click here for Google Map location.
  • Type of Camping – Own Camping gear
  • Nature type – Desert
  • Facilities Provided – Few facilities lie in mid of the desert. Several restaurants and a few desert resorts are 15 to 20 minutes away from this location. You must arrange your restroom facility and carry your food/eatables, and drinks. 

Zakher lake ( Tilapia Desert Lake Al Ain )

This region is full of the small-sized dune with Jebel Hafeet as a backdrop. The red dunes of Al Ain are unique and picturesque, and you can find some of them the reddest.

Best camping spots in Abu Dhabi UAE

You can witness tranquility, the chirping of birds

  • Location – Al Ain Click here for Google Map Location.
  • Type of Camping – Own Camping gear. People generally do day camping here as there are many mosquitoes at night due to water and larva in the lake.
  • Nature type – Desert with Man-made Lake
  • Facilities Provided – small picnic area near the lake, BBQ areas, Shaded Picnic Tables and Public Toilets

Al Dhafra beach & desert camping (Shipwreck Camping Spot)

Best Places for Camping - Glamping in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Al Dhafra is a place where the desert meets the sea. It is a historic oasis located in the emirate’s western region. This area also has a rich and fascinating history; you can spot them by finding ancient forts and ruins. If you are lucky, you can spot a few turtles and other sea life near the beach. This is one of the best camping spots in Abu Dhabi UAE, for nature and history lovers.

  • Location – Al Dharfa is a small town in the western region of Abu Dhabi. It is a 90-minute drive from the main city center. Take E11 towards Mussafah/Tarif/Mirfa and follow the directions on the GPS. Find the perfect camping spot on the shores between Shuweihat Power Complex and Al Hamra Airport. You can also camp at the Shipwreck camping spot there.  Click here for Google Maps location.
  • Type of Camping – Own Camping gear
  • Nature type – Beach & Desert
  • Facilities Provided – Nearby some restaurants and cafes but not very plush and big ones.

Al Razeen Desert

Al Razeen Desert is a good place for a desert night camp in Abu Dhabi and a new star gazing area. It is perfect for an overnight stay to watch the wonders of the night sky. 

Best camping spots in Abu Dhabi UAE

  • Location – It’s located off Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Road in Abu Dhabi. Click here for Google Map Location.
  • Type of Camping – Own Camping gear, food, water, portable chairs, power bank, and surely lanterns. 
  • Nature type – Desert
  • Facilities Provided – Not much

Mirfa Beach

This beach lies in the quaint city of Al Marfa and is famous for pearl divers and fishermen of old. Still, fishing is done here to this day. 

camping spots in abu dhabi beach

Location – Al Mirfa Beach is a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Abu Dhabi via the E11 Highway. Click here for Google Maps locations.

  • Type of Camping – Own Camping gear
  • Nature type – Beach
  • Facilities Provided – Mirfa has an excellent and well-developed beach with changing rooms, showers, cabanas, changing rooms for ladies and gents, and outdoor showers and is currently open to all. BBQs are not allowed. Gas stations are far and, so keep your vehicle full. 

Jebel Hafeet Desert Park

The Jebel Hafit Desert Park, situated along a nine-kilometer stretch at the base of the mountain range, is perfect for nature lovers. Enjoy the park’s natural surroundings and discover the ancient era’s fascinating archaeological and historical remains. It is UAE’s first World Heritage Site.

camping spots in abu dhabi desert

Jebel Hafit Desert Park preserves the area’s rich history and unique biodiversity, and see how it has changed over millions of years.

  • Located – on Mazyad, Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. Click here for Google Maps Location.
  • Type of Camping – Own Camping gear, and you get rented tents too. There are luxurious glamping options too.
  • Nature type – Mountainous Desert
  • Facilities Provided –  Washrooms and many outdoor Activities at Jebel Hafeet Park, like Biking, Camel riding, Horse riding, and Hiking. 

Shuweilhat Island

Best Places for Camping - Glamping in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Shuweihat Island has stunning rocky beaches, beautiful cliffs, and natural rock formations with canyon-style textures. You will see salt flats on the right and left of the Highway. The water in this area is apparent as it is shallow. It is famous for spectacular sunsets due to sun rays falling over reddish cliffs and canyons with the backdrop of water. It is one of the best camping spots in Abu Dhabi for stunning sunsets.

  • Location – Ruwais, Abu Dhabi. Click here for Google Map Location.
  • Type of Camping – Bring your tents and proper camping gear.
  • Nature type – Beach, Camping, Island
  • Facilities Provided – Not much as you need to rely on Ruwais town, not enough petrol stations. 

General Guidelines for Overnight Camping In Abu Dhabi – Camping Spots In Abu Dhabi Desert & Beach

Best Places for Camping - Glamping in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

  • Winter is the perfect time for camping in Abu Dhabi as it is scorching hot in summer, and outdoor activities are not preferable.
  • Carry all camping gear, mosquito repellants, first aid boxes, food packets, water, and other necessary stuff.
  • These camping locations are away from the city and are not easily accessible, fueling up your vehicle to full. Also, check your vehicle’s tyre pressures and fluid levels.
  • Do carry extra power banks for your mobile charging as there are no electric sockets or arrangements to charge your phone.
  • Abu Dhabi is one of the safest regions in the world, so there is no danger except standard precautions for natural circumstances.
  • There can be desert wildlife around you, and be cautious about that.
  • Do not litter the area; if there is no arrangement of trash bins, carry the trash back and dispose of them at the proper place.
  • Carry woolen clothes, blankets, and proper warming stuff as winter gets chilly outside in UAE.
  • Consumption of Alcohol is strictly prohibited in open tents or camping. Do not carry those things with you.
  • Do not make loud noise or play loud music and disturb the surroundings.
  • Many places listed above are famous for spotting stars and constellations and therefore carry proper cameras or lenses to capture those cosmic moments.
  • Try to reach these spots before sunset as sometimes exact locations are difficult to find due to unpaved roads and no street lights. 
  • Traveling by 4×4 to these locations is better, as many of them have unpaved entry paths.
  • Do not do night travel.
  • Only do adventurous activities once you are an expert or traveling with some local expert guide. 
  • Do not leave unattended food open at night as it can attract nearby wildlife. 
  • Do not illuminate the stove or candle inside the tent. 

Best Places for Camping - Glamping in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

When winter arrives in UAE (United Arab Emirates), camping in deserts, beaches, and all outdoor activities becomes the most popular activity. 4×4 comes out and is ready for action in the desert; people camp under the stars and open sky with the slight chill of winter winds. All families stock up their cars or caravans with camp gear, hiking & trailing gear, BBQ arrangements, sleeping bags, tents, etc., and find their camping spots in UAE to admire the natural beauty and experience the Bedouin way of living. Being surrounded by beautiful dunes, oases, oceans, and mountainous regions, Abu Dhabi has many options for camping under the stars with all nature around.

I hope you loved reading about the best Camping Spots In Abu Dhabi with their locations, things to do, and other helpful information.

Picture courtesy – Pixabay and Pexels

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