Best Places for Camping – Glamping in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

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In this article, read about some Bedouin ways of staying in UAE and learn about the Best Places for Camping – Glamping in UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Best Places for Camping - Glamping in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

When winter arrives in UAE (United Arab Emirates), camping in deserts, beaches, and all outdoor activities becomes the most popular activity. 4×4 comes out and is ready for action in the desert; people camp under the stars and open sky with the slight chill of winter winds. All families stock up their cars or caravans with camp gear, hiking & trailing gears, BBQ arrangements, sleeping bags, tents, etc., and find their camping spots in UAE to admire the natural beauty and experience the Bedouin way of living. 

DISCLAIMER – Please check the recent local rules before heading to any campsite on national newspapers or official tourism websites of specific Emirates. Due to safety and health concerns, any campsite can be cancelled to avoid large gatherings and crowd.  

Best Places for Camping - Glamping in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Best Places for Camping – Glamping in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Check some Best Places for Camping – Glamping in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, RAK, Umm Al Quwain in UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Jebel Hafit Desert Park, AL AIN

Situated at the foothills of the stunning Jebel Hafeet mountain range of Al Ain, it has camping plots, traditional tents, and luxe-glamping pods, for every budget. Jebel Hafit Desert Park is got recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2011 and is UAE’s first world heritage site. Experience the biodiversity of this landscape which has a history of millions of years

It offers 3 types of camping and glamping options –

  • Bring your camping gear and equipment.
  • Bedouin-style of camping with breakfast, all arranged by them with a focus on the Arab nomadic lifestyle.
  • Air-conditioned luxury Bubble camps.  For more infoclick on their official website

Click here for Google co-ordinates 

Kalba Kingfisher Retreat, SHARJAH

Soak yourself in peaceful deserts on the border of Sharjah and Fujairah, away from the city’s noise. Explore the fossils site of Mleiha and its pure virgin desert, nominated as a world heritage UNESCO site. Follow the footprints of desert dwellers and experience authentic culture like an authentic Arab nomad with the desert dwellers known as the Bedouin. Experience Emirati culture on golden dunes.  Kalba Kingfisher retreat is one of the best glamping site in UAE.

Book Kalba Kingfisher Retreat – Glamping in UAE


Best Places for Camping - Glamping in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Maleha Luxury Tents

Situated in Maleha, Sharjah, this site offers an air-conditioned camp and is a desert village with tents that can sleep up to four people. All tents have their private bathroom, complete with a bathtub, shower, and towels. There is also a living area which has a sofa and television, while outside, there’s a shared barbecue area, a herb garden, and a swimming pool.

Optional extras such as an inflatable movie screen, a day pass for the nearby Water Zone, and children’s bike rentals can be added. This camping desert village is 10 minutes from the Mleiha Archaeological Centre and Mleiha Park, so access to the fossils site is also in the vicinity.

Hatta Sedr Trailers, HATTA


Stay on the rugged landscape with rocky mountain ranges all around you and therefore visit Hatta to experience all the rugged terrain stay. The accommodation is rustic with a retro ambiance, and Hatta Sedr trailers are offered by Airstream-style campers. Interiors are adorned with funky electric lights, flat-screen televisions, and super comfy beds, with a private bathroom. Also, you can enjoy Hatta Wadi and the dam nearby. Go for mountain biking or mountain trail nearby or kayaking in the waters of Hatta.

Damani Lodges, HATTA


Located in a mountain town, these cozy, well-designed modern huts offer you a peaceful stay in nature away from the noise of city life.  For reaching chalets, you need a dune buggy. All chalets have a private terrace to feel nature all around.

Hatta Campsite – Caravan Park, HATTA

Bring your caravan or tent and park yourself here with amazing nature all around, with all the camping facilities you need, then try the Hatta campsite. 24-hour security, barbecue areas, and firepits, electricity to hook caravans up to, and shared washrooms and showers that campers can use. Prices vary from Dh99 (for tents), to Dh299 (for caravans)


Best Places for Camping - Glamping in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Bianky Beach Camp, AJMAN

This beachside glamping is located at Ajman’s Al Zorah with a choice of glamping and camping both. Stay at a traditional tent made from palm fronds or choose a bungalow, hut with an ocean view, or the luxury two-story majlis. It is located right on the beachfront and has many water sports for campers too. You can slurp on barbecue food with many Arabic-inspired dishes too.


Caravan Al Zorah, AJMAN – Glamping in UAE


Choose an RV-style caravan to stay at Caravana Alzorah on the beach. It offers air-conditioned, fully equipped trains with seating and dining areas that accommodate up to eight people. Each caravan is fully equipped with BBQ facilities and food-on-order for room service. On the beach, there’s a Jacuzzi, volleyball courts, an outdoor dining area, and sharing toilets and showers. You can indulge in many activities like horse riding, kayaking, and outdoor movie screenings.

Best Places for Camping - Glamping in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Al Wadi Desert, by The Ritz Carlton, RAK


The Ritz-Carlton’s Al Wadi Desert Resort is the epitome of luxury and offers super-luxury glamping in the beautiful desert of the United Arab Emirates. This desert resort has Bedouin tents which are lavishly furnished as per authentic décor also offers campfire and dune picnics on special request. Experience desert wildlife, including oryx and gazelles, with falconry show.

Bedouin Oasis Camp, RAK


Book a stay at the Bedouin Oasis Camp in Ras Al Khaimah which is adjoining Bassata Village. This is a basic campsite which offers a choice of two-man tents or small thatched chalets with tented roofs and optional air-conditioning. Also, it has communal dining, an entertainment area, firepits, and shared bathrooms. 

Best Places for Camping - Glamping in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Long Beach Campground, RAK


Go for beach camping by Bin Majid Beach Hotel, which offers a luxurious glamping experience. Straight on the beach, you get the thrill of listening to the sound of waves, and peace while sleeping under the stars. Here you don’t have to exert yourself to set up a tent or cook your food.  Select from a simple fabric bell tent with king-size beds and outdoor camping chairs, or try the safari suite tent, where you will be on an elevated ­wooden platform and have your private bathroom. Many beach-style activities can be enjoyed here. Long Beach Campground is one of the most favorite glamping sites in UAE.

The Retreat, FUJAIRAH


Stay at an ecological stay where everything is built using natural raw materials and locally sourced materials. Even the landscaping is done with a lot of local plantations and trees. Solar heaters heat the water, and wastewater is recycled for irrigation. The food served here is prepared from organic ingredients, with fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs grown on-site.  

Starlight Camp, DUBAI


The Starlight Camp is located in the desert, about 45 minutes from Dubai. It offers guests the chance to sleep in a dome tent with amazing views of the sky above. This campsite has to be booked before you start for it and is a luxury desert glamping option near Dubai. This desert camp is dog friendly, and you can bring your pets too. So get cozy under the starlit sky and experience the beauty of nature in the desert.  

Camping - Glamping in UAE

Nara Desert Escape, DUBAI

The perfect location in the middle of the Arabian Desert in Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Nara Desert Escape is perfect for the ultimate glamping getaway with all nature all around. Enjoy sumptuous desert meals with two styles of tents to choose from with a view of the vast desert landscape.  Rates upon request,

Sonara Camp, DUBAI – Glamping Sites in UAE

Sonara is a desert camp restaurant-style eating and lodging joint in the middle of the desert. Before qualifying for an overnight stay, you must book the whole dining experience. You will be transferred from special vehicles at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve entrance to the camp, where a complete set-sharing menu, activities, and entertainment await. For those opting for an overnight stay, a nomadic tent can accommodate up to four people, with a light breakfast on check out.

Al Maha, DUBAI


A nature-themed staycation with luxury glamping at Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve with Bedouin type of staying at this five-star resort.  Go for the stunning Dubai Desert Conservation setting with a nature walk through the dunes or head out on a camel caravan. Try some hand on archery, horse-riding, and wildlife dune drives on extra. 

Magic Camps, DUBAI


Book traditional Arabic camping style with a tradition of the Bedouins dating back to prehistoric times, with the comfort of high luxury accommodation. Magic Camp offers mobile tents set up exclusively for you, fully equipped with lavish and warm Arabian interiors, a private bathroom, and a shower.

Camping in UAE

Arabian Nights Village, ABU DHABI – Camping in UAE

Situated in the secluded and peaceful Razeen area of Al Khatim, this desert stay is surrounded by rolling dunes and traditional palm trees with a magnificent view of desert sunsets. There’s a host of accommodation options Choose either an Arabic sand house or a traditional Bedouin tent.

OR click this luxury glamping in Abu Dhabi  CLICK HERE TO BOOK – باب النجوم الحديريات

Al Khateem Art Hub, ABU DHABI 


Wooden chalets in mid of Baţīn village with secluded desert and peaceful nature all around. A terrace with pool views is offered in each unit. Guests can relax in the garden at the property.  

Farm Lebanon, ABU DHABI | Best Places for Camping – Glamping in UAE (United Arab Emirates)


Farmhouse type of glamping right in the mid of the desert with all luxuries in mid of desert. It offers an actual farmhouse type of living with Arabic inspired theme. The location is perfect as you can find sand dunes all around. 

Best Places for Camping - Glamping in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

10 THINGS TO TAKE CARE WHEN PLANNING – Best Places for Camping – Glamping in UAE

  1. Make sure you carry lots of water and fluids. Don’t carry alcoholic drinks.
  2. Take the right amount of meals and raw materials if you want to cook with you. Fruits and veggies are a great option.
  3. Carry extra phone chargers, battery banks, memory sticks, torches, and spare keys of your car/SUV.
  4. Download offline Google maps on your phone if you get lost in nature trails. Also, Make sure you have GPS on your phone or in your car.
  5. Research the area well and take the right car. A 4×4 is usually a safe bet.
  6. Carry a first aid kit with you and also a mosquito repellant. In winter, the desert becomes cold at night, so better to carry some extra pairs of woolen and blankets for cozying up under the stars.
  7. First-timers should travel in groups or book reputed camping sites to avoid first-timer bloopers.
  8. Practice your tent-pitching skills at home before you go, so you can set up camp quickly and enjoy the scenery.
  9. Do not litter the camping area as ecological and sustainable tourism should be the priority for any campers as they love nature and so better not to spoil nature’s beauty too.
  10. Fuel up and check tire pressure before you leave so you don’t find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere. Also, carry car/SUV essential tools with you.

Now you know the best places for camping in UAE and therefore book any of the above glamping in UAE with your family and friends.

 Camping - Glamping in UAE

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Best Places for Camping - Glamping in UAE (United Arab Emirates)




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  1. I’m sure I’d love to try this one, I mean all of these types of camping. Glamping, tent, caravan, name it. And all of these campsites are free, right? Just bring your own gear, for example, If I bring with me a 4×4. Oh, how exciting that sound is already! And yea, not forgetting about that no alcohol, or no bringing of alcohol as it’s prohibited. I think these places are very helpful for anyone who loves camping, like me. Of course, considering also the temperature especially in summer.

  2. I had no idea that there are so many Camping – Glamping options in UAE. Maleha Luxury Tents looks fabulous. I would also love to stay in Bedouin Oasis Camp. Arabian Nights Village seems great too. So many choices for perfect holidays.

  3. Wow! Camping or rather glamping in the exotic deserts of Dubai sounds amazing. I was only aware of the overnight camping during desert safaris. I didn’t know that camping culture exists in UAE otherwise. The places look incredible and the photos are fantastic. Thanks for sharing this blog, it is really inspiring me to go glamping in the beautiful deserts of Dubai.

  4. I didn’t know that people are going camping, or more to glamping I guess, in UAE. I would like to experience glamping in one of these places. Maybe Maleha Luxury Tent that has its own private bathroom and living room in a tent! I can’t even imagine how big is the tent. So many choices and you don’t even have to set up your own tent at most sites.

  5. Wow camping and glamping in the desert sounds so amazing. I have been seeing a lot of pictures now a days of camping in UAE and they look so dreamy. I would love to camp in Abu Dhabi and experience first hand of seeing the Milky Way over a desert.

  6. I never knew so much was on offer in UAE for camping. Maleha LuxuryTents would be a great choice & Beach Camping would be my other choice. I love the beach and spending the night in the desert has always fascinated me since the time we did it a few times during our college life where next to our campus was the desert. Thanks for all the information. I see myself referring to it soon.

  7. I’m missing camping and I’m yet to do a glamping. Never managed to do one since I became a mom! I need to plan a camping trip soon to introduce it to my toddler. Its high time! Thanks for inspiring me now.
    It is possible to do camping inside a UNESCO Site? Wow! I wouldn’t miss that! Jebel Hafit Desert Park, AL AIN would be my top choice. Bedouin Oasis Camp in Ras Al Khaimah looks incredible. Communal dining, firepits and that mountainous terrain and starry night sky – its just wow!

  8. Oh, I didn’t know there were so many camping/glamping options in the UAE. I had plans to visit a friend in Abu Dhabi for a few days once it’s safe to travel, but now I’m considering staying longer to try camping or glamping there. I think my budget only allows camping though 😄

  9. Wow! I did not know there are lot of camping/ glamping sites in UAE. It would definitely a nice experience. I would love to visit the Bianky Beach Camp and simply enjoy the beachfront. Enjoying barbeque is definitely a good idea.

  10. Your pictures are amazing! I would stay in any of these awesome back country setups. I had no idea the Ritz Carlton did camping 😂thanks for all the great suggestions on places to stay in UAE!

    1. For me also first time I was also surprised to see Ritz Carlton too has desert camping option. But here even Anantara also has Bedouin camping that too in very lavish and natural set up like ancient Bedouin royal live. Many big brand hotel chains are nowadays giving nature glamping option due to recent health issue as many people nowadays prefer nature outings.

  11. What a neat post! I just did a post about camping in the backcountry in Colorado and Utah (in the US) so it is neat to see the similarities and the differences. We hope to visit here someday.

  12. Such a great post! I would never have imagined camping in the UAE! Glamping or choosing the Bedouin style would be something that I’d like to try especially with such a unique and pretty spot.

  13. Wow, I’d never considered UAE as a camping destination but these campsites look incredible! Hatta Campsite looks beautiful but glamping in the desert might have stolen my heart. I’m absolutely adding this to my bucket list! Thanks for the awesome guide!

  14. It is great that there are different kinds of camping / glamping available. I think I would want to do the luxury bubble camps. Although Bedoin style with breakfast sounds good too. I would love that view of wide open skies and stars. Although waking up to the sound of waves might work for me too. Some great options!

  15. This is so interesting to me, as when I think about planning a camping trip UAE does not come to mind first. However, some of these sites look incredible. I was especially captivated by Long Beach Campground. I’ve never seen anything like it, and would LOVE to try that experience!

    1. Yes nowadays camping and glamping is becoming very popular in UAE, especially on the beach and on desert as the weather is perfect and nowadays people prefer nature

  16. Ok, this is one idea I am not sure about but I may consider it in the future, and thats camping in very hot countries. I kinda struggle when I did this in Tunisia in the Sahara once and didnt get any sleep. Maybe because I really wasn’t prepared for it. With the campsites which has luxury tents, I might give that a go (I am getting old now and my back hurts a lot) so this maybe up my street. 🙂 And great tips for newbies to camping in the heat, another mistake of mine was not taking a lot of water with me. 🙁 (Stupidity on my behalf).

    1. Dainik actually UAE is not a hot country in winter. In winter you need jackets, shawls and sweaters in UAE, so it is perfect for camping with wintry cold but not chilly like Europe and golden sunrays

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