5 Unplugged Family Vacation Ideas for This Winter

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Vacation Ideas for This Winter

If you’ve ever planned a family vacation, you know that it’s not as easy of a task as it may seem. First of all, you have to choose a destination. The main requirement is for it to be family-friendly, but wouldn’t it be great if it was one of the dream travel destinations too? Moreover, you typically want to find places with reasonable prices. Lastly, you want your family vacations to be full of adventures so that your family can finally spend some tech-free time with each other. If it’s a winter vacation, the number of destinations to choose from may seem particularly limited, and so might the ideas for your family vacation. Read some 5 Unplugged Family Vacation Ideas for This Winter in this post. 

Is it easy to find perfect family-friendly travel deals all year round? Of course not. Is it possible, though? With our short guide – sure!

If you need the best family travel recommendations this winter, guaranteeing you some quality time away from the Internet and all of its distractions, follow our tips. We’ve got the best ideas for your winter getaway.

Family Vacation Ideas for This Winter

Stay In

Although you might not have expected this kind of advice. With a bit of creativity, staying at home can turn into memorable, unplugged family vacations. The most important would be establishing a rule: no technology. To keep the promise, buy a timed lockbox. After putting all of your devices there, set the timer. The box won’t open until the specified period passes, giving you and your family plenty of tech-free time.

5 Unplugged Family Vacation Ideas for This Winter

To have a fun and exciting time, prepare some ideas beforehand. You can buy or rent fun family board games (think Taboo or Monopoly), play cards with your kids, or teach them a new skill, such as knitting or playing an instrument. You may also try out new Christmas recipes or decorate your house for the holiday season.

Moreover, staying home will give you a great family adventure in the surrounding area. For example, you can take a road trip to a town you’ve never been to. To make it more fun, hire a van from Hyrecar or a similar service and go to the places you haven’t visited yet. Before you leave, check out the monuments, museums, and take their virtual tour.  

Visit a Winter Wonderland

5 unplugged family winter vacation ideas

There are multiple “winter wonderland” places around the United States and other countries too, that you can visit. If you’re into resorts with a long tradition of Christmas celebrations, some of them might be already on your bucket list. The other ones might get up there when you search the web for winter getaways close to your home.

These kinds of resorts are famous for offering a wide variety of family-friendly winter activities that will make your kids completely forget about the internet for the duration of your vacation. No negotiation is required!

Guest Ranch

 Family Vacation Ideas for This Winter

Choosing a dude ranch in the countryside is the perfect option for tech-free holidays far from the city hustle and bustle. Your family will get a fantastic opportunity to connect and nature. In many places, you can expect reasonable prices as well.

Once you get to the ranch, you can rent a cottage or camp out in a tent. Since most of the ranches are far away from civilization, your family vacation will be both tech-free and proximity to nature.

where to visit in winter

Our tips for fun activities? The beautiful, snow-covered countryside is fantastic for long winter walks along hiking trails. If you take a camera, you can also plan family  photoshoots in the countryside’s wondrous scenery. Ask the hosts if there’s a possibility of creating a campfire so you can make some s’mores, and do a little sing-along.

Some places offer activities such as horse riding or skiing. There are also amenities such as a heated pool or jacuzzis. The others might have babysitting options included. If you decide to visit a ranch, ask for those utilities to make your family vacation as enjoyable as possible.

Yosemite National Park

5 Unplugged Family Vacation Ideas for This Winter

Visiting a national park is a great idea to spend some quality family time away from home. Yosemite National Park in winter is a very accessible option regarding prices. It also won’t be too crowded since most guests opt to visit it during spring/summer.


This doesn’t mean national parks can’t be fun in the winter. Quite the contrary, there’s nothing better than hiking in a national forest covered in snow. You should, however, make sure which trails are accessible, and if you can enter them with your car.

For winter, Yosemite also opens ski areas where both downhill and cross-country skiing are popular. The sights in the national park will be breathtaking, and your holidays – sporty, full of adventures, and tech-free.

Beachy Escape

5 Unplugged Family Vacation Ideas for This Winter

If you’re a fan of warm weather, maybe you would like to skip winter altogether. Luckily, there are many hot destinations you can go to for your family vacation.

If you don’t care about the price, Jamaica could be one of the best destinations for your family. Over there, you can stay in rustic cottages or kid-friendly hotels with ocean views; this way your stay will be both beautiful and comfortable.

Plus, your whole family will have access to multiple activities. Parents will be able to unwind with yoga, dancing courses, and cooking classes, while kids can take part in watercolor classes and sport-based activities in the sports parks. Many places also offer the assistance of a 24h nanny.

If you can’t fly out, you can still go on a trip to Key West in Florida, which typically has excellent resorts and sunny, hot weather all year long, even around Christmas.

Conclusion | 5 Unplugged Family Vacation Ideas for This Winter

5 Unplugged Family Vacation Ideas for This Winter

Your family vacations do not have to be boring and can certainly be unplugged if you go about planning them correctly. The only advice you have to follow is to be consistent with your ban on technology and scheduling your activities beforehand. Indeed, there are multiple ideas for a winter getaway for families; the only thing limiting you is a good plan for your trip.

Ready for some fun winter adventures? Take your kids, pack some fuzzy socks, and have fun!

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So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING…………………………………………………… 

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  1. I love the idea of an unplugged vacation. Internet and technology have become such an important part of our lives that it has become almost impossible to disconnect from the. You blog has some amazing ideas of a winter holiday and I especially like Yosemite National park. It is just breathtaking and a great way to cut off from the internet and enjoy nature. The beach and ranch idea are superb.

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