Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

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Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

Where flowers bloom, so does hope!” – Lady Bird Johnson. Very truly said, flowers depict hope, happiness, harmony and so are always the beautiful sight for all. Flowers are well known as the beautiful smile of Mother Earth.  If a single flower can give you so much joy and happiness then wonder about the sight of fields of flowers with millions of blooms and traveling to such sights of flower fields is worth doing. Let’s admire the beauties of poppies, wildflowers, bluebonnets, lavender, sunflowers, lupines, tulips, mustard flowers, etc around the world in this post and check some of the most beautiful fields of flowers – pictures of flowers fields from all over the world by experienced travelers. 

Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields
Sunflower Fields from Ukraine

ASIA | Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields



Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

Come April, the feet of Zabarwan Range in Kashmir adorns a strange beauty of rolling tulip garden in full bloom. A unique garden of flower and the only tulip garden in India, Srinagar Tulip garden is a phenomenal occurrence that draws a large number of tourists every year. It is also the largest tulip garden in Asia. At a close vicinity, still, the water of Dal lake makes a striking appearance. Officially, the garden is known as Indira Gandhi memorial tulip garden.

BLOOMING TIME – In April tulip festival is celebrated to mark the onset of spring. Sadly tulip blooms last only for a month. It is a seasonal natural bounty. 

The tulip garden of Srinagar is a spectacular sight. At a distance, snow-capped mountains stand tall. Just not tulips the garden also grows other flowers like hyacinths, Daffodils, etc. The entry fee to Kashmir tulip garden is 50 rupees per adult. Close to the tulip garden Srinagar is also famous for Shah Jahan’s Mughal garden, and iconic Hazratbal mosque. The tulip garden is located in Srinagar itself and should not take more than 2 hours to visit in a day.

Contributed by Madhurima from the Orange Wayfarer blog. 


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

India experiences comparatively pleasant weather throughout the country. As farming is a major income source, the landscape becomes more photogenic after the monsoon but during the wintertime, in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Punjab you can see bright yellow sprouting farms on both the sides of Highways and nearby roads. I visited one such Mustard field during my last visit to sun temple Modhera.

BLOOMING TIME – It was late December time when I was crisscrossing the road to Modhera. The region is mostly barren and every year farmers grow Mustard as a major crop. The drive to Modhera is scenic with all the yellow on both sides when flowers are in full bloom. Modhera is 98 Kms from Ahmedabad and you can reach by bus from Ahmedabad, alternately drive by your vehicle will be good to stop as many times you want to click the beautiful flower fields. I visited few Farm fields near Modhera and farmers were happy to allow me to click the Photographs.

Contributed by Mayuri Patel from Fernwehrahee blog.


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

One of the most stunning fields of flowers I saw in Japan was during my visit to the Shibazakura Festival near Mount Fuji. About 800,000 Shibazakura flowers of five varieties in pink, purple and white colors stretch out like a carpet in the middle of a stunning volcano landscape.

The easiest way to reach them is by heading to Kawaguchiko and getting a local day ticket (includes the bus return ticket) at the train station and then catching the bus from there to Hitsujiyama Park (100km distance). They operate regularly. (But do check the bus times especially for return trips so you don’t have to wait long.).  Since it’s so popular, there’s also entertainment (mostly for kids) and a small Shibazakura-themed café on the site. The prices are a bit higher, as is expected. But the unique desserts you can’t get anywhere else.

BLOOMING TIME – The flowers bloom from mid-April to early May but don’t come too early or late. If you do not want to get disappoint then it’s a good idea to check Instagram stories to get an idea of how far open the small flowers are already blooming.  

TIP – I recommend arriving at the earliest time in the day so you can avoid the many crowds and get better views over the small rolling hills full of vibrant flowers.

Contributed by Annemarie Strehl from Travel on the Brain blog. 


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

The beautiful Jeju Island is the backyard of South Korea. The island is located in the Korea Strait, known for its beach resorts, ski resorts, volcanic landscape of craters, Hallasan, boutique and seaside café, beautiful natural sceneries, and more. There is always something fun to do in Jeju round the year. The island celebrates spring with the canola blossoming – There are several popular spots to view the canola field, and Nokan-ro is my favorite spot where visitors could see both cherry and canola blossoms. This is a 4 to 5-kilometer-long canola flower road lined by two rows of cherry blossom trees with canola planted on both sides of the road. It is named “one of the 100 most beautiful roads in Korea”.

Contributed by Kenny Chow from the Knycx Journeying blog. 

AFRICA | Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

The amazing colorful fields of spring flowers of the Cape West Coast and Namaqualand in the Northern Cape is world-renowned. It is a part of South Africa that receives little rain all year, but after the annual spring rains, the dry, dull landscape explodes into a carpet of colorful wildflowers including Daisies, Gousblomme, Magriets, and mall succulents, annuals, and bulbs. Go to the Namaqua National Park near Springbok to see Namaqualand’s vibrant flower fields or the West Coast National Park, near Langebaan to see fields of flowers near the ocean. Visiting the West Coast National Park in the flower season is a popular activity from Cape Town. The season varies a bit from year to year but usually happens around the end of August and beginning of September.

Contributed by Campbell and Alya from Stingy Nomads blog.

EURASIA | Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

Kazakhstan is famous for its vast steppes. Few people know Kazakhstan has forested mountains, lush green hills, and wildflower fields too.

On our road trip around Almaty  we crossed several of such wildflower fields on our way to Altyn Emel National Park. They weren’t in any of the guidebooks, but they were one of the highlights of our road trip.

From Almaty, it is about 2 hours driving towards Altyn Emel when the flower fields come into view during spring. The colors are amazing. Yellow patches, purple and sometimes red. We kept stopping our car by the side of the road to take pictures. It was one of these surprises that Kazakhstan kept throwing at us. Who knew that Kazakhstan’s nature was so diverse?

Contributed by Ellis from Backpack Adventures blog.  


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

One of the most beautiful flower fields in Europe (and the world!) are the gorgeous poppy fields merely a day trip from Yerevan to the city of Etchmiadzin around 20 kilometers away.  The poppies are situated at the city’s main highway entrance and can be seen from the road.

Armenia is a mountainous country and it is known for having scenery that often offers a backdrop with a mountain.  In this case, the Etchmiadzin poppies have either Aragats or Mt Ararat in it, depending on which side of the highway you are on. This makes the scene that much more beautiful!

The poppies begin blooming in the middle of spring and last for more than three weeks, making the area perfect for picnics and photo shoots.

No one takes care of the poppies as they are wild and growing in the fields.  If you see them, pop by right away as they don’t have a long seasonal lifespan and can be rained away or fall to the ground at any given moment!

Contributed by Aram Vardayan from Absolute Armenia blog. 

EUROPE | Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

There’s no Dutch icon that sparks the imagination more than the tulip. The Kop van Holland, Noordoostpolder, Goeree-Overflakkee, and Zeeuws-Vlaanderen are some of the other areas in the Netherlands where tulips herald the arrival of spring. Not all farms allow you to enter the flower fields: Dutch flower etiquette dictates to look for signs or ask for permission.

BLOOMING TIME – Every year from late March to early May, local landscapes are transformed into colorful paintings of fabulous flower fields. The best time to visit the tulip fields in The Netherlands is the second half of April when the flowers are in full bloom. Most visitors flock to Keukenhof Gardens, just a 30-minute bus ride from Amsterdam. But The Netherlands is home to many more tulip fields: 

Contributed by Sarah Vanheel from the Cosmopolican blog.


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

The Hallerbos, better known as the Blue Forest, is a forest in Belgium that turns blue for two weeks every year. The Hallerbos is just a 30-minute drive from Brussels, the capital, and you can reach it by renting a car or by taking public transportation (train and bus). Either way, this forest will make you feel as if you were walking through a fairytale!

BLOOMING TIME – Around mid-April, millions of hyacinths start to bloom, forming a fairytale-like carpet of blossom. It’s quite an impressive sight and during this period, locals and tourists flock to the forest to see its beautiful transformation.

Contributed by Laura Meyers from Laure Wanders blog. 


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

Ukraine is one of the largest exporters of Sunflowers in the world.  Sunflower is the national symbol of Ukraine which represents love and warmth of sun. There are many wide-spread sunflower fields with full blooms across the whole country either towards South-East or North-West regions of Ukraine. Take a small stop while going through road trip anywhere in between and can shoot most likable Instagrammable shots.  You will find mention of sunflower in many Ukrainian folk songs, traditional paintings and embroideries. While planning for Ukraine Itinerary, visit to sunflower field should always be included as per me as this is the best part to visit in Ukraine.

Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

BLOOMING TIME – The best time to visit sunflower farms/fields – July and August.

Contributed by Yukti Agrawal (myself) from the Travel with me 24×7 blog. 



Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

BLOOMING TIME – One of the most beautiful times to spot flower fields in the UK is June to August, particularly early to mid-June when lavender fields are at their peak. For fields of purple as lavender as far as the eye can see, one of the best places in the Cotswolds is Cotswolds Lavender, located between Broadway and Stow-on-the-Wold. You can’t reach the lavender fields by public transport so you will need your car. 

Pay £4 to spend as much time as you like walking among endless fields of lavender, snapping photos, and simply breathing in their subtle scent in the air. While there, you can learn about how lavender is grown and what it’s used for, stopping to browse lavender beauty products and homeware products in the shop, and drinking lavender tea in the cafe on site.

Contributed by Roseh From Where Goes Rose blog. 


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

There are so many beautiful flower fields in the world but some of my favourite are the little-known wild garlic flower fields!

BLOOMING TIMEWild garlic is a beautiful plant that produces white flowers in April and May. You can eat all of the plants from the flower to the bulb, although the leaves are best picked before the plant flowers.

Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

You can find wild garlic fields in moist woodland areas across the north of England, especially in Yorkshire. To reach a few very pretty wild garlic fields you can get the train from Leeds to villages such as Apperley Bridge or the towns of Skipton and Ilkley. Wonder into the woods in late spring and you will probably smell the plant before you see the meadows of white flowers. A sweet smell fills the slightly garlicky air! 

Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

Contributed by Anna from My Travel Scrapbook blog. 


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

One of the most beautiful flower fields of the United Kingdom is a wildflower that flourishes in hedgerows and gardens.  However, Britain’s spring flower, the Bluebell, is most at home in ancient woodlands, where the land has lain undisturbed for centuries.  Bluebell woods are famous for looking like a blue carpet in the woodland

BLOOMING TIME – Bluebells are a northern hemisphere spring flower, peaking between late March to mid-May and while most bluebells are blue, you may be lucky enough to spot the rare albino bluebells, which are white.

There are many places to see bluebells in the UK – ancient woodlands with some managed by the Woodlands Trust, others by National Trust are your best places.  Access to bluebell woods is usually free.  Do be careful and stick to marked paths, bluebells are extremely fragile and it is an offense to steal bluebells from the woodland.

Contributed by Sarah Carter, from ASocialNomad blog.


One of the most beautiful flower fields of the United Kingdom is a wildflower that flourishes in hedgerows and gardens.  However, Britain's spring flower, the Bluebell, is most at home in ancient woodlands, where the land has lain undisturbed for centuries.  Bluebell woods are famous for looking like a blue carpet in the woodland Bluebells are a northern hemisphere spring flower, peaking between late March to mid-May and while most bluebells are blue, you may be lucky enough to spot the rare albino bluebells, which are white. There are many places to see bluebells in the UK – ancient woodlands with some managed by the Woodlands Trust, others by National Trust are your best places.  Access to bluebell woods is usually free.  Do be careful and stick to marked paths, bluebells are extremely fragile and it is an offense to steal bluebells from the woodland. Contributed by Sarah Carter, from ASocialNomad 

BLOOMING TIME – The confetti flower fields are one of the most exclusive flower fields in the UK, opening just 7-10 days in July before harvest!

Located in the Georgian market town of Pershore is Wyke Manor Estate, who’s acreage bursts into color during Summer with Delphiniums and cornflowers. But these delightful flowers have a bigger purpose, they’re harvested as 100% biodegradable confetti that has been sold across the UK for more than twenty years by The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company. Less than 30 minutes from the cathedral city of Worcester, the drive to the village of Wick is well signposted with ample parking available on site.

Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

Contributed by Charlotte Swinnerton from the Millennial Run Away blog.


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

BLOOMING TIME – The year 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the Morges’ annual tulip festival, which takes place from late March to mid-May. Entrance to the festival is free, and flower beds all along the lakeshore and in the Parc de l’Indépendance showcase 190,000 tulips, representing about 380 different varieties. Typical Swiss food and drinks are available for sale on site.

Morges is a small town in the French-speaking part of Switzerland that sits on the shores of Lake Geneva, about halfway between Montreux and Geneva itself. The easiest way to get there is by train, which takes about half an hour from Geneva and just 17 minutes from Lausanne.

Contributed by Wendy Werneth from The Nomadic Vegan blog.


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

BLOOMING TIME – Iceland’s natural scenery is stunning no matter what time of year you go, but if you visit Iceland in June, there’s a whole new element of beauty.

This is due to the never-ending fields of Alaskan Lupines you can see in the country. The lupines start showing their large blossoms in early June, and the bloom lasts well into early July.

While driving through Iceland, it’s impossible to miss the massive fields of purple and blue lupines flowers. They are everywhere in the country, but the best fields I found were on the Southern coast. This is perfect for visitors, as it’s only an hour away from the capital city of Reykjavik.

Contributed by Lora Pope from Explore with Lora blog. 



Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

If you like flower fields you cannot miss Monet’s water-lily pond. This wonderful pond is located in Monet’s Gardens in Giverny, France, one of the most popular day trips from Paris.

The water-lily pond was the object of many paintings, some of them considered today masterworks of Impressionism. Monet liked to spend hours and hours taking care of the pond and the gardens and watching the changing light.

BLOOMING TIME – Water lilies start to bloom in July so July and August are the months to see the water-lily pond in full bloom. Giverny is 68 km northwest of Paris and it is easy to reach by public transportation (train + bus) If you cannot make it to Giverny, the Orangerie Museum in Paris has an oval room dedicated to Monet’s water lilies so there’s no excuse to enjoy Monet’s water-lily pond.

Contributed by Elisa from World in Paris blog.


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

The lavender fields of Provence are an iconic sight in the South of France, and one that draws in hoards of visitors each year. The most picturesque fields can be found around the Valensole plateau, near the village of the same name. To get there, take the A51 north from Aix-en-Provence, turning onto the D6 at Manosque. From the village, head towards Riez and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie and you’ll encounter many charming fields as you drive. The lavender in this part of Provence is beautiful, but it’s of the lavender variety – a hybrid plant. True lavender can be found growing at higher altitudes near Lagarde-d’Apt or in the Drôme.

BLOOMING TIME – From late June to the end of July the landscape is awash with the purple bloom and its heady scent fills the air. 

Contributed by Nadine from Le Long Weekend Blog.

NORTH AMERICA | Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields  

One of the best summer road trips to take from Toronto, Canada’s largest city is a 60-minute drive to the Laveanne Lavender farm. Located between Port Hope and Peterborough, this expansive lavender farm features fragrant gardens in beautiful purple hues, a gift shop, and a lavender labyrinth for meditative walks.

BLOOMING TIME – The best time to visit is in July when the fields are in bloom. Experiencing these lavender fields in full bloom is one of the top things to do in Peterborough and the Kawarthas region. And admission is free – although you should buy some of their incredible lavender products to support this local business!  

Contributed by Michele Peterson from A Taste for Travel blog. 


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

The Carlsbad Flower Fields sit just outside the southern California town of Carlsbad. They are the largest planting of Tecolote Giant Ranunculus in the world, with over forty acres of flowers. The ranunculus is known as a Persian Buttercup with a fragrant and showy flower in the spring.

BLOOMING TIME – The peak season is mid-March through mid-April, which coincides with the So-Cal strawberry season. You would be remiss in visiting the Flower Fields without tasting a fresh strawberry shake or taking a flat of fresh-picked strawberries home with you.

The most common way to see the flowers is to pay for a guided tour, where they explain this history and botany of the fields. However, there are options. The path along Armada Way is a fabulous viewing location. There is convenient free parking, or it can be included as a route while biking in San Diego.

Contributed by Jenn and Ed Coleman from Coleman Concierge blog. 


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

If it’s summer, you’re sure to see the magenta pink blooms of Alaska Fire-weed all over south-central Alaska. Residents measure summer by how far the blooms go up the fire-weed. As soon as they reach the top of the 1-7 foot plants, summer is over. Fire-weed gets its name from the fact that it is the first plant to bloom after a forest fire. While it’s not a weed, one plant can produce up to 80,000 seeds so it multiplies quickly as a beautiful, invasive plant. On an Alaskan road trip, you’ll see these gorgeous pink blooms along highways and open spaces from Juneau to the Kenai Peninsula and everything in between.

Contributed by Jenifer Byington from the Evolista blog. 


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

Nothing says summer to me quite like a field covered in sunflowers and North Carolina’s sunflower fields deliver! Raleigh’s Dorothea Dix Park has about five-acres covered in these sunny budsThe fields attract pollinators, such as bees, to the area. Once the flowers have served their photography purpose, the city harvests them and turns them into biodiesel fuel. I like knowing that they don’t just go to waste. The fields are located in Raleigh’s Dorothea Dix Park. Parking is located near the soccer fields located off Hunt Drive.

BLOOMING TIME – The peak in July, depending on the weather. I discovered the field when my Instagram feed became covered in sunflower photos one year! They have become one of the city’s top hot spots for Instagram photos, competing with Raleigh’s murals. 

Contributed by Annick Lenoir-Peek from The Common Traveler blog.


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

The Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve is a State Natural Reserve located  in Lancaster, about a 1.5-hour drive from Downtown Los Angeles. Here you’ll find acres and acres of poppies, which is the California state Flowers along with other wildflowers.

BLOOMING TIME – Peak viewing season is from mid-March to early April.

You’ll want to be sure to check the weather before heading out. Antelope Valley is a desert and it gets quite hot in the spring. The poppies will open up in mid-morning when they get full sun and curl  back up in the late afternoon when it’s cold. There is a small fee of $10 per vehicle to enter the park. You can park your car and walk the many trails. It’s important to stay on the trails as you can get fined. One thing that’s amazing about this park is that there is an ADA trail. It’s a short 0.7-mile loop but is perfectly wheelchair accessible. 

Contributed by Jeanine Romo from Le Wild Explorer blog. 


flower fields

You’ll want to see Skagit Valley’s beautiful tulip fields in Mount Vernon, Washington. Located approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes away from Seattle are some of the most amazing tulip fields in the world.

BLOOMING TIME – During April, tulips are blooming and the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is in motion. If you happen to visit in March, you’ll still be able to see golden daffodil blooms however it will be too early for the tulips. Don’t forget to check out Roozengarde for some of the most ornately designed planters full of lush, technicolor tulips. Skagit Valley is the best springtime destination for tulip blooms.

Contributed by Constance The Adventures of Panda Bear blog. 


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

Many people may think Oklahoma consists of nothing but ranches and farmland, but during springtime, this U.S. state in middle America is transformed into a canvas of color. Not to be confused with the Indian Blanket, which is the state flower of Oklahoma, the Indian Paintbrush is somewhat hard to grow. It requires a host plant, like grass, with which it intertwines its roots to survive. If taking photos in a field of Indian Paintbrush, be on the lookout for bees. This beautiful wildflower, often called a “prairie-fire” attracts bees, butterflies, and pollinating birds. You can find fields of Indian Paintbrush growing native throughout Oklahoma including along the side of the road or highway in the state’s capital and largest city, Oklahoma City. 

BLOOMING TIME – Beginning around late-April and lasting through early-June you’ll find several flowers that bloom wild in Oklahoma. The Indian Paintbrush is one of the most beautiful wildflowers in Oklahoma. This vibrant red wildflower only blooms during years when the state received plenty of rain the previous fall followed by a cold winter. When conditions are ideal, ordinary fields of green grass turn into blankets of brilliant red.

Contributed by Melissa from the Parenthood and Passports blog.


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

If you happen to be in Northern California in the spring, you don’t want to miss North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve in Oroville!

BLOOMING TIME – You’ll see flowers from the months of March to May, with the peak usually occurring in late March/early April. I saw carpets of pink Owl’s Clover, purple lupine, orange California Poppies, and so much more while I was there in mid-April of 2018.

Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

To get there, drive north of Oroville along Cherokee Road for about 20 minutes. Park in the dirt lot on your left. You’ll see wildflowers pretty much immediately after leaving the parking lot!  There are tons of orchards in and nearby Oroville, and they produce lots of fruit, like peaches, and nuts such as almonds. I hope you enjoy your visit to this special place!

Contributed by Kelsey Frey from the Sights Better Seen blog.

OCEANIA | Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

You’re road-tripping from the captivating city of Christchurch, on the almost endless open road with jagged, icy glaciers towering before you when you turn a corner and, presto! You’re confronted with candyfloss pink and lavender-tinted purple blooms stretching as far as the eye can see.

BLOOMING TIME – These are the lupine fields on New Zealand’s South Island, already one of the most spectacular places to visit on the planet. The lupines flower from spring to summer (about September until February) each year but the best time to see them in bloom is around November and December, where they cover many a field in the area known as Mackenzie country, essentially encompassing places like Lake Tekapo, Wanaka, the Lindis Pass and as far as Lake Pukaki and Hawea.

Many an Instagrammer will tell you that the fields are beautiful – and they are – but the lupins do pose a problem for the country. They are an invasive species, hailing out of North America. So, while they are breath-taking to behold, the lupines are taking over key natural habitats, with local birds like the black stilt and wrybill being pushed out of their home ground by the flowers.

Contributed by Lee from The Travel Scribes blog.

SOUTH AMERICA | Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields


Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

The Atacama Desert is the world’s driest non-polar desert, but, every few years, a surprise arrives here – known as the desierto florido or flowering desert.

Every five to seven years when the El Niño phenomenon warms the Pacific Ocean, the Atacama Desert in northern Chile breaks out in bloom. From shocking pink to lemon yellow, the flowers transform an otherwise monotonous landscape into a vivid splash of color.

BLOOMING TIME – Unfortunately, it’s difficult to know the best time to visit Chile to coincide with this desert bloom. However, September through November is when the phenomenon is most likely to occur. You’re best staying in Vallenar, with flowers blooming en masse on Ruta 5 north of town and in and around nearby Parque Nacional Llanos de Challe.

Contributed by Steph Dyson from the Wordly Adventurer blog. 

I hope you loved this virtual tour of Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields  with their blooming time suggestions, how to reach and other information. I would love to know your favorite flower field and why you loved it in the comments below. For me, all are very special and unique.

Beautiful Fields Of Flowers – Pictures Of Flowers Fields

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  1. I think the fields of flowers from Japan and the Netherlands are my top 2 favorites – it looks so picturesque! I would love to visit here someday, hopefully as soon as COVID19 restrictions ease up. Which ones are your top 3?

  2. There are some beautiful flower fields around the world aren’t there. I was really surprised by the UK fields, i just think of the fields of wheat around where I live! The tulips of the Netherlands are on my list for my Euro train trip next year

    1. Even tulips of Kashmir and Netherlands are on my wishlist. I have never seen tulips in their farms. I guess they must be amazing.

  3. I would love to visit India and that field in Kashmir, that would be a great experience.

    We have some different fields here where I live, outside Stockholm in sweden, like sunflowers, weet poppies. All really beautiful, but as its so close to home, I never quite appriciate them. Its a shame really, I’ll do that this year!

  4. This blog post is just what the world needs right now, a colourful journey through the worlds most colourful flower fields. They all look amazing but, thanks to lockdown, I recently discovered the wild garlic fields near my home in the UK. Normally, this time of year, I’d be off exploring somewhere else, so I’ve never actually seen it even through it’s right by my house!

    1. Wow good to know you have flower fields nearby your home too. It is good to explore some offbeat travel at present.

  5. OMG! This is paradise! I love flowers and being able to visit all of these flower fields is just a dream come true. I was able to spend a few days in Jeju Island last year and it was amazing!

    If given a chance, we’d love to visit the Confetti Flower Fields too.

  6. I usually google if there are lavender fields near places I will be visiting but now I am inspired to find a sunflower field! I have seen a Mustard field in Germany and have long wanted to travel to Amsterdam when the tulips are in bloom. I’m adding a trip to Belgium’s Blue Forest and Armenia during the poppy bloom, they look amazing

    1. I too agree for me lavendar field was very exotic, but after visiting sunflower field, I was amazed and found heaven on earth. So many beautiful blooms at one place.

  7. Reading this makes me long for the days of roaming gardens and fields. There are some lovely places on the list. My favourites are in Japan and the Ukraine. I’ve not yet been and would like to see it in person.

  8. I think the only time i visited a legit flower field, was in Romania, when we stopped at a Sunflower field. I have seen flowers in gardens, in the wild, but that was the first time in a field. The lavender flower fields in South of France are quite a spectacle in itself, so ive heard. Visiting the tulip fields both in Kashmir, and in the Netherlands have been there on my list for quite some time. Lets see when am able to tick that off my list, before ticking the rest off this list.

    1. As Romania is on border of Ukraine, I guess there are also sunflower fields. I too want to see tulip fields of Kashmir and Netherlands.

  9. Nature is a top choice for me no matter where I am traveling and flowers/gardens are no exception to this! I have not had the chance to visit many yet, but I definitely have many options now! I was able to recent visit a sunflower field and it was an amazing experience. The variety of different sunflowers and colors was so interesting to see. I think the Atacoma Desert would be sooo cool to see knowing that it only pops up every 5-7 years. Seeing a desert full of flowers sounds like such a unique experience. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival sounds like a lot of fun. I am planning a trip out that way for when things return to normal and will have to add this to the list.

  10. I would love to visit Japan for its Shibazakura flowers. I don’t think it can be found anywhere else in this world. But also the lupines flowers in New Zealand looks breathtaking. I will make sure to go there during spring or summer to catch them in full bloom. Atacam desert sounds magical too. It’s sad that we won’t know when to best go there.

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