Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah

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Khor Fakkan a coastal town of Sharjah Emirates is located on the east coast of UAE with a stunning landscape. The rugged mountainscape with curved beaches and small rocky islands makes this place worth visiting and is considered a perfect getaway from Dubai. To avoid hustle and bustle of the city, many people from nearby Emirates visit Khor Fakkan to enjoy serene nature. Not only nature but here you can find many architectural and heritage beauties too. Nestled between Dibba and Fujairah, you can also cover major attractions of Al Aqah, Dibba, and Fujairah too. Khor Fakkan visit can be done as a day trip from Dubai or as a weekend staycation too. So let’s read about things to do in Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah and know about places to visit in Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah, UAE. Facing the Gulf of Oman and nestled in between the Hajar mountains this area is worth visiting for nature lovers.

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah

Khor Fakkan is not only blessed with nature’s beauty but also has a long history of human settlement since the Iron age. There are many watchtowers built in the 15th century to the  16th century here on mountain tops to keep an eye on invaders. Now let’s plan what places to visit in Khor Fakkan and Fujairah on a weekend getaway in UAE.

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah

How to reach Khor Fakkan ? – Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah

Distance of Khor Fakkan from Dubai – 130 – 135 km. It takes about 1.5 hours to reach Khor Fakkan through a newly built highway with 5 to 6 mountain tunnels.

Distance of Khor Fakkan from Sharjah – 109 – 110 km via Khor Fakkan Road.

Distance of Khor Fakkan from Fujairah – 40 to 60 km


Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah

Many people cover Khor Fakkan while visiting Fujairah for a weekend staycation. There are many luxurious staycation resorts in and around Khor Fakkan. Khor Fakkan is an amazing option for people visiting Fujairah on staycation or for those who are planning weekend day trips/getaways from nearby Emirates.

BEST TIME TO VISIT KHOR FAKKAN – Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah

From October to February is the best time to visit Khor Fakkan as you can find perfect blue water, blue sky, and cooler weather. Due to rocky mountains, afternoons are very hot. The lowest temperature here goes up to 18 deg Celsius during peak winter months.

September, March & April are shoulder-season to visit this place and in these months you can enjoy this place in early mornings and later afternoons.

May to August is very hot with the temperature reaching 40 deg Celsius and more. Nights during these months are also warm and humid.

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah
Sunset at Khor Fakkan


Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah



Al Rafisah Dam

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah

Heading toward Khorfakkan on the new Sharjah – Khorfakkan highway you can have a view of the beautiful Al Rafisah Dam. Though it was built in the 1980s, the dam got refurbished with a new visitor center and rest area and now attracts many tourists. Here you can enjoy the serene nature where a large, clear lake with boating facilities is surrounded by the magnificent Hajar mountains. This stunning landscape formed with the sandstone mountain range overlooking pure azure water-reservoir with tranquil green landscape, perfect for nature lovers and outdoors enthusiasts.

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah

Here you can go for pedal-boats, rowing boats, have snacks overlooking the dam.

TIP – The ticket-window closes in the evening at 6:00 (can change as per sunset) sharp and after that nobody is allowed to go boating.

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah

Take a Boat ride to Snoopy Island & Shark Island

From the Khorfakkan public beach, you can spot a small rocky island, which is an underwater marvel for those who enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming. Divers can spot under-water beautiful rock formations teeming with moray eels, rays, and Arabian angelfish.

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah
As a family with children, choosing a nearby diving center for guides to the island is highly recommended. You can easily rent equipment for a dive or fins, snorkels, and masks for snorkeling. You will find many local boats taking you to round trips of Snoopy and Shark island. Also, nearby luxury staycation resorts provide boat trips to these islands.  


Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah

Snoopy Island has got its name because of the shape of the rock as it looks like Snoopy lying down.

Hiking at Al Rawi Tower

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah

Hike to top of Al Rabi tower to have stunning views of coastal town – Khor Fakkan on one side and the Gulf of Oman on the other. Take a panaromic view of whole area with rugged mountscape and curved beached. Graded as a beginner level hike, this trail is favorite among adventure & nature lovers of various age groups. It is one of a few UAE hiking trails that is located in the city of Khor Fakkan and closer to Fujairah. 

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Fujairah
View of city during hiking.

Khor Fakkan Amphitheater

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Fujairah

Enjoy the marvelous and grand architecture of the impressive Khorfakkan Amphitheatre. Inspired by Roman architecture, this newly built architecture is now become a new iconic landmark of this area. This amphitheater covers over 1700m2 and can accommodate over 3500 spectators.

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Fujairah

It was designed with a state-of-the-art cooling system, making it the ideal outdoor venue for upcoming events. Big Bus Sharjah too stop here. There is huge parking for cars on the opposite side of the road as this amphitheater faces the beach on the other side.

Khor Fakkan Waterfall

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Fujairah

A magnificent 45m-high waterfall cascades down next to the amphitheater from the top of a natural rocky mountain. Although the waterfall is man-made, it was carved out of natural rock and is illuminated at night. Both the amphitheater and waterfall face Khorfakkan’s shimmering bay, so visitors can enjoy a wander along the beach before enjoying a spectacular show.

Khor Fakkan Beach

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Fujairah Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Fujairah

The sandy Khor Fakkan beach is also a perfect spot for a picnic. Enjoy the best of Sharjah weather on this island, where there are plenty of things to do with kids and adults alike. The uniqueness of this beach is that the beach is curved and you can spot many rock formations. The rugged coastline is very photogenic here.


Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Fujairah

Al Aqah and Dibba are neighborhoods of Fujairah Emirate with stunning coastline along with rugged rocky mountainscape. The distance of Al Aqah and Dibba from Khor Fakkan is about 40 to 60 km approximately. 

Al Bidya Mosque

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Fujairah

About 40 kilometers from Khor Fakkan, towards Dibba direction you can find the mud-brick Al-Bidyah Mosque, across the main high-way.  It is the oldest in the United Arab Emirates and was named after the town that once surrounded it.  Said to be built in 1446 A.D., its engineering features are a major accomplishment for the period of construction. The mosque consists of a prayer hall, decorated with arches and featuring ventilation openings and a mihrab.

This historical site also dates back to the Iron age – an ancient era. The surrounding area of the mosque has been excavated to reveal that it has been inhabited for 4,000 years. After excavation, many things were unearthed and proved the fragments of pottery, metal arrowheads, and other artifacts dating back to at least 1000 BC.

Car Museum, Al Aqah, Fujairah

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Fujairah

On the main highway of Khor Fakkan towards the Dibba side, there is an antique car museum in the heritage village area with a collection of more than 40 vintage cars. Take a view of the 1920s to 1980’s collection of luxury cars like Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Land Rover, Range Rover, and many more.

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Fujairah

Not only car collection, but you can also have a look at currencies all around the world with many historical exhibits. If you are staying at luxury resorts of Le Meridian, Al Aqah, Intercontinental Fujairah, Rotana Al Aqah, Miramar Al Aqah, then this car museum is exactly the opposite side of the road.

Heritage Village, Al Aqah, Fujairah

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Fujairah

Located besides Car Museum, this heritage and historical neighborhood exhibits local archaeological finds and the traditional way of life historically in Fujairah in particular and the UAE in general. Within the museum, the first exhibit hall displays heritage objects related to traditional local occupations such as agriculture, fishing, pottery, trade, and weaving.

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Fujairah

A second hall on heritage displays ancient weapons, various costumes, and utensils. A further hall has displays including a spice shop and souq. The displays include archaeological finds from tombs at Al Badiyah, Dibba Al-Fujairah, and Qidfa’, with objects such as arrowheads, carnelian beads, and vessels. The whole area transports you to the ancient era of this place and depicts how people used to live, their housing, and other useful lifestyle stuff.

Camping on Al Aqah Beach

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Fujairah

Nearby Rotana Al Aqah Beach Resort there is a secluded public beach where people take their RV’s, cars and do overnight camping. The beach is peaceful and away from city’s hustle and bustle, but you need to carry all camping gear with you.

Staycation at Luxury Resorts 

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Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Fujairah
Staycation at Intercontinental, Fujairah
Things to do at Fujairah and Khor Fakkan
Staycation at Intercontinental, Al Aqah, Fujairah

Book your stay along the Gulf of Oman at luxury resorts of Al Aqah beach with rugged mountain terrain on one side and sandy beaches on the other side. There are many luxury resorts on this coastline with high-class amenities. They all are located in a serene location with perfect views of mountains and sea. Plan your weekend before so that you can get your preferred choice as most of these resorts are fully booked on weekends and public holidays. 


Al Rafisah Dam, Khor Fakkan - day trip from Dubai
Al Rafisah Dam, Khor Fakkan – day trip from Dubai


  • If you are planning a day trip from Dubai, then plan early as there are so many things to do here.
  • There are many luxury beach resorts here with a view of mountains or the ocean, so for me, it is great to have a staycation for a couple of days.
  • Plan your trip during the cooler time of the day as there are many outdoor activities to do here.
  • You are going to the interiors of UAE, so then you may not find branded food outlets frequently but at gas stations, there are many eat outs.
  • Beachwear is allowed only on beaches.
  • If you are going hiking then take along a trainer or expert with you. Don’t try to hike on mountains without any previous hiking experience.
  • Respect local traditions as per the land of law.
  • Don’t litter the mountains while hiking or camping at the beach. 
  • Khor Fakkan of Sharjah and Al Aqah of Fujairah are adjoining neighborhoods, so both can be done during your staycation either at Khor Fakkan or at Al Aqah beach resorts.

Things to do in Khor Fakkan and Fujairah  



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Day trip from Dubai to Khor Fakkan

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  1. Historical areas, natural wonders and hiking – wow Khor Fakkan and al aqah is definitely the kind of place we would love to visit. Those brown dry mountains look stunning, kind of reminds us of our trek in Crete where we witnessed such kind of scenes with the waters beyond. It was also historical. We can just imagine going here, learning about the rich culture and seeing more offbeat destinations in UAE.

  2. Historical areas, natural wonders and hiking – wow Khor Fakkan and al aqah is definitely the kind of place we would love to visit. Those brown dry mountains look stunning, kind of reminds us of our trek in Crete where we witnessed such kind of scenes with the waters beyond. It was also historical. We can just imagine going here, learning about the rich culture and seeing more offbeat destinations in UAE.

  3. As the owner of a dog named Snoopy, a visit to Snoopy Island will be a must when I get a chance to visit Khor Fakkan and Al Aqah areas. The heritage village in Al Arqah also interest me as I like learning about history and tradition of new places. And I think it will be a cool experience to camp out on Al Aqah Beach.

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    1. Yes during this pandemic time, many backyard hidden gems are catching attention. Nowadays I am searching all those secret gems near Dubai. Thanks for reading.

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