35 Interesting Facts about Ruby Falls Tennessee

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Ruby Falls is a popular tourist attraction located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In this article, you can just read the facts about Ruby Falls Tennessee. 

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Facts about Ruby Falls Tennessee

Here are some interesting facts about Ruby Falls.

Interesting Ruby Falls Facts

  1. Natural Wonder: Ruby Falls is an underground waterfall known for being one of the most spectacular and tallest underground waterfalls in the United States. It’s situated deep within Lookout Mountain, a limestone cave system.  Best Ruby Falls Tour Chattanooga Tennessee - ruby falls facts
  2. Discovery: Ruby Falls was discovered in 1928 by a cave enthusiast and explorer, Leo Lambert. He named the waterfall after his wife, Ruby.
  3. Depth: The waterfall is approximately 1,120 feet (340 meters) below the surface of Lookout Mountain. Visitors must take an elevator ride into the cave to reach the falls.
  4. Formation: Ruby Falls was formed by water erosion over millions of years, creating a stunning 145-foot (44-meter) waterfall within the cave’s limestone walls.
  5. Illumination: The waterfall is illuminated with colorful LED lights, creating a captivating visual experience for visitors during the guided tours.
  6. Cave Features: Along with the waterfall, Ruby Falls Cave features various exciting formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, and flowstone, which have developed over thousands of years.
  7. Temperature: The temperature inside the cave remains relatively constant throughout the year, around 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius), making it a pleasant attraction to visit in any season..
  8. Events: Special events and seasonal celebrations are held at Ruby Falls, including haunted cave tours during Halloween and Christmas Underground, where the cave is adorned with holiday lights and decorations.

Ruby Falls is a fascinating natural wonder that continues to captivate visitors with its beauty and geological significance. It offers a memorable underground adventure that combines education and awe-inspiring sights.

Unique & Interesting Facts about Ruby Falls

Here are some unique and interesting facts about Ruby Falls that set it apart from other natural attractions:

Review of Ruby Falls Chattanooga TN - facts about ruby falls

  1. Hidden Location: Ruby Falls is an underground waterfall, which makes it a truly unique natural wonder. Unlike most waterfalls visible in open landscapes, Ruby Falls is tucked deep inside Lookout Mountain, making it a hidden gem.
  2. Name Origin: The waterfall is named after Ruby Lambert, the wife of the cave’s discoverer, Leo Lambert. The personal touch of naming it after his wife adds a romantic and human element to the attraction’s history.
  3. Tallest Underground Waterfall: Ruby Falls is one of the tallest underground waterfalls in the United States. Its height of 145 feet (44 meters) is remarkable considering its hidden location.
  4. Cave System: Ruby Falls is located within a complex cave system. Visitors see the spectacular waterfall and explore the intricate limestone formations and chambers within the cave, adding an extra dimension to the experience.
  5. Access by Elevator: Visitors take an elevator ride that descends approximately 1,120 feet (340 meters) into the Earth to reach Ruby Falls. This unique entrance method adds an element of adventure and anticipation to the visit.
  6. Temperature Contrast: The cave maintains a relatively constant temperature of around 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius) year-round. This contrast with the outside world adds to the sense of entering a hidden realm.
  7. Educational Focus: Ruby Falls offers educational programs beyond showcasing the waterfall’s beauty. Visitors can learn about geology, cave ecology, and the history of the cave’s discovery, making it an educational destination and a natural wonder.

These unique facts highlight the distinctiveness of Ruby Falls as an underground waterfall and its role in providing visitors with an otherworldly and educational experience.

Fun Facts about Ruby Falls

 Here are some fun and interesting facts about Ruby Falls:

  1. Glowing Waterfall: Ruby Falls is known for its illuminated waterfall. The changing colors of the LED lights create a magical and mesmerizing display that makes the waterfall even more fun to watch.  Best Ruby Falls Chattanooga Tennessee
  2. Hidden Surprise: Many visitors are surprised to discover this stunning underground waterfall. It’s like finding a secret treasure deep within Lookout Mountain, adding an element of adventure to the experience.
  3. Rock Formations: The cave system around Ruby Falls is home to various intriguing rock formations, some of which have whimsical names like “Cathedral Caverns” and “Fat Man’s Squeeze.” Exploring these formations adds a playful element to the tour. 

    Ruby Falls Tour - Chattanooga things to do - facts about ruby falls Tennessee
    Stalactites, Stalagmites, and Cave Formations

  4. Underground Concerts: Ruby Falls occasionally hosts underground concerts and events in its unique cave setting. Listening to live music inside a cave is a fun and memorable experience.
  5. Geological Time: The formations within the cave, including the waterfall, have taken millions of years to develop. It’s a fun reminder of the incredible passage of geological time.
  6. Elevator Ride: The elevator ride that takes visitors into the cave is an adventure. It’s a fun and slightly nerve-wracking experience as you descend into the Earth.
  7. Themed Events: Ruby Falls hosts themed events and tours throughout the year. For example, you can embark on a spooky “Haunted Cavern” tour during Halloween, adding a fun and eerie twist to your visit.
  8. Gem Panning: At Ruby Falls, you can try gem panning. It’s a fun activity where you can discover and take home your treasures in the form of colorful gemstones.
  9. Celebrity Visits: Ruby Falls has attracted several celebrities and notable figures captivated by its unique beauty over the years.
  10. Part of Chattanooga’s Charm: Ruby Falls is a unique natural attraction and a part of the charm of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Exploring the city and its surrounding attractions can add even more fun to your visit.

Visiting Ruby Falls is an educational experience and a fun, memorable adventure filled with surprises and enchantment.

Historical Facts about Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls has a rich history intertwined with its discovery, development, and evolution into a popular tourist attraction. Here are some historical facts about Ruby Falls: 

Best Ruby Falls Tour Chattanooga Tennessee
Ruby Falls Entrance Building
  1. Discovery in 1928: Ruby Falls was discovered by Leo Lambert in 1928. Lambert, a local cave enthusiast and explorer, was drilling an elevator shaft into Lookout Mountain to access another cave when he accidentally stumbled upon the hidden waterfall.
  2. Lambert’s Wife: Leo Lambert named the waterfall after his wife, Ruby. The decision to name the attraction after his beloved spouse added a personal and romantic touch to its history.
  3. Development and Access: Following the discovery, Lambert worked to develop Ruby Falls as a tourist attraction. He expanded the cave’s accessibility and created pathways for visitors to explore, ensuring safe water access.
  4. Opening to the Public: Ruby Falls was opened in 1930, allowing visitors to experience its hidden beauty for the first time. 
  5. Great Depression Era: Ruby Falls faced numerous challenges during its early years, including the economic hardships of the Great Depression. Despite these difficulties, it continued to attract visitors and gain recognition.
  6. World War II Use: During World War II, the cave served as a fallout shelter and a storage facility for various valuables, including art and historical documents. This added a unique layer of historical significance to the cave.
  7. Ownership Changes: Over the years, Ruby Falls changed ownership several times. Different owners contributed to its development and the enhancement of visitor amenities.
  8. National Register of Historic Places: Ruby Falls Cave was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980, recognizing its historical and geological significance.
  9. Part of Chattanooga’s History: Ruby Falls has become integral to Chattanooga’s history and tourism industry, drawing visitors from across the country and worldwide.
  10. Historical Tours: In addition to regular guided tours, Ruby Falls occasionally offers special historical tours that provide insight into the cave’s discovery, its role during World War II, and its evolution over the decades.

Ruby Falls’ history is a fascinating blend of discovery, development, and adaptation to changing times. It has grown from a hidden gem within Lookout Mountain into a cherished historical and geological landmark.

Ruby Falls Tour - interesting facts about ruby falls Tennessee

Now you know some interesting facts about Ruby Falls with geographical, historical, and fun factors.

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