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Let’s take a tour of Georgia in summers – come and pamper your soul with many Georgia itinerary guides 5 to 10 days. Take to nature’s paradise, a culturally rich and most welcoming place where you can rejuvenate your soul and spend some wonderful time with your friends and family. Plan your Georgia trip or travel to Georgia after reading this complete information. 


20 Things to Know before Planning a Trip to Georgia
Aerial View from Narikala Fortress – Tbilisi

5 Reasons you must visit Georgia in summers once in a lifetime | Top Things to do in Georgia


  1. Indulge in the wonderful mountainous virgin nature.
  2. Receive tremendous Love and Hospitality from the Georgian people
  3. Food and wine lovers should definitely come here.
  4. Less expensive and very much affordable.
  5. If you want to fall in Love again then come here… Believe me any depressed or sad person will revive his life, again and again, start to believe positively. In short a HEALING COUNTRY. So let’s check what to do in Georgia in the summers. Read about top things to do in Georgia Tour in this article and plan your trip with many suggestions, itineraries, and tips on Georgia. 
Georgia in Summers - Come and Pamper your Soul
horses roaming freely when u r driving… true freedom… no rules no barriers .. connected with nature

Average Weather of Georgia throughout the year – Georgia trip planner

Average weather of Georgia throughout the year


Take travel insurance when going to Georgia as it is required.

Various Itineraries for Georgia in Summers- COME AND PAMPER YOUR SOUL | Top Things to do in Georgia


1.) Kazbegi and Gudauri (for mountain beauty lovers). Click here to book Kazbegi full day tour with stops at Gudauri, Ananuri, and Gergeti church. 

2.) Signaghi/Kakheti for wine lovers and for famous monasteries

3.) Borjomi area for forest and sulfur baths. Click here to book Borjomi, Bakuriani and Kukushka full day tour from Tbilisi.

4.)Vardzia Gori and Rabati castle for history lovers and those who love ancient architecture. Click here to book a full day tour to Vardzia and Rabati castle.  

5.) Jvari, Mtshekta for cathedrals and Monasteries

6.) Ananuri, Lopota Lake/Kvrali Lake for water sports lovers because river bathing and water rafting can be done here.

7.) Batumi for beach lovers. Click here to book Tbilisi to Batumi transfer tour. 

Now as it looks confusing that from where to start I am suggesting some itineraries. 


Georgia Itinerary 5 days – Georgia in Summers | Things to do in Georgia

1st day: Tbilisi and Mtskheta. Stay a night in Tbilisi. Click here to book full day Tbilisi city tour and Mtskheta attractions tour. 

2nd day: Gori, Uphlistikhe, Borjomi. Stay a night in Borjomi

3rd day: Visit Kutaisi and read complete travel guide to Kutaisi which is a historic city from ancient ages. Kutaisi & Imereti, Sataplia, Prometheus. Stay a night in Kutaisi. Click here to book Prometheus and Sataplia tour with Gelati monastery from Tbilisi or you can book this Prometheus tour.

4th day: Martvili, Okatse canyons, and waterfalls. Stay a night in Tbilisi.  Click here to book Okatse canyon tour and cave tour from Tbilisi. 

5th day: Ananuri, Gudauri, Kazbegi. Stay a night in Kazbegi.  Click here to book two days tour to Kazbegi with an overnight 3-star hotel stay in Kazbegi. Or if you don’t want to stay in Kazbegi then click here to book your full day tour to Kazbegi


Georgia Itinerary 4 Days – Georgia in Summers | Things to do in Georgia

Day 1: Land in Tbilisi. Explore Tbilisi, Overnight stay in Tbilisi.

Day 2: Day trip to Ananuri, Gadauri, Kazbegi, Dariali Gorge, Gveleti Waterfall, etc from Tbilisi. Overnight stay at Tbilisi.

Day 3: Day trip to Sighnaghi – Kvareli – Khareba (wineries tour) from Tbilisi. Overnight stay at Tbilisi.

Day 4: Explore Tbilisi or Mksheta. Flyback. 


Georgia Itinerary 10 days – Georgia in Summers | Things to do in Georgia

Day 1 – Arrival at Tbilisi international airport. Check-in at the hotel. Tbilisi City tour

Day 2 – Tbilisi to Mtskheta tour   –   Cathedrals of Mtshekta which are UNESCO heritage sites. Jvari Monastery, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral.  


Day 3 – To Kazbegi and this is must visit place in Georgia.

Kazbegimount – is a dormant and one of the major of the located in the Kazbegi of Georgia. It is the third highest mountain in Georgia. The name in Kazbegi – Mqinvartsveri, translates to “glacier or “Ice Mountain”. Read more about what to do in Kazbegi. 

Ananuri fortress, Alpen zone, and a skying city Gudauri.Cross Pass and unbelievable spring of mineral sparkling water coming out from the earth. Village Stepantsminda, the Trinity monastery and. a mountain Kazbek

Day 4   Kakheti – wine region and therefore Wine tasting tour. Click here to book Kakheti wine tasting tour with stops at Love city – Signaghi and Bodbe monastery


Georgia is the ancient cradle of winemaking. First cultural species of grapes came out here; unique geographic whereabouts and a diverse ground provide ideal conditions for wine growing and winemaking. Kakhetian wine is possibly the most archaic phenomenon of Georgian culture, rooted deeply in history. There is no analogy for the traditional Kakhetian wine technology in the world.

* City of love – Signagi* Wine tasting in a marani( place for storing wine in special pitcher

* Walking on Signagis fortress wall * Wine-tasting in Signagi * Bodbe Monastery

Overnight in Sighnaghi

Day 5 – Second Part of Kakheti

• Gremi

• Nekresi

• Chavchavadze home museum

• Telavi

Overnight in Tbilisi

Day 6 – Transfer to Svaneti Via Kutaisi.  Click here to read about Staying options in Svaneti.

• Visiting Kutaisi

• Bagrati Cathedral

• Prometheus or Sataplia caves

Overnight in Mestia

Day 7 – Visiting airbuses and museums

Day 8 – Trip to Ushguli ( back to Mestia )

Day 9 – Early departure to Batumi – seaside

Petra Fortress- The museum contains artifacts from the excavation of the fortress, representing ancient (8th to 6th Centuries BC) and medieval (4th and 5th Centuries AD) periods. Among the artifacts are fragments of Hellenistic mosaics, ceramics, coins and currency, weapons, and agricultural tools.

* Botanical Garden * Batumi – Click here to book the tour to Batumi with a botanical garden

Overnight in Batumi

Day 10 going back to Tbilisi en route visiting Vardzia caves and village Borjomi

Vardzia is said to have been founded by Queen Tamar in 1185. The monastery was constructed as protection from the Mongols. The city included a church, a throne room, and a complex irrigation system watering terraced farmlands. The only access to the complex was through some well-hidden tunnels near the Mtkvaririver. An earthquake destroyed approximately two-thirds of the city in 1283, exposing the caves to outside view and collapsing the irrigation system.

* Borjomi village and park * Khertvisi fortress

* New Rabat in Akhalcixe * Vardzia caves

This is a 10-day tour.

4th Itinerary – Georgia in Summers | Things to do in Georgia

1st Day – Arrive early morning at Tbilisi and go to Signaghi, Kakheti tour with Bodbe Monastery, Winery tour, and Lopota lake, fortress wall and night stay at Tbilisi.

2nd Day – Borjomi and Rabati Castle or Borjormi and Gori

3rd Day – Go to Kazbegi and have a night stay in Kazbegi en-routing from Jvari,  Ananuri and Gudauri.

4th Day – Sightseeing of Kazbegi and return to Tbilisi via Mtshekta sightseeing.


5th Day Tbilisi city tour and return back.

georgia 2060

Tbilisi city aerial view – Tbilisi at Night. Georgia’s ancient and vibrant capital city spreads out on both banks of the Mtkvari River and is surrounded on three sides by mountains.

georgia 744

Gori caves – The historic fortress stands on a rocky hill in the center of Gori. The ruins on the northern slope and the archaeological findings indicate that there was a fortress here as far back as the I century BC. In historic manuscripts, the fortress is first mentioned in the XIII century as “Gori Prison.”

georgia 426

Borjomi – Famous for healing and natural sulfur baths.  Go for Rabati Castle tour from Borjomi.  

Kakheti(Signaghi)- Cradle of Wine. Georgia gave wine to the world. Here you will find nature wineries where wine is made in a natural way and surrounded by grapevines and farms with lots of beautiful lakes.

Staying in Georgia- Georgia Itinerary (5 to 10 days)

Many families offer homestay or guest houses for budget staying and enjoying the natural culture. Also many star and luxury hotels near Freedom Square and Narikala Fortress in Tbilisi.

International Airport – Tbilisi & Batumi


  • Georgian Lari/GEL. 
  • Many local tour operators accept USD here in Georgia. So better to carry USD with you and convert them into Georgian currency when you reach Tbilisi. 
  • Local restaurants and shopping accept Georgian Lari which you can convert at many places in Tbilisi. 

Shopping – For souvenirs and local items Near Narikala Fortress

For Urban shopping – Eastpoint Supermarket on the way to the Airport.

Taxis and private tour operators are the mode of transportation from one place to another. They are safe and reliable. Check the rates before you hire them. Rent a car is also another option.

Road journeys are more preferable in Georgia instead of trains to enjoy the local nature and culture while traveling.

Food Recommendations – Georgia Itinerary ( 5 to 10 days) 


Khachapuri, Lobiyani, Lobiyo with Red wine. Vegetarians also can relish Georgian food.

local cuisine of Georgia named as Lobiyani(kidney bean or red bean stuffed in Breads)

Lots of different varieties of fruits are available here.

NightLife in Georgia – Georgia Itineray ( 5 to 10 days) 

  • Sharden Street in Tbilisi for music, dance bars, and cafe with live music and dance.
  • Batumi city is famous for its vibrant nightlife on the banks of the Black Sea.

Georgia offers the following types of tourism: adventure tourism, cultural tourism, wine tourism, eco-tourism, cruise tourism, extreme tourism combined with cultural tourism, bird-watching tourism, mountain tourism, archaeological tourism, culinary tourism, ethnographical tourism, educational tourism. In all you can say that Georgia can be enjoyed by all types of tourists like Families, lone travelers, solo travelers, honeymooners, history lovers, nature lovers, thrill and adventure seekers, peace and nature lovers, spa and healing lovers, rich and budget people. I stayed at Art Boutique Hotel during my first visit to Georgia which has great Breakfast options and it is also a Boutique style hotel. Click here to book it

When you are leaving Georgia I bet all have moist eyes as if something is left behind or someone is waiting for you. I don’t know what it is, but there is some attraction in this which pulls you … maybe Georgia touches our soul.

There is so much to see, feel and love with Georgia that after coming back you feel something is missing – Let’s go again… Georgia will make you fall in love. The specialty of Georgia is, its culture, loving and friendly people, virgin and untouched nature, animals, healing properties of climate, food, budget-friendly and most simple not too complicated in any form(real freedom as if no one is watching you for your actions or formalities).

Bye for now… Keep asking questions and I can recommend many tour guides or hotels if you want and also can customize your itinerary as per your convenience.

I am always ready to answer your questions and can also help to plan your Georgia trip. 

PAMPER YOUR SOUL BY LIVING IN GEORGIA – As we all pamper ourselves physically, by going to spa or beauty salons, mentally by going to a library or learning new things but, we should do something to nurture our soul.  Because nurturing the soul is also equally important as for body and mind.

So leave your body and mind and come to Georgia to nurture and pamper your Soul.

Georgia has many unique things to offer in winter also. A completely new experience of Georgia in winters. Read my article of Georgia in winters.

So, till then KEEP TRAVELING……………… KEEP EXPLORING……………………………………………………

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    1. Thanks for taking to read it so carefully. Yes taxi or car is easiet way because you can cover up local culture and beauty as it can be stopped anywhere. Also bus takes you there but you cannot stop at your desired offbeat location like some thing in between sheeps or horses or on some mountain top. You will enjoy in car. I know some of the car drivers who can assist you in travelling enjoying local culture and food, homestays and other activites. They are inexpensive and Georgia is budget friendly country.

    2. Thanks for taking to read it so carefully. Yes taxi or car is easiet way because you can cover up local culture and beauty as it can be stopped anywhere. Also bus takes you there but you cannot stop at your desired offbeat location like some thing in between sheeps or horses or on some mountain top. You will enjoy in car. I know some of the car drivers who can assist you in travelling enjoying local culture and food, homestays and other activites. They are inexpensive and Georgia is budget friendly country.

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    Your post has great itineraries and plans.

    I can’t wait to get to Georgia again, so thanks for providing some plans and ideas for our next trip! We only got to do that quick tour of the region as I said, but next time I really want to sink my teeth into Georgia and immerse myself in the country. I love your positivity, so keep it up! Georgia is one hell of a place to be proud of :).

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