Luxury Hotel in Santorini – Pantelia Suites | Where to stay in Santorini

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Let’s read about the review on Luxury Hotel in Santorini – Pantelia Suites | Where to stay in Santorini – Greece. One of the best luxury hotels in Santorini Greece. 

Pantelia Suites in Santorini
View from Pantelia suite terrace

Review of Luxury Hotel in Santorini – Pantelia Suites | Where to stay in Santorini

We stayed in Pantelia Suites Santorini,  a combination of luxury and authentic Greek holiday homes.  In this article, I will review Pantelia Suites and why you should opt in for the stay when you go for a vacation in Santorini.


Location – Pantelia Suites – Santorini Hotels

These suites are located in the capital of Santorini island named Fira. It is very close to the island’s cathedral and at the center of Fira.

View – Pantelia Suites Santorini Greece

It is located on the side of Kaldera cliff with a volcano view and to the famous                     Santorini sunset view and Blue waters of Aegean Sea.IMG_5084


There are 6 luxury suites laid over 3 levels in a zigzag manner, like a traditional Greek house. All suites have a private balcony/terrace with sea views. It is painted in classic blue and white colors, purely authentic.



Our Room – Luxury Hotel in Santorini – Pantelia Suites | Where to stay in Santorini

We booked a suite room with 2 bedrooms hall and small kitchenette. It was pure luxury and royal treatment.  Rooms are spacious and traditionally arranged. There were 3 bathrooms inside the suite, so for a family of 4, this was bliss to get up and be ready fast.  The bathrooms had handmade olive soaps and other herbal/organic toiletries. 

We were offered a complimentary wine bottle and fruit.  Our room had a private terrace to view Santorini island with blue waters and volcanic hills.  This view is blissful, and living here is peaceful, tranquil, and serene. That is why Pantelia Suites in Santorini, Greece, make a perfect stay. 

Rooms and whole premises are decorated with traditional Greek ways to make you feel authentic. Even the furnishings are blue and white to match the theme of the whole island.

Afternoon tea on the top terrace


Evening sunset view from our terrace with a glass of wine… The most relaxing moment with full of romance and love.

There are 3 terrace sit-outs in Pantelia suites offering different beautiful views like a layer of a wedding cake. Every layer has a different flavor and view. So one can have tea on 1 layer, wine on another layer, and breakfast on the 3rd one.  As the property is spread in a zigzag way, the view changes from every angle of this property. So it is a retreat for a photographer. Many angles and many views.


As there is no restaurant in the hotel so breakfast is ordered from outside, but it is included in the suite rent. They will give you one form and you have to tick the breakfast list and next day in the morning the table is arranged for you either in your room or on your private terrace or any open sit-outs. But let them know about your preferences. TIP:- Give your preferences accordingly because it can’t be changed afterward. 

Architecture Beauty of Premises

Pros of Pantelia Suites – Luxury Hotel in Santorini – Pantelia Suites | Where to stay in Santorini

  • Most beautiful view of Santorini from this property.
  • Real Luxury
  • Spacious Room
  • Private Terrace with a view
  • Breakfast at your doorstep
  • Highly maintained and clean
  • Equipped with utensils, kitchenette, towels, bathrobes, and handmade soaps
  • Complimentary wine
  • Safe and located in the city center surrounded by many restaurants, shops 
  • Staff arranges Rent a Car option in affordable range on request.

Things to Improve on – Review of Pantelia Suites, Santorini Greece – Santorini Hotels

  • There is no 24-hour reception, so guests are alone at night.
  • There is no small cafe or restaurant on the property premises, so guests have to go out for drinks and meals every time.
  • No big reception area or Lobby for sitting out.
  • Breakfast sometimes served is not that hot because it is coming from outside.
  • To reach here, we need to climb up the hill, so they should provide some free pick up downstairs because climbing up with luggage or small children it is difficult.
  • No private parking facility so guests have to use public parking which is sometimes full. 

Booking – Luxury Hotel in Santorini – Pantelia Suites | Where to stay in Santorini

It should be done many months before as it is fully booked and most wanted. But check the deals going on it as sometimes they offer a very high price.


  • Free WI-FI
  • Breakfast in the room/terrace
  • Swimming Pool
  • Room Service(but not 24 hours)

How to Reach Santorini:-  Read my article on Glorious Greece.

  • By Air – Local airlines from Athens or nearby big cities 
  • By Cruise – Many cruises run from nearby islands, or Athens to reach Santorini

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Note – All expenses of staying in this hotel are taken by me.  This visit is my personal family visit.  

All photos are taken by me and use of photos without permission would result in legal action.

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  1. This looks absolutely stunning! What an incredible view! You could never get bored of waking up and seeing that.

  2. Wow! I am desperate to go to Santorini It looks absolutely amazing, and those skies are so blue! If you’re going to Santorini, a luxury hotel is the way to do it!! xx

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  9. Santorini is so much in my wish list! I wanted to go to Greece so bad but unfortunately the flight fares suddenly shot up and I missed it!! The volcano and sea view and the sunset together is just so stunning! But too bad the reception and food isn’t 24 hrs!

  10. Wow, what a dream! Its so beautiful and authentic. I will be in santorini in a few months time and I would love to stay here, will look up how much it is now. Thanks for the suggestion and glad you had a great stay!

  11. Wow. your accommodation looked really grand! I most especially loved how they did the breakfast where you can order from outside and just eat in the comforts of your room! But the views are amazing, I could stay here forever!

  12. I could forgive the hill and lack of 24hr reception for a view like that. This place looks incredible and I would LOVE to go to Santorini one day!

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  14. I thought this place to be tourist and crowded. From the pics it is clear that you got away with it. I believe the sunset from that spot is breathtaking.

  15. What a beautiful room with a view I particulalrly liked the idea of a private balcony and wine bottle. I guess the positives outweghs the negatives. 🙂 🙂

  16. Santorini has been on my list for long. I have been quite fascinated with the blue and white city with its minimalist architecture. I sure would love to head there sooner. And now that you have shared a nice place, one less thing to research on!

  17. Oh wow this is on my bucket list of places to visit. The photographs are always so stunning.

  18. Wow! what a place to visit. Even if the food is not being served during late hrs is ok but not having service at all is kind of disappointing. Thanks to author for such an honest and detailed review, highlighting all the positive and negative points both! The images are beautiful, really make me wanna go for vacations 🙂 As far as the deals are concerned, you may find this place at Airbnb.

  19. I’ve always wanted to go to Greece! Seeing photos of Pantelia Suites is definitely making me want to go visit! I love how the colour scheme matches the colours of the Greek flag- very on the nose!

  20. I like the color palette of Pantelia Suites. It is simple and beautiful. The view is breathtaking and relaxing. I like the photo where you had your breakfast. It must be so nice to have your dining experience there. I understand the negative points that you have mentioned. The hotel should try to make changes especially about climbing up the hill. The staff could offer to carry your pieces of luggage.

  21. Despite the downsides you pointed out in your post, I would still opt to stay at the Pantelia Suites. The photos you took just convinced me that this would be such a lovely experience. The room looks well laid out and spacious, the aspect, surrounds and the view are absolutely breath-taking. Just so good. Thank you for this post.

  22. When I hear the name Santorini, the first thing I think of is blue and white and this resort seems to have captured that perfectly. One of the benefits of a great resort is the location, and this one has the location with those views. I can just imagine myself right now on that balcony with a cup of coffee watching the sunrise.

  23. Santorini is such a beautiful place! We back behind the main road but went in for breakfast every day for views like this. It would be amazing to have them right outside your room! It sounds like this is a good option for somewhere to stay if you want to go out and eat.

  24. The blue and white are so symbolic of Greece! 🙂 Love the whitewashed buildings and the idyllic interiors. Your review is unbiased as you have mentioned the pros and cons both. The views are simply stunning! <3 Makes for an ideal, luxurious getaway 🙂

  25. Santorini is quite special in that it provides the luxe side of the island travelling experience. It looks like the Pantelia Suites is a nice place if you aren’t fussed about easting on property or parking your scooter around the corner. Greece has long been one of my favorite holiday destinations. – makes me want to go back.

  26. the Pantelia Suites sounds like an amazing accommodation on beautiful Santorini! This lovely Greek island has been on my bucketlist for quite a while, and I hope I get to go there soon. I’d be fine with no on-site restaurant/cafe, but no 24 hour reception service could be a bit inconvenient if something happens. Breakfast right on my doorstep sounds great, though 🙂

  27. I always want to visit Fira as I have heard it is one of the most beautiful places in Santorini, and your writing and the pictures just prove that. The sunset view of Santorini and Blue waters of Agean Sea is absolutely gorgeous. The room looks so clean and the combination of white and blue color reflects the color of the Greece. I love how the room has three bathrooms so you don’t have to rush in the mornings. No 24 hours reception service can be inconvenient but everything else looks so nice and neat.

  28. Oh my gosh. You have just grown my love and adoration for Santorini even more! I haven’t been lucky enough to visit yet, but the more I read about this incredible place, and see so many beautiful photos, I wish I was there! It sounds like you had an amazing time! And anywhere that has complimentary wine is a big thumbs up in my books! haha 😀 Great post!

  29. It looks like a nice place to stay. I think the positive points certainly outweighs the first world problem ‘negatives’ that you have listed. Especially with three bathrooms!

  30. Three bathrooms!?! This is definitely luxurious and perfect for a family of four (especially those with potty-training kiddos or primping teens.) We visited Santorini briefly on a cruise, but would love to actually stay there to explore in the morning and evening. We found most of the Greek isles were a bit strenuous to climb up and down, so I think that just may be par for the course. I actually feel so relaxed just looking at your photos. This is a place I’d love to stay with my family!

  31. That looks like a very nice little villa- great holiday accommodation. I love getting a small apartment, or at least a room with bathroom, balcony and perhaps a small kitchen, as it makes everything feel a lot more comfortable and cozy.

  32. I love the look of your apartment and the fact that you had a private terrace with such a wonderful view is amazing! The complimentary bottle of wine and fresh fruits are definitely a plus. The white and blue decor fits so well with the entire island, I bet you felt like a VIP there. Just having a glass of wine on the terrace, at sunset, looks so dreamy!

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