Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe

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Let’s go for a beautiful virtual tour of the Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit the Most Romantic Places in Europe. Europe is blessed with splendid mountains, valleys, exotic beaches, historical cities, fantastic countryside landscapes, cultural spots and, therefore, a perfect summer destination with beautiful weather and blooming nature.

Best Luxury Beach Destinations in Europe - best honeymoon places in Europe.

There are so many places in Europe that it becomes very confusing which one to select, and the list becomes endless. To select from amazing landscapes for a beautiful vacation in Europe during summer, I have compiled a list of the most beautiful and romantic places in Europe.  Many of these places are also considered the best honeymoon places in Europe.

Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe

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Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe

Let’s take a virtual tour of famous European Destinations with some best places in Europe to visit. These places can in your list of best honeymoon places in Europe. And if visiting Europe, then staying in boutique hotels is also a great way to explore Europe in summer. Check some best boutique hotels in Europe. Also, check also essential things to do before planning a European holiday this year. Most of these destinations are the best places to travel in Europe with kids too.

  Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in EuropeRomantic Santorini


Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe

A Greek Island located on the Aegean sea, famous for its wonderful exotic beaches and beach parties all over the world. Not only beaches of this island are well-known, but also its unique labyrinth of streets with white houses and blue doors and also its iconic 16th-century windmills. Mykonos is one of the best Greek islands to visit and is worth doing in Europe.

Mykonos is for

  • Beach(Nature) Lovers
  • Sunset Lovers
  • Party & Nightlife Lovers
  • Peaceful & Relaxed Holiday Lovers
  • Luxury Travelers

Mykonos can be reached by

Ferry or Domestic Flights. Nearest International Airport – Athens. 

Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe

What to do in Mykonos

Little Venice, Matoyianni Street, Mykonos Windmills, Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach, Psarou Beach, Kalafatis beach, Ornus Beach, and many more. Beach clubs, street tours, shopping, and beach parties.

Where to Stay in Mykonos

Guided Tours in Mykonos


Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe

An upscale resort town with beauty famous for its magical landscape is located in northern Italy, bordering Switzerland on another side. This lake is Italy’s most glamorous and beautiful lake. Lake Como is one of the best Italy honeymoon destinations and a favorite spot amongst love birds. Now you know why Lake Como is the most romantic places in Europe.

Lake Como is for

  • Luxury Travelers
  • Relaxed & resort Lovers
  • Mountain & Lake (Nature Lovers)

Lake Como can be reached by

Train or Road. Nearest International Airport – Milan.

Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe

What to do in Lake Como

Bellagio, Como, Menaggio, Varenna, Boat tours. 

Where to Stay in Lake Como

Click here to check my stay in Lake Como.

Guided Tours in Lake Como




Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Strasbourg city center

A 2000-year-old cultural city located in the Grand Est region of France is famous for many unique things like half-timbered houses, rivers, cathedrals and beautiful Alsacian culture. In this city, you can witness some of the best architectural works representing the Medieval, Art Nouveau, Renaissance, and Medival eras. As it is a few kilometers away from Germany, this city has the confluence of French and German cultures.

Strasbourg is for

  • Architecture Lovers
  • History & Culture Lovers
  • Countryside Lovers
  • Artworks & Heritage Lovers

Strasbourg can be reached by

Train or Road. Nearest International Airport – Paris.

What to do in Strasbourg

Cathedral Notre Dame De Strasbourg, Place Kleber, Musee Alsacein, Centre Villa de Strasbourg, Palais Rohan, Boat Tour, Quarter Krutenau. 

Where to Stay in Strasbourg

I stayed in Novotel Strasbourg Centre Halles near the river with a picturesque view.

Guided Tours in Strasbourg

If you are staying in Strasbourg, you can book some interesting day trips from Strasbourg like Black Forest Tour or purchase Strasbourg Pass which covers some of the boat rides, museums, and other attractions.


Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Salzburg Skyline

The musical city of Europe, the birthplace of Mozart, is located in Austria, bordering Germany.  This city is famous for its baroque-style buildings, pedestrian type of Old city, hilltop fort/castle, and beautiful river. Mozart belonging to this place made this city a musical city and also due to the famous Hollywood film “The Sound of Music” which was shot here. 

Salzburg is for

  • Architecture & History Lovers
  • Music Lovers
  • Countryside lovers
  • Artistic Shopping Lovers

Salzburg can be reached by

Train or Road. Nearest International Airport – Vienna.

What to do in Salzburg

Salzburg Fortress, Getrediegasse, Mozart’s Birthplace, Residenz Square, Hellbrunn Palace, Alstadat (Old Town), Mirabelle Gardens and Palace, Salzburg Countryside tours to nearby villages, Gaisberg Mountain tour, Chapter Square and many more.

Where to Stay in Salzburg

I stayed in Radisson Blu Hotel Altstadt, a historic building in the central location of Old Town and a few steps away from major tourist attractions. Check here to book this perfect stay in Salzburg.

Guided Tours in Salzburg


Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Exotic Beaches of Malaga

A place that receives 300 days of sunshine all year round is a port city in southern Spain’s Costa del Sol. You can witness the perfect confluence of modern buildings, renaissance & artistic buildings with exotic beaches. Also, it is one of the world’s oldest cities, and as it is blessed with a beautiful Mediterranean climate, Malaga is a perfect beach destination in Europe. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain for weekend getaways. 

Malaga is for

  • Beach & Sunshine Lovers (Nature lovers)
  • Art Lovers (Pablo Picasso was born here)
  • Food Lovers
  • Culture Lovers

Malaga can be reached by

Train, Road and also it has an International Airport.

Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Malaga city tour

What to do in Malaga

Beaches in Torremolinos, Malaga city center beaches, Alcazaba de Malaga, Cathedral of Incarnation, Mtjana Square, Parks of Malaga, Museum of Pablo Picasso, Cafe tour, Houses and street tours of Malaga. 

Where to Stay in Malaga

 I stayed at Petit Palace Plaza and click here to check this stay at city center. 

Guided Tours in Malaga


Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Historic Prague

Prague – the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic is also famous as the City of Hundred Spires.  Prague’s architecture is influenced by many favorite styles like Gothic, Renaissance era, Baroque, Rococo and Romanesque. Prague’s beer, jazz style of music, and historical streets are world-famous. This romantic and rustic city will indeed enchant you.

Prague is for

  • History & Culture Lovers
  • Architecture & Heritage Lovers
  • Foodies, especially Beer.
  • Night Life lovers
  • Vibrant & Cheerful City Life Lovers

Prague can be reached by

Being a capital city, it has well developed International Airport. Also, it can be reached through trains or roadways.

What to do in Prague

Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Prague Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, Funicular rail to the top of the castle, Powder Tower, St. Vitus Cathedral, Bridges of Prague, Havel Market, and many more historic buildings and street markets. 

Where to Stay in Prague

I stayed in Grand Majestic Plaza, 500 m away from the Powder room and in the heart of historical Prague. Click here to book your stay at Grand Majestic Plaza in Prague. You can also check other types of stays in Prague.




Guided Tours in Prague


Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Venice Canals Tour

The city built on water is often known as “The Floating City” and is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Located in northeastern Italy and built on more than 100 islands across the Adriatic Sea has a unique crisscross of lagoons throughout the city. Here in this city, there are no roadways, but you can sail through waterways. Not only are its outstanding canals famous, but the colorful architecture beside them makes it one of the most unique places in the world.

Apart from Venice, you can read about some of the most beautiful villages in Italy, which are worth visiting.

Venice is for

  • Culture and Heritage Lovers
  • Colorful Architecture Lovers
  • Foodies
  • Art & Carnival Lovers

Venice can be reached by

Train, Road, Cruise. Venice has an International airport which is located 13km away. Venice has its own International Airport – MarcoPolo Airport from where you can take a public bus to reach the Grand Canal.  Or you can book your shared water taxi from Marco Polo to your hotel in Venice, by clicking here. 

What to do in Venice

Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, St. Mark’s Square, and many nearby islands. 

Where to Stay in Venice

Guided Tours in Venice


Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Sunset in Santorini

Santorini is one of the most famous, magical, romantic and charming Greek islands of the world.  A Cycladic island located in the Aegean Sea at about 200 km southeast of mainland Greece.  An active volcanic island is a caldera with a rugged landscape formed due to a volcanic eruption in the 16th century.  The last recorded volcano erupted was in 1950.  White-washed, irregular cuboid houses with multicolored cliffs, blue-domed churches, turquoise-colored clear waters, dramatic sunset skies, and colorful natural beaches make Santorini a more mysterious and charming place.

Santorini is for

  • Sunset Lovers
  • Beach & Nature lovers
  • Culture lovers
  • Luxury travelers
  • Peaceful & Relaxed Travelers
  • Shopping of locally handmade products

Santorini can be reached by

Ferry & Domestic Flights. Nearest International Airport – is Athens. Click here to book your Santorini Tour from Athens with Ferries and Overnight stay. As staying in Santorini is expensive, so you can also book your stay at nearby islands. Click here to book your trip to Santorini from Naxos or book your trip to Santorini from Crete

Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Unique Houses in Santorini

What to do in Santorini

Red Beach, Black Beach, Sunset at Oia town, Pyrgos village, wine tour, visit volcanic rocks and hot springs, stay in cave style hotels, Local Greek food in Local taverns, Viewpoints, Strolling across zig-zag rugged towns of Santorini. 

Where to Stay in Santorini

Guided Tours in Santorini


Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe

Seville is a flamboyant, cultural, and historic city of Southern Spain’s Andalusia region.   A trip to Spain is incomplete without a trip to Seville because of its rich cultural and historical value in Spain’s Andalusia region. It is believed that this cultural city of Spain was founded by the Greek god Hercules about 3000 years back.  This city is famous for flamenco dance and has a rich Moorish heritage.

Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Famous Flamenco dance from

Seville is for

  • Culture and History lovers
  • Art and Flamenco Dance Lovers
  • Foodies
  • Local Traditions and Heritage lovers
  • Rustic & Quaint Town lovers.

Seville can be reached by

It can be reached by trains and roads. Nearest International Airport – Barcelona or Madrid.

What to do in Seville

Alcazar of Seville, Plaza de Espana, Seville Cathedral, Giralda, Street tour, Flamenco Dance show, Appreciate famous pottery of Seville.  Flora/Fauna, Live in a traditional Spanish Villa and splurge on delicious Spanish food- A city of Flamenco dance and many great Spanish architectures.

Where to Stay in Seville

Click here to know about my Seville stay.

Guided Tours in Seville

Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Famous Spanish pottery and Tiles work of Seville


A cute fairy-tale town surrounded by stunning Alps, meadows, and glaciers, it is a small valley between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. This mountainous resort town in central Switzerland is picturesque and surrounded by many beautiful tourist resorts. It is blessed with beautiful nature, and you can experience beautiful Swiss culture and traditions here.

Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe

Interlaken is for

  • Mountains (Nature) Lovers
  • Ski and Hiking Lovers
  • Relaxed & resort stay lovers
  • Cultural Travelers

Interlaken can be reached by

Road or Train. Nearest International Airport – Zurich.

What to do in Interlaken

Jungrau, Lake Thun, Lake Brienz, Countryside tour, Alpine wildlife park, Old town, Harder Kulum, Schilthorn, and many more places. 

Where to Stay in Interlaken

I stayed in Hotel Du Nord and click here to book your stay. 

Guided Tours in Interlaken


Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Historic Munich City Tour

The magnificent Alps, fairytale towns, emerald lakes, snow-clad peaks, and lovely rivers make Bavaria a world-famous holiday destination.  Bavaria is located in the heart of Europe in the Southeastern part of Germany, bordering Austria, the Czech Republic, and Liechtenstein. The third-largest cultural city of Munich is the capital of the Bavaria region of Germany. 

This green city is a perfect amalgamation of medieval architecture, seasonal festivals, beautiful churches, museums, colorful markets, world-class sports arenas, wide-spread gardens, arts and culture centers, and science and technology museums.

Munich & Bavarian Alps for

  • Mountain (nature) Lovers
  • City Lovers
  • History & Architecture lovers
  • Countryside lovers
  • Beer Lovers
  • Science & Technology Lovers
  • Museum-lovers
  • Skiing & Hiking Adventure Lovers

Munich can be reached by

Munich has the famous International Airport. Also, it can be reached by train and road.

Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Bavarian Alps Tour from Munich

What to do in Munich & Bavarian Alps

Marienplatz, New Town Hall, Karlstor, Old Town hall, Siegestor, Nymphenburg Palace, BMW Museum, Science & Technology Museum, and Olympics Stadium. And in Bavarian Alps, explore the towns of Garmisch, the highest peak of Germany – Zugspitze, Neuschwanstein Castle, Fussen, and many more countryside towns along the romantic road from Munich. 

Where to Stay in Munich & Bavarian Alps

Near Munich Central Station – Click here to know about my stay in Munich

Guided Tours in Munich & Bavarian Alps


Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Lviv Historic Town Tour

Lviv – a multi-cultural city of western Ukraine, was one of the major cities on two trade routes in medieval Europe.  Lviv influenced many powers from time to time, from Hungarian rule to Austrian rule to Tsar’s Russia to Polish rule to USSR rule to Nazi Germany, again to USSR, and now a part of independent Ukraine therefore, you can see the confluence of many cultures here in architectural and food styles.

This beautiful cultural city of Lviv lies on the foothills of the Carpathian mountains and is located in western Ukraine at a distance of 70km from Poland has charming city squares, surrounded by bright colored Baroque styled buildings, cobblestoned streets, 60 museums, 100 cathedrals/churches, and numerous unique restaurants/bars. 

Lviv Is for

  • Cultural & Heritage Lovers
  • Foodies (especially chocolate & coffee lovers)
  • Nature lovers for nearby Carpathian mountains.
  • Quaint & Rustic Town
Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Lviv Food Tour

Lviv can be reached by

It can be reached by train and road. Nearest International Airport – Kyiv, Kiev

Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Carpathian Mountain trip from Lviv

What to do in Lviv

Ryonk Square, Lviv Opera House, Virmenska Street, Potocki Palace, Lviv Town Hall, Lviv Arsenal, High Castle Park, The Dominican Church, Bernardine Church, Lviv Chocolate Manufacturing Unit, Lviv Coffee making unit, Old tram rides. 

Where to Stay in Lviv

Stay near the Historic center, Opera house or Old town as the whole city is walkable. I stayed at Hotel Atlas Deluxe, a few minutes away from Opera house.  There are numerous hotels and hostels in Lviv.

Guided Tours in Lviv

Click here to book the full day nature trip from Lviv. 

KAZBEGI, GEORGIA | Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe

Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe

Kazbegi, a small mountain town that is not a very famous tourist place and lies to the north of Georgia and very close to Russia’s border, is one of the most beautiful offbeat tourist destinations in Europe.  Surrounded by a snow-capped Caucasus mountain range, this ethereal place will captivate your mind and soul. The natural beauty of Kazbegi makes you breathe the fresh mountain air, begin a new journey, run along with grazing animals, drink water from flowing streams, and just feel the purity of the place.

Kazbegi Is For

  • Mountain (Nature) Lovers
  • Laidback & Relaxed travelers
  • Offbeat destinations explorers

Kazbegi can be reached by

Road only. Nearest International Airport – Tbilisi

Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Road to Kazbegi from Tbilisi

What to do in Kazbegi

Gergeti Trinity Church, Gveteli Waterfalls, Hiking across Caucasus Mountain ranges. 

Where to Stay in Kazbegi

Click below to check the price and type of your Hotel stay in Kazbegi

Luxury Stay Options – Rooms Hotel Kazbegi. – I stayed here
Alpine Lounge Kazbegi.
Mount Inn Kazbegi.

Mid range Options – Stancia Kazbegi.
Green Sheep.
Kazbegi Cottages.

Budget Friendly Options – Keti Ciklauri Guest House.
Hotel NOA Kazbegi.
Ketino’s Home.

Guided Tours in Kazbegi

Click here to learn about day trips option from Tbilisi  full day tour to Kazbegi, Gergeti and Ananuri mountains, and Mtskheta, Ananuri, Gudauri and Kazbegi Tour from Tbilisi

PARIS, FRANCE – Most Romantic Places in Europe

The most glamorous, famous, and romantic city in Europe. Not only is its history or culture rich, but it also has a beautiful modern life. It has beautiful architectural wonders, artworks, music, fashion, and delicious food, and is the most famous tourist city in the world. Paris is one of the most beautiful places in Europe to travel. 

Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe

Paris is for

  • Architectural & History Lovers
  • Artwork & Music Lovers
  • Vibrant and cheerful city life lovers
  • Fashion & Shopping Lovers
  • Nightlife Lovers
  • Culture & Heritage Travelers
  • Foodies

Paris can be reached by

Paris has well developed and well connected International Airport. It can also be reached by road and train from most of the places in Europe.

What to do in Paris

Louvre Museum, Montparnasse Tower, Palace of Versailles, Notre dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, Wax museums, Picasso Museums, Eiffel Tower, Disneyland Paris, and Famous Cabaret shows. 

Where to Stay in Paris

Guided Tours in Paris

When to visit – Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe

Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Colorful buildings in Lviv
  • If you want to enjoy green nature with blooming flowers and trees, select your travel dates from 1st April onward to the End of September.  Europe is big and therefore 2 to 3-week itinerary sounds good here, and you can always plan your 2 weeks Europe itinerary with kids in summer.
  • Read about helpful tips for traveling to Europe in summer.
  • September to October is a shoulder season; you can experience showers while traveling and little sunshine.
  • November to February are very cold, and you can witness snowfall. So if you love snow and winter sports, this is the best time. There are some of the best winter destinations in Europe which are really worth visiting. 
  • March is also a shoulder season when you can experience the mix of winter and summer. Spring starts from March onward but not on its full bloom. 
Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Santorini’s famous blue doors and white houses

Tips for Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe

  • All the places are very well connected by trains or roads. Trains in Europe are very well maintained, well connected, and run on time. Advanced train tickets or train passes can be purchased before travel dates.
  • Europe experiences peak tourist season in summer, so many hotels and tours can be costly. So it is better to book your stays and tours well in advance.
  • Days are very long with a great number of sunshine hours, so you can enjoy your day to the fullest.
  • Due to global warming and environmental change, from the last couple of years, Europe is now experiencing lots of heatwaves or becomes very hot in summer. So be prepared for it. Carry enough sunscreen, umbrellas, hats, and goggles. Try to avoid traveling in peak afternoon timings.
  • Though Europe is hilly and its location, it can also experience cold summer weather. So better to carry a light sweater or hoodie during summer as evenings can be slightly colder.
  • There can be language problems in non-English speaking countries; therefore, Google translator will be very helpful to you.
  • Mostly Europe has vibrant city centers, and all tourist attractions lie there only, so select your stay nearby or in the city center to enjoy to the fullest.
  • Many cities have well developed & well maintained public transport except for some Greek islands; therefore, for internal commuting, you can use them to save money and also a great chance to mingle with locals.
  • Every city has some cultural music or dance in Europe which can be enjoyed or witnessed by booking special shows with dinner. Experience local culture by booking authentic dance or music from that region.
Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe
Spanish Villa stay

I hoped you loved reading Most Beautiful Places In Europe To Visit In Summer – Visit Most Romantic Places in Europe and would soon plan your trip to Europe. I would keep adding new places to this list with most of my upcoming travels.

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Best places in Europe to visit in summer

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  1. I absolutely love these places and I agree that they are the most beautiful places to visit in Europe. I’m currently working through a list and it seems that the only places I haven’t been are Kazbegi, Georgia and Lviv in Ukraine.

  2. What a thoughtful and wonderful round-up of places to visit in Europe! I am yet to explore the continent in full, so this post definitely serves as a ready reckoner for me. Love that blue tiled steps photograph and I remember reading your post on Interlaken.Hope to visit all sometime soon in the future!

    1. You would love those tiled steps and walls in southern Spain’s Seville. Interlaken is too very charming.

  3. Great list! I definitely consider Greece to be on top for having so many romantic places. I just want to travel there over and over again. Paris is also beautiful. I have been wanting to visit Lviv ever since my husband was there on a work trip last year. He really loved it. Nice to see that it made on your list too.

    1. Though Lviv is not known to many, but I loved it and it is equally worth visiting like other famous European destination.

  4. So many wonderful places top choose from. I’ve heard great things about Mykonos but mainly that it’s a party place and is getting expensive. Lake Como is a beautiful and calm destination, I can recommend this. I’d love to visit Salzburg for the culture and history. I went to Venice as a kid, it would be fab to see it now to appreciate the architecture.

    1. For Mykonos, you can visit in shoulder season then it is very great and also you can enjoy natural beauty with less crowd and more affordable rates too.

  5. I like your list. It is ideal for a romantic weekend trip. My favorite cities from your list are Seville, Malaga, Kazbegi, and Lake Como. On my bucket list still are Santorini and Mykonos. I haven’t been to Switzerland yet, and it seems worth visit. I will gladly follow your tips about what to do there.

  6. When you think of the most romantic places in Europe to visit you always think of Paris, but some of the other places I want to visit have to be Santorini and Mykonos, as both those islands look stunning. Georgia is a country I really want to see if I can visit this year and maybe seville which has been on my list for a while. Such beautiful places I want to go and share with my other half.

  7. This post makes me want to start planning our next European vacation sooner rather than later. Have visited several of the places you’ve listed and I’d love to return there for exploring them some more. We weren’t able to visit Lake Como or Strasbourg and so those are definitely high on my bucket list. Seeing the Kelipé Flamenco Show while visiting Malaga sounds like the perfect cultural experience.

    1. Amazing list of romantic places to visit in Europe in summer. I’ve only been to Venice and Prague so far, I think Salzburg and Mykonos are next on my list!

  8. I so wish I had this list with me when i was planning my Euro Trip in the summers from UK last year. Have been to some of the places that you have included in the list, but need to tick off the rest. I personally would love to head to Georgia first. Its so green, rustic and not over-touristy, unlike popular cities like Paris, Venice, Prague etc. Really enjoyed going through this list Yukti.

    1. I am sure that you would love Georgia if you love wild and rustic nature with friendly locals. Thanks for finding this post enjoyable.

  9. Europe surely has some of the most beautiful and romantic places in the globe. I am yet to visit that part of the world, but whenever I do so, I wish to visit at least some of these places on your list. I love the mountains, so perhaps I will definitely choose Bavarian Alps. Kazbegi also looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing these beautiful places and also information about these places.

  10. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Europe. I have been to a few on your list, but have many more to visit. I agree that Salzburg was one of the most beautiful cities in Europe I have visited. I’m glad you included Kazbegi, a lesser known city in Georgia. It looks like it would be a great place to do some outdoor activities and enjoy the scenery.

  11. I would be happy visiting any of these places. Aside from France, Greece, Italy, and Spain are my top 3. Your photos are also beautiful!

  12. Wow!! And now I wanna just pack up and explore Europe for the rest of the year!! So many amazing places, it’s hard to even choose a favorite, though I think I would start in Prague.

  13. I have been to most of the places you mentioned. I have been to Venice three times, and I love it so much. I walked in the labyrinths of wall and canals, passed many bridges, and got lost. I agree with you that this city is one of the romantic places to visit. I’ve never been to Kazbegi nor anywhere in Georgia. It has beautiful natures from your pictures. I’ll put Georgia on my top list of places to visit. Thank you for sharing this list.

    1. You would love Georgia as it has virgin nature which is still not spoiled by development or tourists. Thanks for reading

  14. Wow! So many places to visit. I’ve been to Europe a few times, but never to these cities. Now I have some places to add to my list. Greece and Prague are already on the list, but these places are so beautiful. The tile work is Seville is amazing! Georgia sounds amazing.

  15. Europe has so many fairytale towns and cities that I absolutely love visiting in the summer. Prague & Santorini would be my top picks from this list but then there are some places which I haven’t been to such as Lake Como and Strasbourg in France which look so magical too, I’d love to visit someday. Need to make it to Lviv also some day. There’s so much left to see, I realise, after reading your post!

    1. Yes Medha, Europe has so many places, and I feel, that we can’t cover all the places as every place is unique there.

  16. Great post for someone who is planning to visit Europe for the first or second time. Very informative too. However, I would stay clear of these places in summers because thanks to their uber popularity they get super crowded in summer and you don’t get to enjoy them as you did say 10-15 years back. But visiting them in offseason is a great idea. Less tourists and cheaper.

    1. I too agree with you Archana, but if you select some offbeat or non touristic places that too in summer then you will get both advantages – seeing Europe in summer and also at good rates.

  17. I’d like to visit every one of these places this summer please. I had my honeymoon in Paris and I agree it’s definitely a romantic destination! I was not at all familiar with Kazbegi before reading this and it looks like a beautiful place!

  18. My family and I love traveling to Europe during the warm summer months! This is such a great comprehensive list of places to visit. My favorite is Greece – the beaches are incredible!

  19. What a great resource Yukti, thanks for the comprehensive list. So many beautiful places to add to my Europe list. I love that you give options for different budgets, very helpful!

  20. I have been to most places that you have listed on your list of the most beautiful places in Europe and I think that you have compiled a great list. I also appreciate you highlighting great hotels for every price range and tours that are great. Thanks for all the great options and for the lovely photos.

  21. What a lovely list. I can add so many other places to your list though for Summer 🙂 Never thought Ukraine and Romania to be summer destinations. Mykonos & Santorini are so high on our list. We are planning to visit Greece this summer.

  22. Living in London and having travelled a fair bit in Europe I could agree more that Europe is absolutely stunning in summer and the best time to visit. There are so many cities that absolute transform depending on the month you visit it but the summer brings out the best. Mykonos to start with is one of my favourite. you wouldn’t want to visit it in the winter for sure. Paris again has its winter charm but summer is the best time when you can walk around enjoy the architecture and sun. Thanks for sharing some of the best cities for summer visit in Europe.

  23. Such an impressive post about Europe in the summer! I’ve visited Paris, Malaga, Seville and Prague on this list, and loved the experience. I’ve been dreaming of visiting Greece, especially Mykonos and Santorini. These cities are so charming and summer is a great time to travel to.

  24. Great list!! I am really impressed by the list of yours. Although I wouldn’t want to travel to touristy places like paris and Greece anymore but they do have their own charms and people who haven’t visited them should visit them once in their life. I would surely love to add some of the recommendations you have mentioned.

    1. If you read full post, I have added some unique places like Lviv or Kazbegi for people like you those who don’t want touristy places. So this list is full of unique and popular places too.

  25. I have been dreaming of Greeces cliff side Villages for so long, especially Mykonos blue and white. I really need to book it. I was so close to Strasbourg once and did not stop, huge travel regret. I need a redo to wander the old town. I fell in love with Salzburg, it was great to see it on your list!

  26. As a European, I’m happy to report that I’ve visited many of these places, and some in summer. I haven’t yet however been to Strasbourg or Lyiv. I really like the sound of visiting the Carpathian Mountains, and exploring the city centre. It’s going to the top of my European summer list!

  27. These are some great places to visit in Europe especially for the ones that have bitten by the love bug. All of them are just so pretty. I have visited some of these places. Lake Como is one of my favorites. And of course, Paris is such an eternal city. Really looking forward to doing some Spanish villa stays.

  28. All these destinations sounds wonderful. I’ve never been to Europe but hopefully, I’ll have the chance to visit there someday. Lake Como, Mykonos, Santorini and Sevile are the places that I would want to visit if I get the opportunity to travel to Europe

  29. Georgia is so green I had no idea! I would love to see the medieval architecture of Strasbourg, France as well. I have been to Santorini and it is lovely so I will have to put Mykonos on my list too. So many new places to visit on my next trip to Europe!

  30. WOW. Serious wanderlust from this post! I think Seville is the most astounding place I’ve ever been to in my life. It’s totally what one pictures when they think of classic Spain. I’ve having a really difficult time deciding which place to visit in Europe with my husband this summer, but this has given me so many great ideas. I love the idea of visiting the Bavarian Alps and Munich. It wouldn’t have been something I thought of on my own as “romantic” but now it’s on the list. Thanks so much!

  31. This is timely as we’re planning to visit Europe this summer for our second honeymoon. I just wish all these Ncov issues will be over so, that there would be no more worries whenever we travel.

    These places are really beautiful. We’re planning to go to Prague and will check out the hotels you mentioned.

  32. Great list of countries! My favorite is Lake Como in Italy. Unforgettable experience exploring the lake and enjoying small towns. Santorini in Greece is very nice if it wasn’t so overcrowded in peak season.

    1. I too agree with you Maria, but if you plan Santorini in April then it is not over crowded. I did that time and it was very less crowded and affordable too.

  33. Wow! That’s a long list of extremely beautiful places of Europe. I have not been to many of the places that you have listed, especially Mykonos. I find it to be the most beautiful and cost-effective place compared to other places and I always find the white buildings to be so photographic. I have been to few places in Spain that you have listed and I am already in love with them. In the following years, I will try to visit the rest of your listed places.

  34. What a great selection of places to visit in the summer. Many of these we have visited. But many we would definitely return to. Mykonos, Santorini and the Greek Islands are definitely on my list for summer travel. The only downside is the crowds. I do like the idea of Switzerland and Austria in the summer. They may be a bit cooler. And maybe a stop a Lake Como on the way. I think we would want to visit many of the places in early season (May) or late (September) to avoid some crowds. Good tips to wrap up.

    1. Thanks for liking this post, and yes to avoid crowds in Europe, you should visit in late April, early May and late September.

  35. This is such a list of gems and some of the most incredible places on earth, in my mind. There are several that remain very high on my bucket list…Strasbourg, France; Seville, Spain; Lake Como, Italy; Mykonos, Greece. It’s so hard to choose favorites! I especially appreciate your insights and recommendations for tours and where to stay, too. I have bookmarked this post and no doubt will refer to it again many times. Thank you!

    1. While I have been to some if these places in your list what us if great interest to me is all the information on and the other posts too on Mykonos and Santorini which we would be visiting in the summer. Saw your post just at the right time and would help a lot for my planning.

    2. Europe is a dream deatidestin all year round. But summertime makes it all so dreamy. I absolutely love Greece. Was glad to see you included Santorini and Mykonos in the list. The Salzburg and Interlaken are another favourite.

  36. Europe has so many places which are simply stunning and this is just scratching it. I have been to most of the places on this list (I really want to get to Georgia) but I have been to Venice twice and I just think its out of place on this list. Maybe because its over tourist, cruise ships going in and too expensive which overlooks the man-made wonders here. I love anywhere which is mountains and has Alpine villages. As a hiker, I always go for the outdoors first than the cities.

    1. I too love mountains and therefore prefer Alps. But for Venice, next time you visit during shoulder season as sometimes it has peak tourist season. May be you can like at that timings. When I went to Venice, there was nobody and only local people, so enjoyed a lot.

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