Best Paris Itinerary 3 Days With Disneyland – 3 Days In Paris

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This article on 3 Days in Paris itinerary (Paris itinerary 3 days with Disneyland) with a visit to Disneyland provides the perfect combination of immersing yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Paris, exploring its iconic landmarks, and then adding a touch of enchantment and fun at one of the world’s most beloved amusement parks, offering a unique and magical experience for all ages amid your Parisian adventure. 

Paris Itinerary 3 Days With Disneyland - 3 days in Paris itinerary

Paris Itinerary 3 Days With Disneyland (Paris Itinerary For 3 Days)

Here’s a detailed itinerary for Paris in 3 days itinerary that includes a visit to Disneyland:

Day 1 of  Paris Itinerary 3 Days- Explore Landmarks and Culture


  • Start your day early with a visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower. Arriving early will help you beat the crowds. Consider going up the tower for a panoramic view of the city.
  • Afterward, stroll through the Champ de Mars park, enjoying the view and taking photos. 

Paris itinerary 3 days with Disneyland - paris in 3 days itinerary


  • Take a short walk or a quick metro ride to the Seine River and take a boat tour. Several companies offer river cruises that showcase the beautiful landmarks of Paris.



  • Visit the Louvre Museum, home to thousands of works of art, including the famous Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo.
  • Spend a few hours exploring the museum’s vast collection. Remember to see the Louvre’s iconic glass pyramid.

Paris itinerary 3 days with disneyland


  • Walk towards the Tuileries Garden near the Louvre and stroll through the park.
  • Head to the Champs-Élysées for some shopping or to absorb the Parisian vibe.
  • Enjoy dinner at one of the cozy restaurants in the area.

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Day 2: Disneyland Paris


  • Travel to Disneyland Paris. The RER A train from central Paris takes you directly to Disneyland in about 40 minutes.
  • Explore Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios Park. Be sure to experience iconic rides and attractions, catch entertaining shows, and meet beloved Disney characters.

Paris Itinerary 3 Days With Disneyland 3 days in Paris itinerary Paris in 3 days itinerary - Paris itinerary for 3 days


  • There are various dining options inside the parks, ranging from quick bites to sit-down restaurants, offering diverse cuisines.


  • Continue enjoying the magical world of Disneyland, trying out your favorite rides and shows.


  • Experience the Disney Illuminations show, a breathtaking night-time spectacular with fireworks, lights, and music just before the park’s closing.

How to reach Disneyland from Paris?

  • Train – From Paris, the quickest and easiest way to reach Disneyland Paris(station name – Marne-la-Vallée — Chessy) is to hop on the RER A train, taking approximately 35 minutes from Nation Station. The ticket costs about 5 Euros.
  • Taxi (Uber) – It’ll cost from 70 to 100 Euros, one-way, and the time to reach depends on the Paris city traffic.

Day 3: Paris – History and Montmartre

Paris Itinerary 3 Days With Disneyland - 3 days in Paris itinerary


  • Visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral (or its surroundings since it might be under reconstruction) and walk around the charming Île de la Cité.


  • Explore the charming neighborhood of Montmartre. Visit the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, offering stunning views of the city.
  • Wander through the streets of Montmartre, famous for its art, history, and bohemian atmosphere.


  • Enjoy lunch in one of the cozy cafés in Montmartre, savoring classic French dishes.


  • Head to the Musée d’Orsay, known for its collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masterpieces.


  • Enjoy a delightful dinner in one of the local restaurants in Montmartre, or head back to the city center for a different dining experience. Or you can add famous cabaret shows like Moulin Rouge or Lido on your third day of your Paris itinerary 3 days. 

Paris Itinerary 3 Days With Disneyland 3 days in Paris itinerary Paris in 3 days itinerary

This 3 days in Paris itinerary offers a blend of iconic landmarks, cultural experiences, and the enchanting magic of Disneyland, allowing you to explore the best of Paris in three days. Adjust timings according to your preferences and travel pace.

Staying Recommendations | Where to stay in Paris? | Paris itinerary 3 Days With Disneyland

Near Champs Elysees, this street is lively and has many eating options. Know more about best hotels in Paris or where to stay in Paris according to neighborhoods and tourist attractions nearby. Click here to learn about my stay in Paris.

Best hotels in Paris - where to stay in paris

Highlights of Paris itinerary 3 Days With Disneyland

  • A well-rounded experience.
  • Blending the timeless charm of the city’s historical and cultural attractions with the thrilling and whimsical adventures found in Disneyland.
  • Catering to diverse interests and creating lasting memories.

Famous Cabaret shows (Paris Itinerary)

Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants In Paris

There are many Vegetarian food options in France; hence, vegetarians can enjoy French cuisine in romantic Paris, too. Find some good options at:  

France Itinerary 8 days - 8 days in France

International/French cuisine

  • VG Pâtisserie
  • Le Potager de Charlotte
  • Jah Jah By Le Tricycle
  • Hank Vegan Burger
  • Jay & Joy
  • Land & Monkeys
  • Jimmy’s Street Food
  • Boneshaker Donuts
  • Abattoir Vegetal

Indian Cuisine Restaurants In Paris

  • New Jawad Longchamp
  • Mayfair Garden
  • Le jardin du Kashmir
  • India StreEAT

Tips – Paris itinerary 3 days for first-time tourists

Here are some suggestions for planning a 3-day itinerary in Paris for first-time tourists:

France Itinerary 8 days - 8 days in France

Plan Ahead:

  • Prioritize Attractions: Identify must-see landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and others.
  • Skip-the-Line Tickets: Pre-book tickets online to avoid long queues, especially for popular sites like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

Day-wise Schedule – 3 Days In Paris Itinerary

  • Day 1 – Major Landmarks: Start with iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and a Seine River cruise.
  • Day 2 – Disneyland: If planning a visit to Disneyland, dedicate a whole day to the park and its attractions.
  • Day 3 – Montmartre and Historical Sites: Explore Montmartre, Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Notre-Dame Cathedral (or its surroundings), and Museums like Musée d’Orsay.

Efficient Transportation:

  • Use Public Transport: Paris has an excellent metro system. Purchase a Paris Visite travel pass for unlimited travel on the metro, buses, and RER trains.
  • Consider Walking Tours: Explore some neighborhoods on foot, like Montmartre or the Latin Quarter, to soak in the local vibe.

France Itinerary 8 days - 8 days in France - 3 days in Paris itinerary

Food and Dining:

  • Try Local Cuisine: Indulge in French cuisine at local cafes and restaurants. Take advantage of croissants, pastries, and street-side crepes.
  • Avoid Tourist Traps: Venture off the beaten path for more authentic dining experiences.

Cultural Experience:

  • Enjoy Evening Strolls: The City of Light truly shines at night. Take a leisurely evening stroll along the Seine or visit the Champs-Élysées for a different vibe.
  • Catch a Show: Consider experiencing a cabaret show at the famous Moulin Rouge or Lido.

Flexible Itinerary:

  • Be Flexible: Sometimes plans might change, or certain attractions could be crowded. Have alternative options or be willing to adjust your schedule.

Safety and Comfort:

  • Keep Valuables Safe: Be cautious of pickpockets, especially in crowded tourist areas.
  • Comfortable Footwear: Paris involves a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes to explore the city comfortably.

Language and Etiquette:

  • Learn Basic Phrases: Knowing a few French phrases can go a long way in navigating the city.
  • Respect Local Customs: Familiarize yourself with basic French etiquette to show respect for the culture.

France8 days Itinerary - 8 days in France - 5 days in Paris

Weather Consideration:

  • Check Weather Forecast: Paris can experience varying weather, so dress accordingly and be prepared for unexpected changes.

Have Fun and Relax – 3 Days In Paris Itinerary

  • Take Your Time: Take your time with attractions. Enjoy the moments and take in the beauty and culture of the city.
  • Create Memories: Capture the moments and soak in the experiences without the lens.

Plan Paris in 3 days itinerary or Paris itinerary for 3 days your itinerary to your preferences, pace, and interests to make the most of your Parisian experience.

France Itinerary 8 days - 8 days in France

“In the embrace of Paris’ timeless charm and Disneyland’s enchanting magic, these three days offered an unforgettable journey, weaving together history, culture, and the sheer delight of a magical world, leaving us with cherished memories that will linger for a lifetime.” 

Whether it was the iconic landmarks or the whimsical adventures, Paris and Disneyland encapsulated an experience that seamlessly blended the past and present, creating a tapestry of moments we’ll forever treasure. So, plan your exciting Paris itinerary 3 days with Disneyland tour. 


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