Feel like ROYALS in DUBAI | Things To Do in Dubai

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Why Dubai 

Dubai is a city and emirate of United Arab Emirates(UAE), known as the city of Superlatives. In Dubai, you will find the world’s tallest building, the most glittering gold souk(market), most luxurious hotel of the world, largest man-made island The Palm, world’s largest natural flower garden. This all makes Dubai the fastest growing city in the world. What to see in Dubai? So explore Dubai and Feel like ROYALS in DUBAI.  Read this article for Things to Do in Dubai.  Travel to Dubai from their official Airline with full luxury by Emirates Business Class.

Feel like ROYALS in DUBAI
City of Dubai

Reasons for choosing Dubai 

Dubai is perfect for Adventurers, Luxury Travelers, Family traveling, Kids & Youngsters, Honeymooners, Solo Travelers, Event Hosting, Business & Corporate Meetings, Culture Lovers, Food Lovers, Shopper’s Delight, Theme Park Lovers. In this article you would come to know why Dubai is more than a stopover destination.

Dubai is great for food lovers too as there are restaurants from all over the world in Dubai.

Dubai can be discovered by luxury cruises along the Arabian Gulf.  

 Things to Do in Dubai can be classified into 7 parts 

The architecture of Buildings and Unique Skyline 

Dubai has got unique skyline which consists of specifically designed buildings.  Also, the world’s tallest building make the Dubai skyline worth watching and most unique in the world. Click here to check the tickets for Observation deck on Burj Khalifa with many other options and deals. 

Feel like ROYALS in DUBAI
Feel like ROYALS in DUBAI
Burj Al Arab
Feel like ROYALS in DUBAI
Glittering Tallest Building of the world

For choosing your stay in Dubai, there are varied options, suitable to all budgets, tastes and accessibility. 

Nature in Dubai 

Dubai is surrounded by Arabian deserts & Persian Gulf.  So for nature lovers, you can enjoy peaceful deserts and clear waters of the Persian Gulf. The beaches are sunny all year round and also Dubai beaches are very beautiful and offer many water activities. Stargazing, moon-rise and sunsets are the most famous in Deserts near Dubai.  

Jumeirah beach of Dubai
Jumeirah beach of Dubai

Dubai has world’s largest flower garden within 780,000sq.ft area and has more than 109 million flowers planted.  Also there is one more exciting wonderful place called Dubai Glow Garden with Dinosaur Park for adults and children to enjoy.  Very bright, colorful and illuminated this garden is. 

Adventure Sports Lovers

Take a zip-line across the Dubai mall from world’s tallest building, Ski Diving over Palm, Dune Bashing in deserts with 4 X 4 vehicle, Paragliding, Swimming with Dolphins, Ferrari Rides and many water sports. 

Theme Park Lovers

Dubai has got many theme parks for all ages and groups. This is one of the most romantic things to do in Dubai for couples or honeymooners. Some of them are – 

  1.  Bollywood Park
  2. Legoland
  3. IMG – World of Adventure
  4. Wild Wadi(Water Adventure Parks)
  5. KidZania
  6. Dolphin Aquarium
  7. Motion Gate
  8. Wonderland Amusement Park
  9. Global Village
  10. Hub Zero
  11. Mattel Play-town
  12. Ferrari World(at a distance of about 130 km) 
  13. Riverland
  14. Ski Dubai
  15. Frozen Theme Parks.
Feel like ROYALS in DUBAI

Culture, Traditions & Food 

 Experience true Arabic culture while watching live Arabic Belly dance on sand dunes, camel rides in deserts, listening to Arabic music. Enjoy delicious Arabic cuisine in Arabic styled restaurant. Try henna , falcon holding and Arabic clothing to get immerse into Arabic traditions. You can visit natural history museum and fort in Old Dubai area where you can have Abra(traditional styled boats) ride along the creek.

Feel like ROYALS in DUBAI
Belly dance in desert
Feel like ROYALS in DUBAI
Historical Fort in Old Dubai

Event City 

Every day, all year round Dubai is hosting world-class events.  From art, music, dance, sports, live shows/concerts, food events by international chefs, comedy shows, street arts, acts /acrobats etc.  All these events are performed by A-class performers in their respective fields and are attending by high profile celebrities of the world. 

Feel like ROYALS in DUBAI
3 D street art
Feel like ROYALS in DUBAI
Mall of Emirates

Shopper’s delight(Shopping Destination)

Dubai is known as city of Gold and Brands.  Shop for antiques, perfumes, spices and traditional clothes from markets/souqs in Old Dubai.  Dubai has modern shopping too with all brands under one roof. Hosting Gallery Laffayete, Armani, Miachel Kors, Hush Puppies, Clarks, Elizabeth Arden , Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and many more. There are deals and hot sales all year round which makes it a favorite destination for shopping lovers.

Dubai is the safest place and cleanest city of all.  Everything is well planned and runs on time.  Administration of Dubai is very helpful and friendly to tourists.  People of Dubai are very calm, peace-loving and hospitable.  Click here for complete 4 Day Itinerary of Dubai-Abudhabi. 

Dubai has one of the most fascinating skylines and modern-day wonders.  

Read this Guide on Dubai for all budgets… Plan your Dubai visit in budget friendly manner…..

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  • Currency – Emirates Dirhams
  • International Airport – Dubai. Many famous and small scale International airlines connects Dubai from all parts of the world. The official airlines of Dubai is Emirates and traveling through Emirates Business class to Dubai is one of the most memorable experience you will make it.
  • Modes of Transport in Dubai – Metro, Tram, Taxi, and Bus
  • October to March is the best season to visit Dubai
  • Clothing – Summer clothing preferred and light jackets in winter
  • Carry umbrellas, sunscreens as sometimes Dubai has lots of sun.
  • There is no language barrier in Dubai as all people understand English. 
  • If you have only one day in Dubai then read this post about How to see Dubai in one day 

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  • Feel like ROYALS in DUBAI
    Dubai tour

There are many staycation options near Dubai i.e within a couple of hours drive from Dubai. Explore them by clicking the below links 

1.) Stay in desert with all royal amenities at LIWA DESERT.

2.) Explore Beach resort in Fujairah one of the 7 emirates of UAE. 

3.) Mountain resort in Hatta famous for hiking and trekking along the Hajar mountains.

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  1. So exciting. This is a really good breakdown of exactly what there is to do there – thanks 🙂 I just knew that there was lots of gold and big buildings but this makes Dubai seem a lot cooler haha

  2. I love Dubai! I’ve always wanted to visit it, my dad too – he’s quite obsessed with it and to me it’s obvious why, it’s such a beautiful city. I love the buildings and the general atmosphere.

  3. This is making me miss Dubai so much! Its architecture, people, thousand different cuisines, atmosphere! Can’t wait to go back.

  4. I have never wanted to go to Dubai for some strange reason perhaps I see Dubai as lux and expensiv and we are not very into that. But lately many of my friends have done a stop in Dubai between flights to Asia and I must say it is not such a bad idea after all. And now when I have a daugter she would be crazy with all theme parks! Omg I thought it wouldnt end!😂

  5. I have always done layovers in Dubai, but I am curious to actually explore this city. Great post and I love the comprehensive list. Great cityscape photos!

  6. oh man! I’m obsessed with Arabic culture and this was really interesting at how varied the culture actually seems to be. The Bollywood thing looks really interesting, and the fountain inside that mall looks like it could be in front of St Peters Church in Rome!

  7. Dubai really looks like the place where you can do everything! I really would like to visit one day! I didn’t know there were so many theme parks, I only knew about the water ones.

  8. I was living and working in Dubai for over one year and loved my time spent there…your post has brought back some lovely memories. I totally liked the desert safari and the belly dance shows as well. The food is Dubai is awesome…you can get stuff from around the world!

  9. I love the juxtaposition of Dubai’s massive buildings with their intricate details. It’s definitely a marvel of architecture for such a fast-building city! I would love to venture out to the deserts from the city one day! Thanks for compiling all these things to do!!

  10. I haven’t been to Dubai yet! The only trouble with Dubai is that its a bit too costly! Let’s see if I get a chance to visit this city of superlatives may be as a extended work visit or something. Shukran for writing this post! 😉

  11. I have never been to Dubai, but I am always dreaming of visiting this lively city. The architecture is just mind blowing. I would also love to discover the old part of Dubai. And OMG all these shopping options…

  12. I agree Dubai has a lot to offer. Out of the reasons listed above my favourite reasons to go are Architecture and Shopping. I love the food and culture too. And winters is definitely the best time to go.

  13. I’ve wanted to go to Dubai for a while now. I had no idea there were so many theme parks around! Now they just need to put a Disneyland in Dubai and I’d be set!

  14. Wow, Dubai has so much. The skyline is amazing and the worlds tallest building is so tall compared to the other buildings there. The largest gardens in the world and in the dessert, I must visit. I heard that Dubai is tax free which makes it the perfect destination for shopping too.

  15. This is a good list to start it. The city is so big and can never make you feel bored. A friend of mine suffered depression and she was advised to travel, Dubai was topping the list of places recommended. So I can say, it has healing powers too, thanks to the innumerable side attractions.

  16. I’m so excited you wrote about Dubai, as I’m going to this city in only a couple of months with my mom, it will be our mother/daughter trip. I love that you listed different sites to visit while there, as I created my own list and had some of the places you listed on it, but after reading your post, I’m definitely going to add all the places you visited!!

  17. Dubai seems like a dream destination since it is so luxurious! Thanks for the tips about the sun. I would love to go but it just seems so unaffordable at this day and age for me, but a girl can dream! Thanks for the info!

  18. Isn’t one of China’s cities the fastest growing in the world? I think Dubai is up there but I’m not sure it’s the fastest growing. It looks like quite a fun city though. Are the adventure activities budget friendly or quite expensive? With your summer clothing, did you dress quite modestly or is it to ok to go by western summer standards of dress?

    1. I always wear western dresses here but not bikinis in the malls. Adventure activities looks expensive on website but there are many deals going on them on Groupon /Entertainer like Buy 1 Get 1 free all year round. Dubai is among the top 5 most growing metro cities of the world. Mostly Chinese cities are in the list. But this growth of Dubai took place in just 33 years which is worth.

    2. Also I have enjoyed theme parks or amusement parks all over the world like Paris, Germany, Singapore and they are expensive only. I never found budget friendly famous amusement park till now anywhere else.

  19. Dubai is such a diverse city! I stayed in Atlantis, went shark diving, sky diving, got a tan on the beach, ate on a yacht, saw the flower garden…I mean this city literally has it all. I also had my most expensive meal ever here for 2 people costing a whopping $660!! An adult playground to say the least.

  20. I visited Dubai few days ago and was dazzled with its lavish lifestyle. I stood for hours near Burh Khalifa and also enjoyed the fountain show. However, I missed catching the bird’s eye view from Burj. I also missed visiting the natural wonders of Dubai. Never mind, next time.

  21. I’ve heard some amazing things about Dubai and it does look beautiful. I just didn’t realize all of the different things that you have in Dubai. That’s awesome.

  22. I’ve always been curious about Dubai! I’ve heard so many good things about it and I’d love to go and experience it myself. These are awesome! It’s really interesting and it’s quite fun too!

  23. Dubai is such an amazing place to visit. I have friends who have been there and they have nothing but good words about their experience. I hope to experience vibrant Dubai someday soon!

  24. I recently travelled to Dubai during Ramadan and what an eventful journey it was. I got to witness an entire different side of Dubai. This city has loads to explore and in a better way. Thank you for putting this down

  25. Dubai is for everyone and you have mentioned the right reasons for visiting Dubai. It’s a one stop place for all sort of fun that anyone can have. Would love to visit it someday soon.

  26. Dubai sounds like a fantastic city , there are so many sights and places to visit with plenty to see and do whatever your taste. This is one city that I would deary love to visit.

  27. Dubai is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit. I had no idea they had theme parks there. I definitely have to visit that mall. I hear it’s great. Thank you for taking me there a little bit already through your pics.

  28. City of Superlatives seem fitting for Dubai! It is for the same reason why I want to visit this famous city. All of the 7 classifications you’ve listed here urged me more to go to Dubai.

  29. I would just like to point out that the zip line you mentioned was only temporary and is no longer in operation and it didn’t go from the Burj Khalifa, it went from one of the buildings on the boulevard across the Dubai Fountains to the Dubai Mall. Also Wonderland closed down many years ago (I believe when I was still at school which was 7 years ago) in fact the abandoned site was used for the zombie run a few years ago on halloween.

  30. Dubai isn’t number one on my list of places to visit. But you pointed out a lot of good reasons to at least visit it once. Of your list and based on your photos, I am most intrigued by the architectural features!

  31. Architecture and the old souqs were reason enough to lure me to Dubai, never really thought of the place as a having traditional aesthetics but now you say its culture, tradition and food is also a reason to visit and after reading your blog I am pretty convinced with it!

  32. I have been to Dubai only once, in a layover between London and New Delhi. It was so interesting to visit this impressive city in the middle of the desert with its astonishing skyline. I was there in the morning so I couldn’t explore the fountains or the marina but I wish to return and do it. I found Dubai to be so unique because of the high temperatures and the richness, it was so normal to see fancy expensive cars on the highway.

  33. Dubai sounds fascinating. Indeed, it measures up to its claim as a city of superlatives! There’s enough going on to keep any kind of traveler busy and interested!

  34. Absolutely love this post! It reminds me of how much fun I had when I went to Dubai a few years back. And like you said, definitely a shopper’s paradise haha! But my favorite memories are dune bashing followed by dinner & a show in the desert.

  35. Dubai has always been a place we’ve wanted to go, but I never realized how much there is to do! Everything looks so unique, loud, and glittering. Would definitely visit for the architecture alone. I mean … those buildings are just stunning, and your photos capture the culture so well! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  36. I knew Dubai was one of the fastest growing cities in the world – but I had no idea they had so many theme parks! Its also incredible that so many flowers can be grown in such incredible hot year round temperatures – the people working there must be magicians! I haven’t visited the city for several years now, so I think when I go back there will be lots of new things to see and do!

  37. I didn’t know that Dubai was the fastest growing city in the world, very interesting! I think I would enjoy exploring the gardens the most, they look beautiful. I’m surprised that they have a Legoland, I thought there was only one in California, haha.

  38. Dubai has actually never been on our list! I have always said though that if I had a long enough layover I would definitely do the desert tour. There seems to be so much going on though maybe I’ll have to spend a couple days

  39. I did not know there are so many theme parks in Dubai. I would go there though to see the unique architecture, experience the food, see the colorful market and watch belly dancers. 🙂 Oh! and that flower garden looks appealing, too. I wonder if it’s open year round.

  40. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Dubai, and have only been there through the airport. But, after reading this, I’ll give it a second thought. I thought it was just garish looking building and lots of shopping, but it’s good to see there is more to the city than I originally suspected!

  41. Dubai is known for being such an amazing place and you have captured so much in this post to show that. I would love to experience the natural environment in addition to the culture (and of course a bit of shopping too!). You must have had a great time and I am looking forward to reading future posts that you referred to that are coming.

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