Best Romantic Things To Do In Helen GA This Weekend (With Video Tour)

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What To Do In Helen Ga? Helen, Georgia, is a beautiful mountain town in the Chattahoochee National Forest. Helen is known for its Bavarian-German vibes, artsy, small-town feel, and the beauty of the surrounding mountains. There are many things to do in Helen GA, while you are there; here are some of our favorites!

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things to do in helen ga

Why is Helen GA worth visiting?

  • Helen, Georgia, is a beautiful mountain town in the Chattahoochee National Forest.
  • Gorgeous mountains, rivers, and waterfalls surround it, so it’s no wonder why people love to visit this area of Georgia.
  • Helen is a small German-inspired town with Bavarian architecture, making it unique nationwide. 
  • If you want something different than the typical tourist vibe, Helen might be your interest! Helen is a small town with a population of just under 2,000 people. 
  • The distance of Helen From Atlanta, Ga is 1 hr 36 min (92.6 mi) via I-85 N and I-985 N

Best Hotels in Helen Ga

As Helen has a beautiful downtown, it is worth staying near Downtown. The whole downtown is walkable and glows at night with fairy lights on Bavarian-styled architecture. 

Helen offers a unique travel experience with lots to see and do! – Things To Do In Helen Ga

  • Helen is a small North Georgia town surrounded by the Chattahoochee National Forest.
  • Here you can enjoy Water sports and mountain adventures. 
  • It’s a Bavarian Alpine town in North America with unique vintage-styled homes, shops, and whole architecture. This town has a unique travel experience with lots to see and do!

Things To Do In Helen GA – Attractions in Helen Georgia

Helen is known as “The Little Bavaria of North America” and draws thousands of tourists annually. Read about some of the best things to do in Helen Ga this weekend. 

things to do in helen ga - day trip from Atlanta - attractions in helen georgia

Georgia Mountain Coaster

The Georgia Mountain Coaster is a popular attraction in Helen, Georgia, USA. This unique coaster takes visitors on a thrilling ride through the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, providing an exciting and unforgettable experience for all who visit.

what to do in helen ga this weekend - things to do in helen ga

The coaster features individual carts controlled by the rider’s brake system, allowing visitors to control their speed throughout the ride. This mountain coaster adds excitement and engagement to the experience, as riders can customize their ride to suit their comfort level.

The whole path winds through the mountains and forests, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Enjoy the stunning scenery while speeding down the track, or slow down to enjoy a more leisurely ride.

Suitability: – The Georgia Mountain Coaster is a family-friendly attraction for riders of all ages and abilities. Children as young as three can ride with an adult, and the coaster’s carts accommodate riders of all sizes.

Ride Cost – 15 USD per adult

 Anna Ruby Falls 

what to do in helen ga - things to do in helen ga

Anna Ruby Falls is a popular attraction in the United States near Helen, Georgia. This natural wonder is nestled in the Chattahoochee National Forest and offers visitors a stunning view of cascading waterfalls surrounded by lush greenery. The waterfall is named after Anna Ruby Nichols, the daughter of the original landowners.

The convergence of Curtis Creek and York Creek forms the waterfall. The water from these two creeks plunges a 150-foot drop, creating a breathtaking display of natural beauty. The falls are located at an elevation of 1,600 feet and are accessible via a half-mile paved trail that winds through the forest. 

Entrance:  USD 5 per person above 16 years.

Cool River Tubing

Cool River Tubing is a popular outdoor activity in Helen, Georgia, USA, that provides visitors with a fun and refreshing way to enjoy the beautiful Chattahoochee River. The company offers tube rentals and shuttle services, making it easy for visitors to spend a relaxing day on the river.

attractions in helen georgia - things to do in helen ga this weekend

The tubing experience begins at the Cool River Tubing outpost, where visitors can rent tubes, life jackets, and other equipment. The staff will also provide a brief safety briefing and information on the best route to take on the river, depending on the water conditions.

Once equipped and ready, visitors board a shuttle bus that will take them to the designated drop-off point upstream. From there, visitors can float down the river at their own pace, enjoying the beautiful scenery and refreshing water.

Depending on the river conditions, the tubing route is approximately two miles long and takes around two hours to complete. 

Bavarian Houses – Downtown Helen GA

One of the most popular attractions in Helen is its historic charm, which includes gingerbread-style houses.

places to visit in helen ga - what to do in helen ga

These Victorian homes are decorated with various shapes, patterns, and colors, making them look like something straight out of a storybook or fairytale. The town’s Historic Preservation Commission has made sure to preserve the colorful history of these buildings by requiring all new construction to match the original style.

The gingerbread-style houses are one of the most popular attractions in Helen.

You’ll also find Bavarian-styled shops, art galleries, Beer bars per the Munich theme, colorful murals and street art, restaurants, and parks throughout the downtown.

Entrance – Free

The White House Museum

Roosevelt’s Little White House Museum is a historical landmark built in 1891 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The house is on the National Register of Historic Places, and visitors can tour it to understand the life of Roosevelt.  

If you want to avoid taking a detailed tour, stroll along the grounds or explore one of the many outbuildings on display.

Entrance – 12.00 USD per adult

Unicoi State Park

Things to do in helen ga

Unicoi State Park is a 1,050-acre park with 53-acre Unicoi Lake on Smith Creek, ziplining, sports, and hiking trails. This park offers incredible hiking trails to Anna Ruby Falls and Helen Smith Creek – a peaceful tributary of the Chattahoochee River. This park has lodging accommodations, too if you want to stay in nature with lovely surroundings.  

The state park is open year-round, with many activities, including fishing, swimming, and boating.

Oktoberfest, Helen Ga

This southern USA valley town with Bavarian theme buildings hosts Oktoberfest yearly like Munich, Germany. Thousands of people flock here to experience the vibrant festive vibes of the German festival in the USA. 

Know more about this festival in Helen, Ga by clicking here

History & Founder of Helen, GA: 

 In 1913 the Valley was named “Helen” after the daughter of the railroad surveyor. In 1968 two prominent local businessmen – Pete Hodkinson and Jimmy Wilkins – proposed turning their valley town – Helen, into a recreational theme town. They thought to create a Bavarian alpine village with gingerbread trim, cobblestone alleyways, and old-world towers. They uplifted their town by renovating and updating their downtown storefronts as per Bavarian architecture. Today, Helen is known as “The Little Bavaria of North America” and attracts thousands of tourists annually.

things to do in helen ga - places to visit in helen ga

You’re going to fall in love with Helen, Georgia! The town is famous for its history and charm. 

Many visitors visit Helen each year, and also it is a perfect mountain weekend getaway with laidback vibes and relaxed holidays in northern Georgia, USA. 

So you loved reading about some of the most beautiful things to do in Helen GA, this weekend or the most beautiful places to visit in Helen Ga, and why it is a perfect day trip from Atlanta.

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places to visit in helen ga

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