Tilal Liwa Hotel Abu Dhabi – Best Desert Resort In Abu Dhabi

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Tilal Liwa Hotel Abu Dhabi is located on the edge of the Rub-Al-Khali in the sands of Liwa amidst landscaped sand dunes and virgin desert from a short distance from Madinat Zayed city.  It is approximately a 175 km leisurely drive from Abu Dhabi (the capital city of UAE). Let’s read about the best desert resort in Abu Dhabi – Tilal Liwa Resort. 

Tilal liwa hotel abu dhabi - Tilal Liwa resort - best desert resort in abu dhabi

Panoramic views of long stretched deserts with rustic shades of sand dunes and camels roaming around this property. It is like an OASIS in the desert. It the best desert resort UAE.

Click here to book your staycation at Tilal Liwa. 

Tilal Liwa resort - best desert resort in abu dhabi - tilal liwa hotel abu dhabi
Sunset tour from Tilal Liwa hotel

Real Experience of best Arabic traditions and culture to life.  A peaceful and relaxing place away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A true escape from a busy life to a peaceful one.

Tilal Liwa resort - tilal liwa hotel abu dhabi
Roam freely with beauties of desert

This place is maintained in true Arabic style.  Interiors are designed in Arabic theme.

Tilal Liwa Hotel Abu Dhabi – Best Abu Dhabi Desert Resort

Let’s review Tilal Liwa Hotel Abu Dhabi – best desert resort in Abu Dhabi.


  • Abu Dhabi – Approximately 175 km
  • Dubai – Approximately  250kms

This resort arranges airport shuttles on request, or people living in Dubai or Abudhabi can experience a leisurely and beautiful drive from the city to this place amidst deserts, runes, and camels.

It great place for Honeymooners, Romantic Getaways, Family Escapes, Family Get-togethers or Ceremony, Weddings, Business Meetings, Sports Lovers, Dune Bashers, Nature Lovers, Peace-Seekers and Solo Travelers.

Tilal Liwa Hotel Abu Dhabi - Desert resort UAE
Experience Desert Staycation


Review of Tilal Liwa Hotel Abu Dhabi – Best Desert Resort UAE

Quad Bike with camels around 

This is included in your stay package, and if not, then can be purchased from the reception. You should carry a driving license.

Tilal Liwa resort - best desert resort in abu dhabi - tilal liwa hotel abu dhabi

 Kite Flying 

Arranged by hotel reception upon request.

Review of Tilal Liwa resort - best desert resort in abu dhabi - tilal liwa hotel abu dhabi

 Visit Camel Farm 

The Tilal Liwa Hotel Abu Dhabi arranges a Camel Farm tour where you can see Camel racing tracks and villages breeding camels with their farms.

 Sunset in Desert

  This activity is arranged by Tilal Liwa Hotel. They take you in a 4 X 4 vehicle for dune bashing and show sunset from various points to look at the sun setting down between the sands.

best desert resort in abu dhabi - tilal liwa hotel abu dhabi

At night, walking Stargazing tours are also arranged, which should not be missed.

 Camel ride 

Camel rides can be done as hotel property has personal camels with riders to go into the desert on the camelback.  This is included in the stay package.

 Evenings in Desert 

Bars, Restaurants and open areas offer live music with belly dance(on specific days) and singers(on all days).

liwa 429.JPG

Take a plunge into special Swimming Pool – Oasis style – Best Thing to do in Tilal Liwa hotel

This pool is unique because it is made so that when you swim, you feel you are swimming in waters surrounded by desert.  While swimming, you have views of the desert from every point of the pool.

Best desert resort in abu dhabi - Desert resort UAE

Cycling on Sand Dunes – Best Desert Resort UAE

Tilal Liwa hotel Abu Dhabi provides bikes (with or without gears) on request for cycling around.

Hotel Features | Why Tilal Liwa Resort Abu Dhabi

  • Airport shuttle
  • Babysitter
  • Banquet room
  • Bar
  • BBQ Pit
  • Bell/Porterage service
  • Breakfast room
  • Business center
  • Cafe/coffee shop
  • Childcare
  • Concierge
  • Conference room
  • Currency exchange
  • Dry cleaning service
  • Elevator/lift
  • Fitness center
  • Front desk
  • Gift/sundry shop
  • Internet access
  • Lobby
  • Lounge
  • Meeting room
  • Multilingual staff
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Pool bar
  • Restaurant
  • Room service
  • Safe deposit box
  • Sauna
  • Smoking Floor
  • Steam room
  • Tour desk
  • Valet laundry
  • Valet parking
  • Evening entertainment
  • Kids’ club
  • Entertainment staff
  • Bikes available (free)
  • Horse riding Off-site
  • Cycling
  • Bicycle rental (additional charge)
  • Darts
  • Karaoke
  • Table tennis
  • Billiards
  • Children’s playground
  • Games room

This hotel comprises 111 rooms, and all rooms are specific because some have an inside swimming pool view, desert runes view, and rooms with balconies on upper floors.

They also arrange a Romantic Getaway kind of thing for a couple who want to celebrate those special moments by putting a special candlelight dinner for two in between desert, room decor with roses, and a special massage for two.  Check the hotel site for this particular package.

All the premises are adorned with ethnic Arabic lamps and vases with the history of the UAE on the walls. An authentic experience of rich Arabic culture with sporting activities in a day.  You will never forget your stay in this hotel as it rejuvenates you when you return to your hometown. It is the best desert resort UAE.

Best time to visit:–  October to March

Currency – UAE Dirhams or USD are also accepted here.

Language – All people here understand English.

Food – Arabic, Italian, and Indian all are served here. If you request something in advance, they can do it for you but depends upon the availability. Breakfast is sumptuous with lots of variety. The bar is functional all day, but check its availability during Dry days.

I hope you loved the review of Tilal Liwa Hotel Abu Dhabi or Tilal Liwa Resort, the best desert resort in Abu Dhabi (Desert Resort UAE).

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  1. Tilal Liwa hotel looks like a fantastic place in the desert that combines relaxation and adventures. With so many activities to take part in, I’m sure there’s no boring moment. That swimming pool provides a unique view of desert that can’t be found elsewhere!

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  5. We were meant to go check out the Tilal Liwa too, but got so busy and now it is wayyyyy too hot! Maybe later this year, we can’t wait now that we have been through your post! There are so many camels, would be great to quad bike around them!

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  7. I am of the opinion that desert sunsets are one of the most beautiful! And your photos of the desert, and especially of the sunset, can attest to that. I have tried a few of these things while in Dubai, but I want to try visiting the Camel farm and the quad bike rides – those look so much fun!

  8. An absolute dreamy desert staycation. This hotel seems to offer it all including that beautiful desert view by the pool. I would love to see the sunset in the dessert. I love how the hotel arranges such a variety of activities to do outside of the hotel. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This hotel looks amazing. I have a special love for deserts and these kind of areas like you’re describing in the article. I haven’t had a chance to go to UAE yet, but when I do, I’d definately liek to visit this place. Sunset in Desert would be the best thing ever 🙂 Thank you for the beautiful insight to this lovely destination.

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  12. I love the Arabic decor of the hotel. So beautiful. I’d love to experience it, but definitely have concerns about how Americans would be treated in the Middle East right now. The pool views would be amazing with the infinity edge surrounded by the desert. -Lee

  13. That quad bike ride amongst the camels looks cool! I’ve never seen a camel outside a zoo before. That’s great that they offer a kids club. We usually travel with our kids.

  14. This looks absolutely amazing!! I’d love to ride camels and omg I’ve never seen anything like that pool before. Did you get a million Instagram likes for that one? So unique!! Pinning this for later – I’ve gotta do this!

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  21. I really learned to appreciate the desert when I lived for a few days in Wadi Rum, Jordan. So peaceful and quiet, yet so many things to do and discover. Most of all the people and their stories. I’m not a big fan of camel farms, but I agree with the star-gazing and sunset amazement! It’s unreal.

  22. Wow this looks like such an amazing experience. I have never been in the desert and I would love to visit. I d also try the cycling on sand dunes.

  23. It looks so amazing! I hope one day to get to the UAE for a stopover, unfortunately I have an Israeli stamp in my passport preventing me from doing from entering many Arab Nations

  24. This sounds so dreamy and exotic for people like me who have never been to a desert! The hotel sounds super luxurious. It is great that they have so many activities you can join! I would like to go on a camel ride!

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  26. Though I have been to a desert before, I have yet to visit an Oasis in the desert. The Tilal Liwa hotel looks like the perfect oasis, offering world class amenities, and a ton of activities o keep the guests engaged and entertained during their stay in the desert.

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    Iza c/o Walk About Wanderer

  32. Wow I can trade real valuables to get myself in that pool! It’s like an oasis in the desert. This is the first time I heard about camel racing, not sure what to expect in the race as camels have some solid attitude and they may just stop running in the middle of the race with a “damn you I don’t care I won’t run” expression! 😀 Tilal Liwa hotel sounds like a true Arabic paradise in the desert!

    1. No this race is like a horse race. these camels are trained for that and many international competitions are being held but there is lots of sand in the hair due to racing so bring scarf.

      1. That’s a good advice! I hate it when the sand sticks to my hair. Infact I think I lost 50% of my hair when I visited Nubra valley in Ladakh. 🙁

  33. Looks absolutely amazing. When I travel I am looking for a true experience of where I visit and this seems to be the real deal. Authenticity of architecture, culture and food are what I want.

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