Best Amsterdam Itinerary 3 Days (Daywise Things To Do + Hotels + Vegan Food)

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What to do in Amsterdam in 3 days? Amsterdam is worth visiting for its picturesque canals, rich history, vibrant cultural scene, and unique blend of charming architecture and progressive atmosphere. And so, plan your Amsterdam itinerary 3 days after reading this article.

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Amsterdam Itinerary 3 days - what to do in amsterdam

Amsterdam Itinerary 3 Days (3 Days In Amsterdam)

Read a detailed day-wise Amsterdam itinerary 3 days with mid-budget hotel stay options, things to do, how to commute, and various information for first-time tourists.

Day 1: Amsterdam Itinerary


  1. Start your day with a visit to the Anne Frank House. Explore the museum and learn about Anne Frank’s life during the Holocaust.
  2. Stroll through the beautiful Jordaan neighborhood, known for its picturesque canals, charming houses, and trendy boutiques. Grab breakfast at one of the local cafes along the way. Amsterdam Itinerary 3 days - what to do in amsterdam


  1. Head to the Museum District and visit the Van Gogh Museum. Admire the extensive collection of Van Gogh’s paintings and learn about his artistic journey.
  2. Enjoy a leisurely walk through Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s most famous park. Take a break, relax, and enjoy the serene surroundings. Amsterdam Itinerary 3 days - 3 days in amsterdam


  1.  Explore the vibrant nightlife of Amsterdam by visiting the lively Leidseplein Square. Enjoy dinner at one of the many restaurants and then catch a performance at a local theater or comedy club.
  2. End your evening with a visit to the iconic Red Light District. While controversial, it is integral to Amsterdam’s culture and history. Take a stroll through the narrow streets and experience the unique atmosphere. Amsterdam Itinerary 3 days - what to do in amsterdam

Day 2: Amsterdam 3 Days Itinerary


  1. Start your day with a visit to the Rijksmuseum, home to an impressive collection of Dutch art and history. Don’t miss the famous “Night Watch” painting by Rembrandt.
  2. Explore the historic Canal Ring, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Take a canal cruise to admire the elegant houses, bridges, and canal-side mansions of this iconic part of Amsterdam. Amsterdam Itinerary 3 days - what to do in amsterdam


  1.  Revisit the Anne Frank House, this time during the day, to experience a different atmosphere and learn more about Anne Frank’s story.
  2. Explore the trendy De Pijp neighborhood. Visit the Albert Cuyp Market, the largest daily market in Amsterdam, where you can find local delicacies, clothing, and souvenirs.


  1.  For dinner, indulge in the local cuisine by trying traditional Dutch dishes, Stroopwafels (syrup waffles). You can find these treats at local cafes or street vendors. Amsterdam Itinerary 3 days - what to do in amsterdam
  2. Experience Amsterdam’s vibrant bar scene by hopping between the city’s many cozy brown cafes or trendy cocktail bars. Enjoy a refreshing local beer or try a Dutch gin known as Jenever.

Day 3: What to do in Amsterdam?


  1. Take a day trip to the beautiful Keukenhof Gardens just outside Amsterdam. Marvel at the stunning displays of colorful tulips and other spring flowers  Amsterdam Itinerary 3 days - 3 days in amsterdam

Note: Keukenhof is only open from late March to mid-May.


  1. Visit the Heineken Experience, an interactive museum where you can learn about the history of Heineken beer and enjoy tastings. Take a guided tour and discover the brewing process behind this famous Dutch beer.


  1. Explore the charming neighborhood of Amsterdam-Noord. Take a ferry from the back of Amsterdam Central Station and explore areas like NDSM Wharf, home to a thriving arts and culture scene. Visit creative hotspots, enjoy street art, and dine at a waterfront restaurant. Amsterdam Itinerary 3 days - 3 days in amsterdam
  2. End your day by taking a relaxing evening canal cruise. Admire Amsterdam’s illuminated bridges, historic buildings, and enchanting atmosphere at night.

Valuable Resources To Plan 3 Days In Amsterdam

Read some valuable resources and tips to plan your Amsterdam Itinerary 3 days with all helpful information for first-timers.

Mid-budget hotel stay options – Amsterdam Itinerary

Here are some mid-budget hotel options in Amsterdam which are in or close to the city center:

  1. Hotel Estherea: This charming boutique hotel is located in the heart of Amsterdam, just a short walk from Dam Square and the Anne Frank House. 
  2. Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam: This hotel comprises 25 interconnected canal houses in the historic canal district. 
  3. Hotel V Nesplein: This trendy boutique hotel is located near Dam Square and offers stylish rooms with modern amenities. 
  4. The Hoxton Amsterdam: Situated on the Herengracht canal, this boutique hotel offers stylish and comfortable rooms with a unique design.
  5. Hotel Roemer: At the Chic Museum Quarter, this boutique hotel offers contemporary rooms with a luxurious touch and is close to the Van Gogh Museum and Vondelpark.  3 days in amsterdam - amsterdam itinerary
  6. The Albus: This modern hotel is near Rembrandtplein Square and offers comfortable rooms with a sleek design. 
  7. Hotel JL No76: This boutique hotel offers stylish rooms and a cozy lounge in a quiet street in the Museum Quarter. It has an art gallery and a garden close to the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum.
  8. Hotel Ibis Amsterdam Centre: Situated in the city center near Amsterdam Central Station, this hotel offers comfortable rooms and a 24-hour bar. 

Nightlife options – 3 days In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is renowned for its vibrant and diverse nightlife scene. Here’s a list of nightlife options in Amsterdam for you to explore:

  1. Rembrandtplein: This bustling square is lined with bars, clubs, and cafes, making it a popular nightlife hub.
  2. Leidseplein: Another lively square in Amsterdam, Leidseplein is known for its vibrant nightlife. 
  3. De Wallen (Red Light District): While famous for its adult-oriented establishments, the Red Light District also offers a range of bars, pubs, and clubs. It’s an intriguing and unique area to explore for its vibrant nightlife. red light district amsterdam
  4. Jordaan: This charming neighborhood is home to trendy bars, traditional Dutch cafes, and cozy pubs.
  5. NDSM Wharf: Located in Amsterdam-Noord, NDSM Wharf is an artistic and cultural hotspot. 
  6. Club NYX: Known for its eclectic and inclusive atmosphere, it offers multiple floors with different music genres, ensuring a diverse and energetic clubbing experience.
  7. Paradiso: Housed in a former church, Paradiso is a renowned music venue hosting many concerts and club nights.
  8. Melkweg: Situated near Leidseplein, Melkweg is another popular music venue that hosts concerts, DJs, and other live performances. 
  9. Brouwerij ‘t IJ: For beer enthusiasts, this local craft brewery near the windmill in the city’s eastern part offers a cozy pub atmosphere where you can enjoy a wide selection of delicious brews.
  10. Rooftop Bars: Amsterdam boasts several rooftop bars that provide stunning city views. Popular options include SkyLounge Amsterdam, Twenty Third Bar, and Canvas on the 7th.

Remember to check each venue’s opening hours and entry requirements, as they may vary.

Shows/Concerts – Amsterdam Itinerary 3 Days

Amsterdam offers various shows and concerts to cater to multiple interests. Here’s a list of shows and must-attend concerts for tourists in Amsterdam:

3 days in amsterdam - amsterdam itinerary

  1. Concertgebouw: Considered one of the world’s finest concert halls, Concertgebouw hosts a variety of classical music concerts performed by renowned orchestras and musicians. 
  2. Ziggo Dome: This large indoor arena hosts major international music acts, including famous artists and bands from various genres. 
  3. Royal Theater Carré: Located in a historic building along the Amstel River, Royal Theater Carré hosts a mix of theatrical productions, concerts, and comedy shows. 
  4. Boom Chicago: If you’re looking for comedy, head to Boom Chicago. This comedy club presents improvisational shows and stand-up performances in English, catering to locals and international visitors.
  5. Amsterdam Dungeon: For a unique and immersive experience, visit the Amsterdam Dungeon. This interactive theatrical attraction takes you through the darker side of Amsterdam’s history, featuring live actors and special effects.
  6. The Westergas: Located in the Westerpark area, The Westergas is a cultural complex that hosts various events, including concerts, theater performances, art exhibitions, and festivals. 
  7. Melkweg: In addition to being a music venue, Melkweg also hosts various other events, such as stand-up comedy, film screenings, and cultural programs. 
  8. Vondelpark Open Air Theatre: During the summer, the Vondelpark Open Air Theatre offers a series of free outdoor performances, including live music concerts, dance shows, and theater performances. 
  9. Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ: This contemporary music venue showcases various genres, including contemporary classical music, jazz, electronic music, and experimental performances. 
  10. Holland Festival: If you visit Amsterdam in June, check out the Holland Festiva

Dutch vegan food to try out in Amsterdam In 3 Days

Amsterdam has a thriving vegan food scene, offering various delicious plant-based options. Here’s a list of Dutch vegan food you should try out in Amsterdam:

  1. Vegan Stroopwafels: Stroopwafels are a classic Dutch treat, and now you can find vegan versions too. These are thin waffle cookies filled with sweet caramel syrup. Look for vegan stroopwafels at local markets or specialty stores. Amsterdam Itinerary 3 days - what to do in amsterdam
  2. Vegan Cheese: Try traditional Dutch vegan cheeses from plant-based ingredients such as soy, cashews, or almonds. Amsterdam has specialty vegan cheese shops like Vagabond and De Vegetarische Traiteur, where you can sample a variety of vegan cheese options.
  3. Bitterballen: Bitterballen are popular Dutch deep-fried snacks typically filled with meat. However, you can find vegan versions with various fillings like mushrooms, vegan meat substitutes, or vegetables. Check out vegan cafes and restaurants like Vegan Junk Food Bar for their vegan Bitterballen.
  4. Dutch Fries: Dutch fries, or “patat,” are a must-try street food in Amsterdam. Look for a “frietkraam” (fry stand) and order your fries with vegan mayonnaise, known as “friet met vegan mayo.” It’s a delicious and indulgent treat loved by locals and visitors alike.
  5. Poffertjes: Poffertjes are small, fluffy pancakes typically served with butter and powdered sugar. Look for vegan poffertjes at vegan-friendly cafes or food stalls. You can also find vegan poffertjes mixes to make them at home.
  6. Vegan Dutch Apple Pie: Enjoy a vegan slice of traditional Dutch apple pie. Look for vegan-friendly cafes or bakeries that offer this sweet and comforting treat. Pair it with a cup of Dutch coffee or tea for a perfect combination.
  7. Hagelslag: Hagelslag is chocolate or fruity sprinkles traditionally used as a topping for bread and butter. Look for vegan Hagelslag options without animal products, and try this typical Dutch breakfast treat.
  8. Dutch Speculaas: Speculaas is a spiced cookie often associated with the holiday season. Look for vegan versions of these crunchy, flavorful cookies made with plant-based ingredients. 

Things to do in Amsterdam in 3 days with kids

Amsterdam offers plenty of family-friendly activities and attractions perfect for enjoying quality time with kids. Here are some things to do in Amsterdam with kids:

  1. NEMO Science Museum: This interactive museum is designed to spark curiosity and interest in science.  3 days in amsterdam - amsterdam itinerary
  2. ARTIS Amsterdam Royal ZooTake your kids to the oldest zoo in the Netherlands. ARTIS features various animals, including lions, elephants, penguins, and more.
  3. Vondelpark: Amsterdam’s largest city park, Vondelpark, is an excellent place for families to enjoy outdoor activities. 
  4. Natura Artis Magistra: Besides being a zoo, Artis Magistra is also an expansive cultural and educational complex. 
  5. Anne Frank House: While visiting the Anne Frank House may be more suitable for older children, it provides an educational and thought-provoking experience. It offers insight into the life of Anne Frank and her family during World War II.
  6. Amsterdamse Bos: This large recreational area just outside the city center offers numerous outdoor activities for families. 
  7. Nemo’s Underwater World: Located in the basement of the Schuttersgalerij in Amsterdam’s city center, Nemo’s Underwater World is a unique attraction that features aquariums with various marine creatures.
  8. Tropenmuseum Junior: This museum offers a range of interactive exhibits and activities designed specifically for children. 
  9. Pancake Boat: Treat your kids to a pancake feast while cruising along the canals of Amsterdam. 
  10. Kids Playground and Trampoline Parks: Amsterdam has several indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks, such as TunFun, Ballorig, and Bounz Amsterdam.

Adventure Things To Do In Amsterdam Itinerary

While Amsterdam is known for its charming canals and cultural attractions, there are also some adventurous activities for those seeking a thrill. Here’s a list of adventurous things to do in Amsterdam:

  1. A’DAM Lookout: Get your adrenaline pumping by visiting the A’DAM Lookout. Take a thrilling ride in the “Over The Edge” swing, which takes you over the edge of the building and offers panoramic views of the city.
  2. Canal Biking: Explore Amsterdam’s picturesque canals by renting a pedal-powered canal bike. amsterdam itinerary 3 days - amsterdam in 3 days
  3. Electric Scooter Tour: Discover Amsterdam on an electric scooter tour. 
  4. Indoor Skydiving: Experience the sensation of skydiving without actually jumping out of a plane at Indoor Skydive Amsterdam. 
  5. Go-karting: Race against your friends and family at an indoor go-karting track in Amsterdam. 
  6. High Rope Course: Test your agility and bravery at a high rope course. 
  7. Jet Skiing: Take to the waters of Amsterdam on a jet ski. Rent a jet ski, explore the canals, or venture to the nearby IJmeer or Markermeer for an exhilarating ride.
  8. Outdoor Rock Climbing: Scale the walls of an outdoor rock climbing venue such as Mountain Network Amsterdam or Monk Bouldergym. 
  9. Water Sports: Enjoy various water sports activities on Amsterdam’s canals and water bodies. Try stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), kayaking, or wakeboarding for a fun and active adventure.
  10. Sandboarding: Visit the nearby coastal dunes, such as Zandvoort or Bloemendaal, and try sandboarding. Glide down the sandy slopes on a board for an exciting and unique experience.

Shopping – Amsterdam Itinerary 3 Days

Shopping in Amsterdam is a delightful experience, offering various options from trendy boutiques and high-end fashion to vintage stores and local markets. Here’s a guide to shopping in Amsterdam:

  1. Kalverstraat: Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Kalverstraat is one of the city’s busiest shopping streets. It offers a mix of well-known international brands, popular clothing stores, and souvenir shops. You’ll find various fashion, accessories, cosmetics, and more.

    Kalverstraat - amsterdam itinerary must do

  2. Nine Streets (De Negen Straatjes): Nestled within the canal belt, the Nine Streets area is a charming district known for its unique boutiques, vintage stores, and independent shops. Explore these picturesque streets to discover one-of-a-kind fashion, jewelry, home decor, and specialty shops.
  3. P.C. Hooftstraat: If you’re looking for luxury shopping, head to P.C. Hooftstraat. This upscale street has designer boutiques, flagship stores, and high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel. It’s the perfect destination for indulging in luxury fashion and accessories.
  4. Albert Cuyp Market: This bustling street market is the largest in Amsterdam and offers a vibrant atmosphere. It features a variety of stalls selling fresh produce, clothing, accessories, flowers, and street food. It’s a great place to immerse yourself in local culture and find unique items at affordable prices.
  5. Waterlooplein Market: Known as the oldest flea market in Amsterdam, Waterlooplein Market is a treasure trove for vintage lovers and bargain hunters. 
  6. De Bijenkorf: Located in a historic building on Dam Square, De Bijenkorf is a luxury department store offering an extensive range of high-end fashion, accessories, cosmetics, home decor, and gourmet food.
  7. Jordaan: This charming neighborhood has boutique stores, art galleries, and specialty shops.  Amsterdam Itinerary 3 days - what to do in amsterdam
  8. Magna Plaza: Housed in a former post office building near Dam Square, Magna Plaza is a shopping center that combines grand architecture with a mix of international and local brands. 
  9. Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk: These adjacent streets are known for their eclectic mix of shops, including fashion boutiques, concept stores, specialty food shops, and trendy cafes. 
  10. Foodhallen: For food and drink enthusiasts, Foodhallen is a must-visit. It is in a converted tram depot and offers a vibrant indoor food market with various international cuisines, trendy bars, and live music events.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) – Amsterdam itinerary 3 days

amsterdam itinerary 3 days - 3 days in amsterdam

  • What is the best time to visit Amsterdam? 

Amsterdam is a year-round destination, but April to October offers pleasant weather and longer daylight hours, making it a popular time to visit. Consider visiting during the shoulder seasons (spring or autumn) for fewer crowds and milder weather.

  •  How do I get from the airport to the city center? 

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is well-connected to the city center. You can take a train directly from the airport to Amsterdam Central Station, in the city’s heart. Alternatively, you can use the airport shuttle bus, taxis, or private transfers.

  • Are the canals safe for swimming? 

Swimming in the canals is not advisable for safety and health reasons. While it may be tempting, the canals are not designed for swimming, and the water quality may not meet the required standards.

  • Is biking in Amsterdam safe for tourists? 

Biking is a popular mode of transportation in Amsterdam, but it’s essential to follow the rules and be aware of your surroundings. Familiarize yourself with cycling etiquette, use designated bike lanes, and always watch for pedestrians and other cyclists.

  • Do I need a visa to visit Amsterdam? 

The visa requirements for Amsterdam depend on your nationality. EU/EEA citizens can travel freely, while citizens of some countries may require a Schengen visa. Check with your country’s Dutch embassy or consulate for specific visa requirements.

  • What are the must-visit attractions in Amsterdam? 

Some popular attractions include the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Vondelpark, and the Jordaan neighborhood. Take a canal cruise, visit Dam Square, and explore vibrant neighborhoods like De Pijp and the Red Light District.

De Wallen Amsterdam itinerary 3 days
De Wallen Amsterdam
  • Is booking tickets in advance for museums and attractions necessary?

Booking tickets in advance, especially during peak seasons, is advisable to skip the lines and ensure entry. Many museums offer timed entry tickets, which can be purchased online. Some attractions, like the Anne Frank House, have limited availability and require reservations.

  • What is the local currency, and are credit cards widely accepted? 

The local currency is the Euro (€). Credit cards are widely accepted in most establishments, including hotels, restaurants, and shops. However, carrying cash for smaller purchases and places that may not accept cards is always good.

  •  Is tipping customary in Amsterdam? 

Tipping in Amsterdam is not mandatory, as the bill typically includes service charges. However, it’s common to round up the bill or leave a small tip (around 5-10%) for good service or in restaurants.

  • Is English widely spoken in Amsterdam? 

Yes, English is widely spoken throughout Amsterdam. Most locals speak English fluently, especially in tourist areas, so communication should be fine.

Must Try Indian restaurants in Amsterdam for tourists

Sure! Here are some highly-rated Indian restaurants in Amsterdam that cater to tourists:

Best Indian food in Dubai 

  1. Ashoka Indian Restaurant: Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Ashoka is known for its authentic Indian cuisine and warm hospitality. 
  2. Mayur Indian Restaurant: Situated near Leidseplein, Mayur Indian Restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring classic Indian dishes. 
  3. Saravanaa Bhavan: Saravanaa Bhavan specializes in South Indian cuisine, serving delicious dosas, idlis, and curries. It is located near Amsterdam Central Station, making it easily accessible for tourists.
  4. Ganesha Restaurant: Ganesha is a cozy Indian restaurant in the Jordaan neighborhood. 
  5. Restaurant Koh-I-Noor: In the city center, Koh-I-Noor is a popular choice for Indian cuisine in Amsterdam. 
  6. Shiva Indian Restaurant: Shiva is a family-run restaurant near Dam Square, offering a delightful selection of Indian dishes. 
  7. Pind Punjabi: In the De Pijp neighborhood, Pind Punjabi is a small, family-friendly restaurant serving delicious Indian cuisine. 

I hope you loved reading Amsterdam Itinerary 3 days and will soon plan your fun-filled 3 days in Amsterdam. 

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