15 Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges

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In this post, let’s take a virtual tour of the most beautiful and famous bridges in the world – pictures of best bridges.

Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges
Beautiful bridges in Chicago, IL, USA

Bridge – A man-made structure that helps in transporting things from one end to other ends across a river, road, valley, or obstacle. Numerous amazing and unbelievable bridges worldwide are famous for beauty, design, and location. 

Bridges played an essential role in spreading knowledge, development, trade, the rise of transportation since the ancient ages. The construction of early bridges started from stone arched or wooden planks and then evolved to many engineering designs

Now you can find the best bridges all over the world that prove the evolution of excellent engineering and technology skills in the construction area.

Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges
Bosporus Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey

Types of Bridges | Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges

Bridges are categorized into –

  • Bridges by structure – The design or structure type handles all 5 forces – tension, compression, torsion, bending & sheer.
  • Fixed or Movable types – Mostly, bridges are fixed, but some temporary bridges are made movable too.
  • Usability Types – Pedestrian or Railway Bridge. There are many specific bridges and therefore, they can be classified as per their use too.

I will be listing some of my favorite beautiful and famous bridges in the world, with the best pictures of bridges.

Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges from my travels


Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges
Photo By – Pixabay
  • Type – Cable-stayed bridge
  • Core Material – Prestressed concrete steel
  • Span – 18,370 feet.

Built-in 2009, this Bandra Worli Sea Link bridge is in the form of the new skyline of Mumbai. You can feel the racing winds, and amazing sunsets over the Arabian sea under the stunning cables of this bridge, and can commute between Bandra and Worli with lots of ease.

This bridge eases the commuting time in Mumbai, which is known for lots of traffic. A 30 to 40-minute previous commuting time was reduced to 10 minutes by constructing this bridge.

Usability Types – Eight-lane highways (two – four-lane roads) to carry passenger vehicles. It is not for pedestrians.


Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges

  • Type – Hybrid Cable-stayed with Suspension,
  • Material – Steel wire for suspension, Cement, limestone & Granite for columns,
  • Span – 7710 feet.

The oldest suspension bridge in the USA is also a national historic landmark. Spanning over the East River between the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Wholly constructed in 1883, it took about 14 years to build it.

Usability – Six-lane bridge that carries passenger vehicles, pedestrians, and bikers.


Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges

  • Type – 16 arches bridge and also comprising Bow bridge style 
  • Material – Bohemian sandstone 
  • Span – 2037 feet.

A historical and Gothic style the architectural bridge over the River Vltava is one of the most beautiful and impressive bridges in Europe. This bridge connects the old historic town of Prague to Prague Castle. It has 30 decorative sculptures or statues which are sculpted in Baroque style. Completed in the 1400s, this bridge is worth visiting the bridge in Prague.  

Usability – Pedestrian bridge only.


Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges

  • Type – Steel gravity anchored Suspension Bridge 
  • Material – Steel, 
  • Span – 5118 feet.

An iconic bridge in Istanbul which joins two continents – Asia & Europe, and therefore it is also known as the bi-continental bridge. It was planned to construct this bridge in 511 BC but it was not a successful attempt and finally, in 1970, this bridge was completed in 1973. The most photographic spot of Istanbul and world-famous bridge for its strategic location and also connecting the eastern world to the western world.

Usability – Eight – laned bridge that carries passenger vehicles only. Earlier pedestrians were allowed but now only for commuting through vehicles.


Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges

  • Type – Arch bridge,
  • Material – Stone at present and earlier it was timber & Pontoon too, 
  • Span – 75 feet

Historic bridge of Venice and it was the first in Venice which spanned over The great grand Canals of Venice, Italy. Designed by Antonio Da Ponte and was a point of discussion among many critics of those times. As many thought this design was disastrous but this bridge proved all wrong and is a beautiful example of historic Venetian architecture with minimal wastage of space on both sides. On both sides of the portico, there are covered ramps with lots of small shops. It is made similar to its ancient wooden structure. Michelangelo too applied for its architecture but was got rejected. Now, this bridge is the biggest tourist attraction of Venice and also an iconic monument of Italy.

Usability – Only Pedestrian bridge.


Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges

  • Type – Closed-spandrel segmental arch bridge,
  • Material – Stone,
  • Span – 98 feet.

A medieval-styled bridge spanning over Arno river in Florence is well-known for its unique architecture and survival from WW-II.  This two-storeyed bridge is having multiple shops on the second story. Built-in 996 but was destroyed in flood and after several makeovers, it was fully functional in 1345. It is 3 segmental-arched bridge. 

Usability – Only Pedestrian bridge.


  • Type – Double Leaf Bascule Bridge,
  • Material – Steel,
  • Span – 345 feet

It was once awarded one of the most beautiful bridges from the American Institute of Steel Construction. Built-in 1930 over the famous Chicago river, this bridge stands to the west of Michigan Avenue bridge and connects near the north area to Loop of Chicago. It is a single deck, double-leaf bascule bridge(Bascule means it can be opened up into 2 parts, so that big ships underneath can pass). Chicago is city of bridges and you will find lot many Bascule bridges here. 

Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges
Aerial View of Chicago city with bridges

Usability – Pedestrian and Roadways too for passenger vehicles. 


Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges

  • Type – Arch,
  • Core Material – Iron,
  • Span – 3,700 feet, Steel Arch 440 feet above the water.

Also, named as “Coat-hanger”, because of its arch shape. It was constructed in 1932 and an iconic bridge in Australia. Sydney’s iconic skyline is famous for this bridge and also famous for iconic fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

Usability – Roadway bridge – carries vehicles, pedestrians, and bikers.


Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges

  • Type – Truss, Cantilever and Arch Bridge,
  • Core Material – Steel and Glass,
  • Span – 492 feet.

Newly constructed an iconic bridge in Tbilisi, Georgia which has impressive modern architecture. It crosses over the Mtkvari river in a historic town. Shaped like a marine animal, this bridge is adorned with 10,000 LED lights that glow in the evening with specific patterns. Therefore this modern style of the bridge in the historic city center is a favorite among tourists. Designed by an Italian architect, it was completed in 2010.

Usability –Pedestrians.

Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges – My Bucket List Ideas


Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges
Photo By – Pixabay
  • Type – Art Deco, Suspension Bridge, Truss Arch
  • Core Material – Steel  
  • Span – 8980 feet.

Symbol of California and until the 1960’s it was the longest and tallest suspension bridge of the world. It was built in 1937 and also painted in “International Orange” to match the surrounding warm colors of nearby coastal regions. It is also one of the world’s modern wonders and is most recognizable worldwide. It crosses over San Francisco Bay.

Usability – 6 vehicle traffic lanes, Pedestrians, have specific timing slots to cross this bridge.


best bridges in the world

  • Type – Suspension Bridge,
  • Core Material – Steel  
  • Span – 12,800 feet.

Also Known as Pearl Bridge, it is built on Akashi Strait and was completed in 1998. This bridge is the longest central span suspension bridge in the world. This bridge can resist earthquakes, heavy tides, and high winds and is considered as solid and sturdy. It also withstood the Kobe earthquake.

Usability – Roadway bridge – 6 lanes of Expressway and 4 Emergency lanes.


Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges
Photo By – Pixabay
  • Type – Suspension & Bascule
  • Core Material – Steel clad in granite and stone masonry  
  • Span – 270 ft with 213 ft tall towers

This bridge crosses the River Thames and connects southern and northern London. It forms the iconic skyline of London and famous tourist attractions too. It was completed in 1894 and was inaugurated by Prince of Wales.

Usability – Passenger Vehicles and Pedestrians.


Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges
Photo By – Pixabay
  • Type –Suspension
  • Core Material – Steel with timber deck,
  • Span – 880 ft, and a total length of 1260 ft.

Highest suspension bridge in the USA and even the western hemisphere. It crosses over the Arkansas River and is 955 feet above the river. It was completed in 1929. Many adventurers flock here to jump with parachutes, Skycoasters to do swing rides over the bridge, Gondola, and ziplining nearby. 

Usability – Pedestrians and Passenger Vehicles at some specific timings.


Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges
Photo BY – Pixabay
  • Type – Arch bridge,
  • Core Material – Stone,
  • Span – 95 ft.

Known as the humpbacked and 16th-century old bridge this bridge is known for its beautiful surroundings. It crosses over the Neretva River in the old town of Mostar. Before this bridge, it was a wooden bridge.

Usability – Only Pedestrians.


Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges
Photo By – Pixabay
  • Type – Double Helix Bridge, Tubular Truss
  • Core Material – Stainless Steel,
  • Span – 918 ft.

The shape of this bridge makes it unique and it is shaped like the structure of DNA. It crosses over Marina Bay and connects Marina South to Marina to the center. It has five points for viewing platforms. The helix shape forms a beautiful sight and is worth visiting attraction in Singapore.

Usability – Pedestrians only.

I hope you loved taking a virtual tour of 15 Most Beautiful And Famous Bridges In The World – Pictures of Best Bridges with all their basic design concepts and why they are so famous. Most of them I have visited but some of them are still in my bucket list and would love to visit soon. Let me know your favorite beautiful bridge below in the comments. There are many amazing bridges in this world with a beautiful backdrop, the sheer excellence of engineering, and it is always great to see them.

If you want to take virtual tour of bridges with Hindi (Indian language) commentary then watch this video – BEST BRIDGES IN THE WORLD. 

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  1. It is really interesting that the Rialto bridge in Venice was originally built out of wood. It seems like you can do a lot of really impressive things with wood. Also, with modern tools, I wonder what type of bridges you could make.

  2. What a fun post. In the beginning, you sort of explain our fascination with bridges – followed by all those architectonical wonders. I actually checked which ones I’ve already seen on the spot – albeit not necessarily crossed.

  3. Very pleased to see our Sydney Harbour Bridge made the list. A bit of a favourite for me is the RIALTO BRIDGE, VENICE, ITALY

  4. This is a lovely collection. My favourate is I think Ponte Veccio. Btw, the Pulteney Bridge in Bath is gorgeous, reminds me a little of Ponte Veccio. Some of the other fascinating ones for me are the Golden Bridge in Vietnam, Chain Bridge in Budapest, Khaju and Si-o-Se-Pol bridges in Isfahan. The world is full of gorgeous places 🙂

  5. I love bridges! Newcastle upon Tyne is another place with good bridges. And have you see the winding bridge in Tacloban, Philippines?

  6. This is an incredible collection of bridges! To be honest, i had not heard of the Bridge of Peace in Tbilisi before now. Definitely a nice round-up of famous bridges in the world.

  7. Great selection. Bridges are amazing structures, well planned and built masterworks. My favourite ones are the old one that stood the test of time such as the Charles Bridge in Prague or the Ponte Vecchio in Firenze.

  8. Oh the Charles bridge in Prague and Rialto in Venice are some of my favorites and bring back so many fond memories! But I’ve always been dying to see the Sydney Harbour bridge. Although I think it deserves a better nickname than ‘Coat Hanger’.

  9. I’m yet to visit Mumbai after the Bandra-Worli Sealink was built. Can’t wait to see it in person. I’ve only been to 3 of the bridges in your extensive list – Prague, Florence and London. There’s so much more for me to see. The Stori Most in Bosnia Herzegovina looks so gorgeous. The Peace Bridge in Georgia looks interesting too. I should plan a trip. Too bad I missed the Helix Bridge in Singapore which I should have gone, in the trip that got cancelled due to Covid.

  10. That’s an amazing list. I love taking pictures of the bridges too. I have seen the Worli LInk bridge, Tower bridge and the Sydney Harbour bridge. They are all so amazing. Also, I have climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the top. It has such amazing views of the harbour and the Opera House. Also during this tour, the staff provide a lot of information regarding the history. I am not sure if other bridges can be climbed the way tours are run in Sydney. But really cool bridges around the World.

  11. WOW! There’s a lot of information about bridges in here. I love the look of the Bridge of Peace, such an interesting modern design. But the one in Bosnia & Herzegovina looks so romanic. I love those old bridges over cute rivers, Nice that it’s just a little pedestrian bridge.

  12. what an interesting post, I have seen a few of these bridges. Brooklyn bridge and Golden gate bridge are my favourite that I have seen. The Start most in Bosnia looks like something out of a fairy tale! thats definitely added to my list! how stunning! really interesting read and I hope to tick more off over the years!

  13. Strangely enough I went through each bridge ticking off which ones I’ve seen! One of my favourites is the Golden Gate Bridge as the sheer size of it in person is breathtaking!

  14. What a wonderful collection. This is actually my first time to see a compilation of the most beautiful bridges and I just enjoyed reading your post. So far the Akashi Kaikyo bridge in Japan is still my favorite.

  15. When I see lists like these, I immediately start ticking off the places I’ve been – Golden Gate, Charles bridge in Prague, and Tower Bridge in London. All beautiful! I would love to visit the Bandra – Sea link bridge. It’s funny I have visited Mumbai so many times, but never got around to seeing this bridge.

  16. Being an engineer myself, I love these creations of mankind. These bridges are definitely so much more than just being convenient for the locals. I loved CHARLES BRIDGE in Prague and even the Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest is amazing. Our Bandra Warli sea link is a beauty indeed.

    1. I agree Manjulika, engineers love to see some architectural beauties too with all their specs when they travel.

  17. I recognized most of the bridges here although I’ve been to three only. The Pearl Bridge is so pretty and I want to see the Stari Most in Mostar. I drove and walked across the Royal Gorge Bridge. You just have to believe that nothing will happen when you cross it.

  18. Being a New Yorker I love the Brooklyn Bridge. I never realized that it took 14 years to build though! That is impressive! I loved seeing the “Bridge of Peace” in Georgia. I bet it is a sight at night to see those 10,000 led lights glowing. Also the “Tower Bridge” in London is just amazing! How incredible!

    1. Thanks for loving this post. And yes Georgia’s bridge though not very popular but looks very pretty with those twinkling LED’s.

  19. Beautiful posts. Where there are bridges, there is water, after all, and that’s always a nice plus in a city. I’m based in Hamburg – and we have more bridges than Venice – albeit not all of them are as romantic and pretty 😉

  20. Beautiful photos! I love the chicago river bridges, we visited during St. Pattys day to see the green river a couple years ago. SO PRETTY. Have you seen/heard of Michigan’s “Big Mac” Mackinac bridge? It’s 5 miles long, connecting the upper and lower peninsulas!

  21. This is such a cool idea for a blogpost. I have been to about 3 of those you mentioned, the most impressive of which was Tower Bridge in London. I just love the architecture in England and that bridge is no exception! The other were Brooklyn Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge!

  22. Pleased to say I’ve visited many of these through the years but I do like the look of the Peace Bridge in Georgia – one for the future. One of my favourite activities in New York is to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s such an icon & great views from the other side looking back to Manhattan. Then there’s the bridge climb in Sydney which is great fun (if a little scary when you are climbing the ladders & seeing the traffic below). And Tower Bridge in my home town…beautiful!

  23. I can’t count how many times I’ve crossed the Wabash Ave. bridge, or any of those ones in Chicago! I think the Helix and Stari Most Bridges are both so beautiful in their very different ways! I love the Rialto and London Bridges; amazing to see those! Another unique one I’ve recently found is in Tromso, Norway. It’s huge and looks like it leads right into the church (obviously it doesn’t, but that’s how it looks).

    1. Oh good to know about Norway bridge too. I would surely visit that too. And I agree, the bridges in Chicago are beautiful and all of them are my favorites.

  24. As a Civil Engineer, I must admit that I am a bit of an architecture geek. And bridges often draw my interest. Love to see the from all perspectives. You have some of my favourite ones on your list. And surprisingly (or not), I have seen most of the bridges on your list. But I have a few to add to my travel wish list. Istanbul and Tbilisi would draw me for the architecture for sure.

  25. One of my favourite bridges has to be the Brooklyn Bridge, last time we were there it was winter, and a freezing cold wind was blowing through the city. The sky was dramatic and dark, and we took some amazing photos – that looked even better in black and white.

      1. There’s a famous piece of artwork by David Hockney, which was a photo montage of the Brooklyn Bridge. It was all black and white photographs, haphazzardly lain over each other, to create a tall piece of art. We saw it at a museum in LA, and had always wished we bought a print of it, but can’t find it anywhere online to buy.

  26. Bridges are so fascinating — and beautiful! In addition to your choices, I’ve enjoyed bridges in Paris and Budapest and Prague especially.

  27. This brings back memories; one of my favourites, Mostrar..such a beautiful village. You’ve inspired to photograph bridges on my travels.

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