Explore Spain in 12 Days – Spain Itinerary

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Spain which lies in Europe’s Iberian Peninsula has a diverse geography, beautiful nature, and cultures. Explore Spain in this article which includes top listed cities, cultural towns, beaches, and many exciting places. For visiting Spain check it on their official website. Also, you must know 30 Things to know before visiting Spain. Read Spain Itinerary for 2 weeks in this post.

Majestic Madrid Attractions
Gran Via



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Hola(Hello in Spain) – Let’s Explore Spain in 12 days | SPAIN ITINERARY | Planner for Spain Trip 


Barcelona a vibrant, joyous and bright city with full of attractions for all tastes. One of the most visited and popular tourist destination of the world. Click here to know about my stay in Barcelona.

Worth visiting places in Barcelona | Spain Itinerary 

Top Sightseeing Places in Barcelona
Sagrada Familia

Within 2 days you can cover these places mentioned below either through public transport like Metro/bus or by Hop on Hop Off Bus tours. Click here to book your day tours in Barcelona.

  • Sagrada Familia
  • Illa de la Piscordia
  • Casa Batllo
  • La Ramla (very lively place – exciting night life)
  • Jardi Botanical Garden
  • Anella Olimpica
  • Museu Nacional D’ Art de Catalunya 
  • Placa de Catalunya
  • Port Vell
  • Cable car ride from Montjuiic Hill
  • Colombus Monument
  • Torre Agbar
Top Sightseeing Places in Barcelona
Casa Batllo

Day Trips from Barcelona :

On 3rd day you can select any one of the following day trips. 

Explore Spain - Spain Itinerary for 12 days


Valencia a beautiful city of Spain is famous for its wonderful architecture from ancient medieval times and even modern times. Click here to know my stay in Valencia.

Worth visiting places in Valencia | Spain Itinerary 

  • North Station
  • Town Hall Square
  • Miguelete
  • Plaza de la Virgen
  • Plaza de Mercado
  • City of Arts & Science Center
  • La Lonja
  • Valencia Cathedral
  • Book your Gastronomic or food tour in Valencia – Exciting Tapas tour in Valencia.
  • Admire street art, sculpture and exteriors/facade of buildings. Go for city tour where old meets new and click here to book your day tour in Valencia. 

Highlights of Valencia Tour

SEVILLE – 2 Days

Seville a flamboyant and cultural city of Spain with many worth visiting historical places. Birth place of Flamenco dance. Click here to know about my Seville stay.

Worth visiting places in Seville | Spain Itinerary

  • Alcazar of Seville 
  • Plaza de Espana 
  • Seville Cathedral 
  • Giralda
  • Street tour
  • Flamenco Dance show – Book your Flamenco show tickets in advance and click here to know more. 
  • Appreciate famous pottery of Seville.
  • Flora/Fauna, Live in traditional Spanish Villa and splurge on delicious Spanish food- A city of Flamenco dance and many great Spanish architectures.
Things to do in Cultural Seville Spain
Canals in front of Plaza de Espana

Day Trips from Seville

Things to do in Cultural Seville Spain
Flamenco dance from Seville
Things to do in Cultural Seville Spain
Walls of Alcazar

MALAGA – 2 Days

Famous for exotic beaches and 300 days of sun. Some of the very famous Spanish beaches are located in and around Malaga. Click here to know about my stay in Malaga

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga

Worth visiting places in Malaga | Spain Itinerary

  • Malaga City Center Beaches
  • Torremolinos Beaches
  • Alcazaba de Malaga
  • Cathedral of Incarnation
  • Mtjana Square
  • Parks of Malaga
  • El Pedregaleju
  • Calle Larios
  • Museum of Pablo Picasso
  • Cafe tours / food tours , Spanish coastal houses and street tours
Perfect Beach Destination Malaga

Day Trips from Malaga

Book your Half Day trip/excursion to Caminito Del Ray.

Perfect Beach Destination Malaga

MADRID – 3 Days

The majestic capital of Spain with great architectures and exotic night-life. Book your city tour in Madrid by clicking this.

Majestic Madrid Attractions
Majestic Madrid Attractions

Worth visiting places in Madrid | Spain Itinerary

Majestic Madrid Attractions
Lake in Buen Retiro Park

Day Trips from Madrid 

Majestic Madrid Attractions
Majestic Madrid Attractions

Major International Airports

 Barcelona and Madrid

What to eat in Spain ?

Enjoy delicious tapas, Paella, Mediterranean cuisine in any Spanish type of restaurants. You can also enjoy traditional folk dances like Flamenco dance or Tap dance with your meals at many tapas bar. 

Things to Do (Mostly Recommended) during Spain Trip | SPAIN ITINERARY | Planner for Spain Trip 

  1. Spain can be explored by road trip also. For more information on a road trip in Spain read this Euro road Tripping around Spain.
  2. Check Ultimate Spain Packing list and know about what to pack for Spain vacay. 
  3. Explore old architecture in Seville and Madrid. Witness Columbus’s journey and discovering America starting port in Barcelona.
  4. Explore  natural trails at Camino de Santiago 
  5. Beaches and water activities in Malaga.
  6. Authentic Spanish cuisine – Paella & Tapas in a Spanish restaurant/cafe with their local music and Flamenco and Tap dance
  7. Street and Night life of Barcelona(La Rambla Street)
  8. Modern life of Madrid with palaces, museums, gardens, and shopping.
  9.  Souvenier shopping at La Rambla street of Barcelona
  10.  Football lovers can head to biggest clubs of football like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona
  11.  Handmade Pottery from Seville.
  12. Visit Northern Spain is equally beautiful with wineries and stunning Coastlines.
  13.  Read this about Best Travel BackPack for Europe to make your journey more comfortable.
  14. Know some facts about Spain.

There are many exotic Spanish islands which are also must visit places. for their beautiful landscapes, blue waters, and relaxed places. I would recommend Ibiza – famous for wild parties and Lanzarote – volcanic landscapes and a relaxed place.

Commuting in Spain | SPAIN ITINERARY | Planner for Spain Trip 

  • Hop On & Hop Off Buses or Public transport in Cities.
  • For intercity you can also rent a car and go from one city to another. Read more about Spain road trip
  • Internal flights is also another means to commute between major cities of Spain.
  • Intercity Trains to one city to another city by Renfe rail. International tourists can take Spain pass and can travel all around. Click here to book affordable train tickets in Europe. EN - 970x250
  • It is a pass only available for citizens resident in countries outside of Spain. It is strictly personal, nontransferable, and is only valid upon presentation of a passport or a residence certificate. Proof of citizenship can be established with a passport/identity card. Proof of residence can be established with government-issued residency documents.
  • Customers can choose Passes of 4, 6, 8 or 10 journeys, to be used within 1 month. Two modalities: Preferential or Tourist.
  • It is valid for all AVE Long Distance and Medium Distance trains (excluding couchettes). You choose the number of journeys you wish to make.
  • This pass is active for 6 months as from the date of issue and is valid for 1 month as from the date on which it is first validated for a journey.
  • A cancellation fee applies 24 hours after your purchase. No refund after the first journey.
  • To travel you must reserve a seat.
  • You must always carry on your Renfe Spain Pass and reservation. It can always be printed as needed.

Currency of Spain


Staying in Spain-

There are many Spanish villas converted into the hotel. So if you want to feel Spain and be like them then prefer those villas. They are kept into natural and traditional condition but with all facilities. Check my traditional Spanish villa stay by clicking here.

Spain has all types of beauty like Architecture,  Antique style of buildings,  Exotic Beaches, Natural Scenery,  Sporting Activities, Beautiful Roads, Cultural Tap Dances and Music, Authentic Food.


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Explore Spain in 12 days - Spain Itinerary

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  1. Spain has always been a favourite of mine to visit! I went to Barcelona last year and it was just so good. You’ve got some very good pictures here… and can see you’ve enjoyed yourself, where’s the next adventure?

  2. Wow that’s such a lot of places you’ve explored in Spain. Barcelona is right near the top of my list x

  3. Spain looks absolutely amazing! It has been on my list for quite some time now, but I’m not sure when I’m going to get the opportunity to visit. Can’t wait to get there one day!

  4. Spain looks incredible! Good to know about the bus pass, thanks for adding that. I’ll be sure to add that bit of info when I finally make it to Spain!

  5. My best friend’s daughter is spending a year studying in Spain. She talks a lot about how easy it is to take the bus. Not to mention the incredible food, museums, architecture, people, everything. I hope I’m able to visit before she heads back home! x

  6. I have never been to Spain but I have a friend in Granada so I have always wanted to go ! Seville has been on my list as well, it is stunning and the artitecture never ceases to amaze me!

  7. Loads of great information about Spain. Just finished our trip to Valencia and Madrid and cant wait to go back. I loved the palace in Madrid and Valencia’s saint nicholas church.

  8. Very nice blog! Spain is an amazing country, I had the pleasure of living there for over a year, would definitely recommend living there to everyone!

  9. I went to Madrid.. for a day.. NOT ENOUGH! All those photos makes me want to go for a longer visit (much longer!)

  10. Beautiful photos! I was in the South of Spain a few months ago (in Granada), and it was gorgeous, but I think Barcelona will need to be next. Thanks for the info on commuting/public transportation–very helpful.

  11. I am lucky to call Spain my second (or maybe my third) home, I’m going there with work almost every month, next to Malaga. I love the little villages in the mountains and the Andalusian architecture. You definitely have captured in your photos a bit of the Spanish charm.

    1. We did all these cities in 2 weeks and I went through train as it is superfast and it saved a lot of time but driving thru is also a gr8 option because you can stopover and can enjoy on the way small towns.

  12. Spain is my dream place to be visited. Spain is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the World. Spain is different. Spain is special. Summing up a country as geographically and culturally diverse as Spain is near enough impossible.

  13. spain has a beautiful architecture, is all I had heard, so, there is some more for me to learn. I really liked the pictures.

  14. My family are going to Spain in a week. They are looking for information on most of these places. I will share this article with them

  15. Nice compilation of places and you sure did cover quite a bit of the country. I have been to Valencia and Malaga and loved being there. Spain has a lot of culture and beaches and the food is amazing so definitely the place to be. Some wonderful tips there too.

  16. Spain loos amazing! I’ve only been to Barcelona and few of the islands, but still have some great sports to visit. All the photos in this post are beautiful. I can’t wait to visit Sevilla and Madrid. Oh, and Malaga of course! They look so ritch of culture, art and just some special vibe. What’s your own favorite Spanish city?

  17. You have taken a lot of beautiful and interesting photos. I do like to visit Barcelona. It is such a vibrant city and lots of tourist attractions like the La Sagrada Familia, Picasso Museum, Las Ramblas street, and so much more. I would definitely keep your post in mind if I’d travel to Spain someday.

  18. The villa/hotel looks charming! We will be in Madrid on my birthday. We will definitely consider staying in the villa/hotel. 🙂 I love the itinerary that you suggested but I’m most inclined to the beaches and water activities in Malaga, paella & tapas and the street and night life in Barcelona.

  19. Spain is indeed an incredible place! I’ve been only to Barcelona and I was so astonished by their art and architecture and I really wish to go again! Malaga looks so relaxed and beautiful as well!

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  22. You have visited lots of cities and beaches in Spain. I think Barcelona was my favourite city in Spain, but I’ve not been to Valencia yet so I can’t compare this city yet. The beach in Malaga must be relaxing!

  23. Spain is totally gorgeous! Madrid and Seville sound so fun; you certainly were able to visit a lot of amazing places! The tapas is definitely a draw for us. We had plans to visit this summer, but it now sounds like we won’t be able to. Maybe next time, and we’ll definitely visit the places you went, especially Malaga (which wasn’t on our list before). Thanks for sharing!

  24. It has always been a wish of mine to visit Spain one day. My brother lived in Barcelona for a bit and so I would love to travel there. But I heard there is so much more to Spain as your venture out away from the popular tourist areas. I would love to explore those hidden gems and divulge in some authentic Spanish cuisine. Your photos make it all the more enticing to visit!

  25. The photos that you start the post with are amazing and really help to set the feel for the rest of the article, from the colors to the architecture. I had not heard of the Christopher Columbus museum before, but as a lover of history this would be on my list. The villas being broken up into hotel rooms is a terrific idea and a must place to stay when I go.

  26. You had quite the adventure in Spain and visited so many amazing places. I have only been to Barcelona but absolutely loved it and now you are tempting me to visit more. I really love the food especially the Paella and tapas as you experienced yourself. And am ready to go get more.

  27. This post just highlights so well how much there is to love about Spain. Your photos were just marvelous and the narrative to underscore all the activities and places that can be enjoyed was just wonderful. I can’t wait to see it for myself!

  28. Good travel tips about Spain. Even though I did Spanish up to my senior year in high school, I still have to visit that part of the world that gave us tapas and Gaudi!

  29. Sadly, my only experience with Spain has been a short layover in Madrid overnight while flying home from Paris. I really want to go back and explore the food, culture, and wine. With all of the beautiful pictures, I’m going to have a hard time deciding where to visit first! – Lee

  30. Great pics & great compilation of a travel guide. I would like to know where to find the renfe pass in the country? Is it available on a train station or some shop?

    1. We booked online before going and was home delivered to our place. Also on train stations you could get. Chk online before going

  31. Wow, lovely pictures. Spain is on my mind (and millions of Indians) ever since it was featured in a popular Bollywood movie called Zindagi na Milegi Dobara. The Bollywood film awards IIFA held in Madrid in 2016 further enhanced Spain’s popularity in India.

  32. Wow… so many enticing sights in one post! Not that someone needs to sell me Spain anymore but you managed to enhance my urge to visit the country. Hope I can do it soon!

  33. wow, what a comprehensive guide to Spain! Definitely good for first timers to know since the train is such a great way to get around. Your pictures bring back memories for when I was there last. Absolutely love this gorgeous country!

  34. The Gaudi architecture in Barcelona is awe-inspiring. We missed Madrid and Seville due to lack of time. Hopefully next time

  35. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures of Spain. I love wanderlusting over pictures because I am going to Spain in June. Cannot wait. Just returned fro Ibiza too. Thanks again for sharing these and helping to keep me excited about my upcoming trip

  36. I didn’t know it was so easy to commute in Spain using the bus system. It’s good to know the passes are nontransferable so that way no one can steal it. I like how you can reserve a seat because I hate when people steal mine.

  37. You visited so many cities!! I lived in Spain for 6 months as part of my studies and didn’t actually get much further than Granada, where I lived, and a brief weekend in Barcelona.
    Did you have a favourite city out of them all??

  38. Spain is one of my favourite countries in the world. Barcelona and Sevilla are truly magnificient cities. Staying in a Spanish villa definitely sounds like the way to go – it looks so charmimg.

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