Ultimate Madrid Attractions – Madrid Itinerary 3 Days (Things To Do)

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Madrid, Spain’s capital city, is known for its culturally rich cosmopolitan outlook, best football clubs, elegant gardens, liveliest nightlife, friendly inhabitants, charming bars & taverns, tempting shopping, spectacular architecture, and exciting history.  Let’s explore Majestic Madrid Attractions in this post or read about the best things to do in Madrid with a Madrid itinerary 3 days.   

Majestic Madrid Attractions - Madrid itinerary 3 days
Majestic Madrid Attractions

Madrid Attractions – Madrid Itinerary 3 Days

There are many tourist attractions in this beautiful city which at least requires 5 to 6 days to cover.  But the main ones can be done within 3 days.  I took  3 days to cover the following attractions.  Also, many natural attractions near Madrid are not to be missed. Read here to unwind into nature near Madrid. Read about the best stays in Madrid and its neighborhoods.

Majestic Madrid Attractions - things to do in madrid
Majestic Madrid Attractions

 Buen Retiro Park (Park of Pleasant Retreat in English)

This park is the first biggest and most magnificent park in Madrid.   It houses beautiful sculptures & monuments, peaceful lakes, galleries, countless statues & fountains many varieties of plants/trees. It also hosts live events.

Majestic Madrid Attractions
Lake in Buen Retiro Park

Royal Palace of Madrid 

It is the official residence of the Spanish Royal family at city of Madrid. 

Majestic Madrid Attractions
Royal Palace of Madrid

Regular royal bands and horse parades are going on the specific interval of times which should not be missed. Click here to book your Madrid City tour

Plaza Mayor 

The Plaza Mayor is a grand symmetrical rectangular square with uniform architecture.  It is a very famous Plaza among tourists and locals.  Many acrobats, performers, and live street shows make this place more lively. Therefore it is one of the most fun things to do in Madrid. 

Majestic Madrid Attractions
Plaza Mayor

Museo Nacional Del Prado and Thyssen Bornemissa Museum  

These museums are almost 200 years old and considered treasures of the world’s finest collections comprising European art and paintings from the 12th century.  Also this museum is known as the Museum of Painters.

Majestic Madrid Attractions
Museuo Del Prado

Puerta Del Sol 

It is a public square in Madrid which is very busy and crowded. A concise walk from Plaza Mayor.  

Majestic Madrid Attractions
Puerta Del Sol

Temple of Debod 

It is an Egyptian temple which was actually built in Aswan(Southern Egypt) but dismantled and rebuilt in Madrid.  It is located near to Royal Palace and situated in beautiful parks known as West Park.

Majestic Madrid Attractions
Temple of Debod

Puerta De Alcala

 This iconic gate was built to welcome king Charles III in the 18th century.  Now it is a national monument located at Independence Square in City Center, which is a few meters away from Buen Retiro Park. 

Majestic Madrid Attractions
Puerta De Alcala

Walking along Gran Via

 This is a famous street in Madrid, also known as Broadway of Spain.  Gran Via is an upscale shopping street in central Madrid with exciting entertainment options, cinemas, live shows. This is not to be missed place in Madrid.

Majestic Madrid Attractions
Gran Via
Majestic Madrid Attractions
Gran Via

Cybele Palace 

Formerly known as the Palace of Communications, it is a colossal building and one of Madrid’s landmark. It is a splendorous and stunning monument palace. 

Majestic Madrid Attractions
Cybele Palace

Real Madrid Football club 

World famous Football team Real Madrid’s official place. 

Real Basilica de San Francisco el Grande 

This Basilica is Madrid’s grand old church.  It is a Roman Catholic church in central Madrid.  The dome of this basilica is the largest in Spain and the fourth largest in the world. Madrid Attractions - Madrid 3 day itinerary

Madrid Itinerary 3 Days can be split into                                                                                       

  1. Walking along the shopping streets. (Shopaholics)
  2. Relaxing in Gardens/Parks (Nature Lovers)
  3. Visit world-famous Museums and Palaces( Art  and Sculpture lovers)
  4. Explore some non-touristy things in Madrid which are equally exciting as famous spots of Madrid. 
  5. Grab some drinks and enjoy live dance shows. I went to Cafe De Chinitas to live Spanish music and dance shows.(Party lovers).
  6. Click here to book your live Flamenco Dance performance at historical Torres Bermejas tablao or Cafe Ziryab(newly opened in 2015) 
  7. Go for a food tour and visit some interesting Tapas in Madrid
  8. Go for best day trips from Madrid to nearby places.

    Things to do in Madrid - Madrid Attractions
    The lively Night life of Madrid

  9. Visit the world’s famous football clubs/stadiums (sports lovers)

There are many things to do in Madrid, but there is always a lack of time. So better plan wisely your day to cover most of the places.  But the benefit of Madrid is that this city does not sleep.  Evenings and late nights are lively, so we have more time to explore Madrid. The best time to visit Madrid is spring & summer, but the winters of Madrid are also fantastic. Read more about Madrid in winter.


My recommendations for Things To Do In Madrid 

Day Trips From Madrid – 3 Days In Madrid Itinerary

Many other cities in Spain can be visited from Madrid through rail network or road journey. I hope you loved reading about best things to do in Madrid in this Madrid itinerary 3 days with some of the best Madrid attractions. 

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So keep traveling and keep exploring……………………

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  1. I live in Spain, so I’ve been up to Madrid a few times. I have been to some of these places such a Plaza Major and Retiro. However there’s quite a lot that I still need to get to.

  2. I can’t get over how vibrant the colors are everywhere in Madrid. No boring buildings, that’s for sure. The architecture is also amazing. I love that there’s something for everyone. My husband is definitely an art and sculpture lover. Me? I’m the nature lover and would hanging in the parks enjoying a picnic and a good book. x

  3. Truly majestic Madrid attractions! Such a beautiful and lively city, I love all the intricate architecture you can find all over Madrid. Would love to wander through Puerta Del Sol, so much to see and do! What live shows did you go to?

  4. Thanks for all the tips! The architecture looks amazing in Madrid! I definitely would love the museums and I love how walkable Madrid seems to be!

  5. i really like the way, you have put across your thoughts. I completly agree with your thoughts, whenever i stopby your blog it motivates me to travel more.

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  7. I was in Spain earlier this year but didn’t make it to Madrid. The city seems so lively. I love all the old architecture – so charming. If I visit, I will make sure to check out Gran Via and do some shopping!

  8. I’ve been rooting to go to Madrid one of these days, I know it’s a splendid city with all those vibrant colors and cultural places. which I personally prefer. The Royal ¨Palace would be the one not to miss of course. nice job!

  9. A truly beautiful city. Madrid is on my to do list and after seeing the sights you included in your article, that has only added fuel to the fire of me going haha, so thanks. The Royal Palace is beautiful and I would also like to check out Plaza Mayor too.

  10. Madrid is such an exciting destination. There is so much to see/do/eat here. I would love to visit Temple of Debod. It is thrilling to know that its original home was in Aswan. History always amazes.

  11. Madrid is a beautiful city. I really loved the Egyptian temple, so weird to find it there! 😉 & walking around on the Gran Via. And of course also eating tapas ! 😉

  12. I haven’t been to Spain yet, but I really like your itinerary of exploring its main hub. I can’t believe how clean the buildings were for being the capital! When I went to Rome, the buildings and everything were so dirty, but these buildings look so intricate and detailed and every so clean!

  13. Madrid is quite interesting. Loved all the options especially the Egyptian temple. I did not know that they had one there. I know that given that I am a history buff, this will be fun for me. Cheers

  14. Spain is so rich in culture! I love the article and the pics. That Lake and Cybel Palace is gorgeous! The museum would be on of my fav to visit as I love art paintings especially vintage art. Oh and I’m a Real Madrid soccer supporter so I should make a visit to Madrid.

  15. Wow! We haven’t made it to Madrid yet (it was on our list this summer but a career change caused us to cancel our trip), but it looks like a place we’d love to visit. The Temple of Debod and Puerta De Alcala are especially fascinating. I’m a huge sucker for unique architecture. Thanks for all the tips! Saving this post for next year when we travel to Spain.

  16. The architecture in Madrid is fascinating to me. Such a cultural rich city but that has so many modern amenities as well. Would love to visit all the palaces and then head for some of its fabulous shopping.

  17. Madrid is beautiful and your photos give it justice. I have heard about Plaza Mayor a lot. It is beautiful and it looks like a great spot for tourists. The Royal Palace is gorgeous as well!

  18. Naturally with my interest in Ancient Egyptian history I have to say that I am fascinated by the Debod temple. I also like the look of the Royal Palace, it is certainly very grand that is for sure!

  19. Madrid is one of those world-class cities with a mix of old and new that is worth visiting. As the capital of Spain, there is always something interesting going on every day. Even just sitting in those big parks and watching all the various types of locals and visitors walk by is fun.

  20. What amazes me about Spain (and Europe in general) is that despite the wars and everything that went on, they were able to preserve the culture and the architecture and they are still amazing to this day. Cannot wait to visit Spain.

  21. Even though I have been to Spain a few times in my life, it has always been near the coast missing out on all the major cities of the country. Madrid comes across as a true European capital with lots going on and something for all interests. Loved the photos and hope to visit some day soon.

  22. My parents stayed in Madrid for a few years and always telling me about all these places. Your pictures are stunnning! I think I would love to visit the Temple of Debod and Cybele Palace.

  23. I definitely agree that Madrid is a great place to wander around and you look like you struck it on a sunny day too! The blue sky against the historic architecture looks eye catching. The Prado Museum is my favourite.

  24. That’s an impressive fact that the temple of Debod was originally constructed in Egypt. I would love to tour the Bernabeu and also the new athletico stadium. The buildings of the city are some of the best examples of Spanish architecture I’ve seen.

  25. Wow your pictures absolutely blew me away – the colours are stunning! I also did not know about the Egyptian pyramid in Madrid, what an incredible revelation and bucket list activity! Thank you also for your tips on where to stay and where to catch live Spanish music – I can hear Madrid calling me back again to explore these new ideas!

  26. Yes, Madrid is absolutely majestic! I couldn’t agree more. There are so many things to see, do, eat, party, learn its rich history and much more, My favorite landmark in the entire city is the Temple de Debod – this beautiful masterpiece at sunset is something you don’t want to miss! 🙂 Great post. – Mariella

  27. Madrid looks amazing! I’ve never traveled that far south in Spain. (I always get sidetracked in Barcelona.) I can’t wait to go back to Spain and fly right into Madrid. It looks like a great place for a family adventure. You take great pictures and I’m excited to put this location on our list of places to visit.

  28. I heard so many nice things about Madrid, but I never actually went there… Reading this really makes me wanna go!

  29. I have missed a little info about the “Sign” of Madrid: El oso y el madroño. They are the small statue of a bear and a tree in the Plaza Mayor. Very nice post about Madrid, one of my favourite sights is the Temple of Debod at night… just beautiful! THank you for sharing!

  30. Ah this reminds me so much of my own Madrid trip 2 years ago. Isn’t it a beautiful city? Worth a royal capital. You managed to see really a lot in this time, very nice post and I even learned some new things I didnt know yet about Madrid.

  31. Madrid! Years ago I choose to settle in Spain. Madrid was one of the first place I visited and I still catch every chance to spend a couple of days in this beautiful city that never stop to surprise a traveler.

  32. Madrid looks gorgeous. I’m yet to go here… 3 days in Madrid sounds good, I could do an extended weekend to cover all these places like you I guess. Are the 2 palaces accessible to public? Temple of Debod is intriguing indeed!

    1. Yes those two palaces can be seen. Even royal palace where king lives can also be seen for some nominal fee and one day in a week is free entry.

  33. I’ve been many times to Madrid, and love all these places here. Cibeles Palacio also has good free wifi and a nice seating area, which is handy for many travellers. Puerta del Sol is the heart of the nightlife also in Madrid, and you can’t got wrong visiting Buen Retiro Park.

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