Interesting Places to Visit in Ukraine | Ukraine Itinerary

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Interesting Places to Visit in Ukraine

Ukraine is the largest country in Eastern Europe.  Ukraine is well-known for its colorful buildings, golden-domed cathedrals, rugged mountain-scapes, wild forests, Black-Sea coastline, folk traditions, and vibrant culture.  Ukraine is a young and developing nation, though not very famous in the Tourism world it is a worth visiting country for natural beauty, marvelous architecture, and splendid cities. Let’s read about Interesting Places to Visit in Ukraine with 12 days Ukraine Itinerary. 

What to do in Ukraine in 12 Days – Interesting Places to Visit in Ukraine | Ukraine Itinerary

I recommend this Itinerary which I made to cover all these Top Places to visit in Ukraine

  • Day 1 – Reach Kyiv and enjoy the Evening or Nightlife of Kyiv (Overnight in Kyiv)
  • Day 2– Kyiv City Tour (Overnight in Kyiv)
  • Day 3 – Drive to Tunnel of Love, Castles and reach Lviv (Overnight in Lviv)
  • Day 4 – Lviv City Tour (Overnight in Lviv)
  • Day 5 – Carpathian Mountain day Tour (Early start and reach late back to the hotel for an overnight stay in Lviv)
  • Day 6 – Drive to nearby countrysides of Lviv, small towns like Ivano Francisco, Sunflower field area. (Overnight in Lviv)
  • Day 7 – Drive to Kiev while passing through castles in between. (Overnight in Kiev)
  • Day 8 – Kiev City Tour Part 2. Kiev is a big city with many places to see so Kiev city tour can be divided into 3 parts. (Overnight in Kiev)
  • Day 9 – Early start to Odessa (475 km drive) in between stopping at Missile Museum (Overnight in Odessa)
  • Day 10 – Odessa City Tour. Leave to Kiev on the same day in the late afternoon. (Overnight in Kiev)
  • Day 11 – Last part of Kiev City Tour with Nightlife on the same evening (Overnight in Kiev)
  • Day 12 – Shopping, casual walking, and back to home

There are many Day and Night Trains available for commuting between two cities. Also, you can go through internal flights through low-cost Internal Airlines. I used road transport as I like road trips because to halt in between small towns, castles, and cities.

Let’s go and Visit Top Interesting Places to Visit in Ukraine – Ukraine Itinerary 

Ukraine tour video 

  • LVIV – Cultural Capital of Ukraine – 4 Nights in Lviv


Lviv lies in Western Ukraine at about 70km from the border of Poland.  Lviv also lies close to borders of Austria, Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary.  This small European-styled walkable city – LVIV is also known as PARIS OF EUROPE.  Earlier Lviv was a part of Poland and in 1939, it became a part of Ukraine.  In Lviv, you can find Polish architecture with the influence of Soviet-style.  Lviv is also a city of restaurants and cafes. If you are on diet then don’t go for Lviv as Lviv is heaven for foodies and has many uniquely themed cafes.  Lviv is also famous for its coffee and chocolate manufacturing units. You can reach Lviv by car or by train from Kyiv/Kiev.  You can book your 2 days Lviv tour from Kiev with hotel stay by clicking here. 

Click here to book my Hotel stay in Lviv or check for more Hotel stays in Lviv – 

  • TUNNEL OF LOVE at KLEVAN TOWN – Day trip from Kiev or Lviv


It is a natural wonder in Klevan town, which is approximately 350 km from Kyiv and 200 km from Lviv.  This fairytale place is one of the most romantic destinations not in Europe but also in Europe.  The old, mysterious, Industrial Railway line covered with interwoven bushes and trees will really surprise you with its unique beauty.  Though this stretch is 6 km long it creates an optical illusion that Tunnel of Love is an endless or Infinite stretch.  In earlier times, during the war, this track was strategically used to transfer goods and arms from one place to another through trains hiding under the bushes.  But now due to its charming and dreamy appearance, this is famous for Love among couples. Now couples take romantic vows under this natural tunnel. Click here to book your Tunnel of Love tour from Lviv.

TIP – Apply Mosquito repellant before entering bushes as there are a lot of bees, flies, and mosquitoes. 

Interesting Places to visit in Ukraine
Tunnel of Love at Klevan
  • Take a trip to the BLACK SEA BEACH AT ODESSA – 1 Night


ODESA is the favorite Party Destination of Ukraine with countless beach Shacks, bars, and clubs.  Odessa also has a beautiful historical center inspired by Greek and Turkish architecture.  This Port city on the Black Sea is a popular summer beach town with a beautiful dark blackish-blue sea, ballet and Opera theaters, parks, and historical monuments. Click here to know more about my hotel stay in Odessa.

  • KIEV – CAPITAL OF UKRAINE – 5 Nights in Kiev


Kiev is also the greenest capital of Europe with numerous colorful cathedrals with Golden domes.  Get soak into marvelous architectures which have undergone several renovations.  Kiev is the city which was destroyed many times and rebuilt thereafter. If you want to go for a History’s worst nuclear disaster site, then read this article on the Chernobyl exclusion zone.  Click this link to read full guide on Best Things to Do in Kiev City Tour.

 Click here to know my hotel stay in Kiev.  Or check more Hotel Stays in Kiev/Kyiv 

  • CARPATHIAN MOUNTAIN TOUR – Day trip from Lviv


Green Pearl of Ukraine with emerald lakes, rugged mountain lines, dense & wild forests, meadows, gushing waterfalls and rough rivers.  Enjoy the misty Carpathian for pure mountain air and in winters you can go skiing as there are many ski resorts.  In summers, go for forest and mountain hikes along the borders of Romania, Slovakia, and Poland.  Lviv is a closet city as it lies on the foothills of Carpathians.  You can either stay in Lviv and go for a day trip to these mountains or can stay or camp in small towns in the Carpathians.  Click here to book your Carpathians mountain tour from Lviv with a stop at Kamianka waterfall. 

While taking a trip to above mentioned six places there are some in-between Most Recommended things to do in Ukraine.


Ukraine is one of the largest exporters of Sunflowers in the world.  There are many wide-spread sunflower fields with full blooms across the whole country either towards South-East or North-West regions of Ukraine. Take a small stop while going through a road trips anywhere in between and can shoot most likable Instagrammable shots.   

    • Interesting Places to Visit in Ukraine
      I want to go …… Sun Flower Field

Tip – The best time to visit sunflower farms/fields – July and August 


Drive or Rent a Taxi and go for a road trip to different cities with beautiful countryside views on your sides. You will pass through lush green forests, tall trees or agricultural fields. Enjoy your drive through nature in Ukraine.    

Interesting Places to Visit in Ukraine
Road Drive through Ukraine across Sunflower fields

Camp beside Lake

 There are many unknown and hidden gems in the Carpathian mountain range. These gems are emerald lakes full of peace, serenity, and Camp beside them, or hike to those lakes and spend some time there. 

Interesting Places to Visit in Ukraine
Synevyr Lake


Hike through dense forest or natural sanctuaries while plucking your favorite forest berries in between on Carpathian Mountain ranges. There are many natural sanctuaries scattered all over this region.  Also, there are a lot of berry patches in this mountain region.  Pluck your best berries.  Berry patches are wide-spread in Ukraine. 

Interesting Places to Visit in Ukraine
Forest Trails
Interesting Places to Visit in Ukraine
Plucking Berries during Forest Trails

Take a tour to STRATEGIC MISSILE FORCE MUSEUM – Ukraine Tourist Destinations

 Take a unique tour to this Missile Museum which was active in the Cold war, Soviet era. It houses nuclear weapons, underground bunkers, passages, and  Located at 300 km from Kiev on the way to Odesa, you can get the true onsite experience of going inside the missile launchers, tunnels with proper guided tours.  These missiles are not functional in present times but this actual site is open for visitors for tours. 

CASTLE TOURS – Ukraine Tourist Destinations

There are many castles in small towns, countrysides, and villages near Kyiv, Lviv, and When you will drive through Kyiv to Lviv, you will pass along a few of them where you can have a small stopover for climbing up high to get picturesque views of nearby villages.

Pidhirtsi Castle

TIPS FOR Ukraine for First Timers | Interesting Places to Visit in Ukraine | Ukraine Itinerary

        • The currency of Ukraine is Ukrainian Hryvnia, also known as UAH.
        • Read more about Ukraine Travel Tips. 
        • Check closing days of monuments, museums, and cathedrals before planning your visit.
        • People do not understand ENGLISH much so there can be Language problem but you can rid of by using Google Translator. Always keep your Google Translator ready.  Google Translator or any Translator App on your mobile is a must in Kyiv.
        • There are different Visa formalities for Ukraine. Check on their website for more information.   Check this official website for Visa information. 
        • Spring and Summers (April to September) are the best times to visit Ukraine
        • Ukraine is well known for vibrant Nightlife. Nightlife lovers will enjoy in Ukraine.
        • Ukraine offers various cuisines and you will not find any problem regards eating out. Kiev even has a beautiful street food culture.  Vegetarians can find many options in Italian, Georgian, Indian and Grilled Section of Ukrainian Cuisines.
        • Ukraine is safe and only you have to take general precautions.
        • Ukraine is not very expensive. Shopping is good and affordable.
        • For transportation in towns or cities of Ukraine, you can use Uber, Metro and walk. Walking along Historic town is best. Uber is also quite efficient here.  For inter cities you can take a flight, rail routes or taxis. Taking taxis from one city to another is not very expensive in Ukraine. 

Visit Ukraine’s official travel site for more information and planning your trip.

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Interesting Places to Visit in Ukraine - Ukraine Itinerary

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  1. some years ago I was lucky enough to travel for a month around Ukraine and Moldova and saw some of the places you recommend here 🙂 it is such an interesting and unique country! cheers from Lisbon, PedroL

  2. Wow! This tunnel of love is dreamy. I can imagine myself having a photo shoot in these place. It has a lot of possibilities — from something romantic, fairy tale, classic or even horrer. Would love to visit this someday.

  3. I think that without a doubt I have not been giving the Ukraine enough of my attention. That tunnel of love is beautiful (thanks for that tip on bug spray though!). Are there entrances and exits along the way or do you have to go the whole way once you start? The architecture throughout the country is just gorgeous too. Your pictures alone have me sold!

  4. Ukraine really looks so magical, and is somewhere I’d like to visit one day. Klevan town and the railway are so interesting and vibrant too. Who knows, maybe 2019 is the year I finally go and explore this wonderful country.

  5. I have seen pictures of that tunnel and read about the beautiful cathedrals. My husband works for a company that has an office in Ukraine, and he eventually he will be facing a business trip over there. I am definitely going with him. Looks beautiful over there.

  6. I’ve been wanting to visit Ukraine! I have a few friends that went recently and have shared the most stunning pictures. The Tunnel of Love is high on my list – and the sunflower fields! What time of year is best?
    Thanks for this itinerary!

  7. This is such good information for anyone planning a trip to Ukraine, definitely something I’m keen to do. The sights all looks so fascinating but I’m particularly enamoured with the tunnel of love – I think I’ve seen that on Instagram a few times but I didn’t know where it was.

  8. What a useful overview of the Ukraine. For a long time, we’ve been thinking of moving to Lviv — we don’t want to stay there during the winter, but one summer would be great. But there’s so much more in the Ukraine that I hadn’t even though of like the Tunnel of Love and the Carparthian mountains. This compels me to visit even more.

  9. I’ve been hearing a lot of nice things about Ukraine lately, it’s getting me quite curious about visiting. One thing I understand one shouldn’t miss is going to the opera while in Kiev

  10. Tunnel of love looks so amazing! I have read about it before and always want to visit! Also, I would love to take some pics at sunflower fields too. All the places on your list are great and I hope to visit Ukraine one day.

  11. Whoa! That tunnel of love is just breathtaking and unbelievable!!! Whoa! Just super stunning….
    Indians get visa on arrival?? That’s a super good news. I’m gonna plan Ukraine next!

  12. Ukraine hadn’t been on the radar until recently. Your guide definitely makes us want to move it up the list – stunning architecture and still can visit a beach with the Black Sea

  13. Ukraine is beautiful with all those big architectural buildings, the natural beauty and the parks. I so loved the Tunnel of Love – I guess I have seen it in some movie but didn’t know it actually exists in Ukraine. I wish I can time travel back to those days when train ride was still available. I also loved the colorful buildings in Kiev. Am adding this to my travel list.

  14. Ukraine is stunning! Just when I decide that I will pick another continent over Europe, along comes another post like this to tempt me again. Just have to visit this country.

  15. Yukti you’ve been to Ukraine, that is so cool! I really want to visit Kiev sometimes but this post is a good guide for all other places to see in Ukraine apart from the capital. The Carpathian Mountains look really amazing, I’d love to go for a nice hike there. The sunflower fields and the lovely lakes – camping on the lakeside has to be on my list. Also, Tunnel of Love looks amazing, I’ve seen pictures of it on Instagram and I know it has to be on my list of things to see in Ukraine, looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Medha! You should plan for this beautiful Ukraine tour and I hope you would surely take lots of Instagrammable photos

  16. Ukraine is a great country to visit. I am in awe if the colorful architectures in the capital city. The road and sunflower fields just took my heart. Its one of the offbeat choice and I am definitely going to put it on my list. Great to know about VOA for Indian though. Great itinerary and its helpful.

  17. I didn’t realize that the Carpathians wound through Ukraine as well. That’s so awesome! I’m going to be in Romania later this year and I’ve been thinking about country-hopping. I’ll have to consider Ukraine! Lviv sounds like a great place to immerse in the culture!

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  19. This guide is great, I didn’t realise how little I knew about Ukraine. I would love to hike in the Carpathian Mountains and explore the castle. So that’s another country on my bucket list.

  20. I would dearly love to visit the Ukraine again. I have visited Odessa and Lviv (was Lvov then) but was 17, it was many many decades ago and I’d like to go back now I am better informed to appreciate the sights, the culture, the history…

  21. Have never thought of visiting Kiev before but after reading your post surely makes me want to put this on my list. It has so much to do on the city. The colourful building add a spark of like to the city. The city has good variety of transport as you have mentioned and is a god place to try some local cuisine. Always nice to hear it not very expensive as well. Yes for people who want to party I have heard it’s got great nightlife. Thanks for sharing a very informative post as always. Amar singh.

    1. Yes, Amar, not only Kiev, but Lviv on Romania and Poland border is also worth visiting due to its cultural vibes.

  22. I love a travel itinerary! That tunnel of love and the missile museum are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. But I’d love to see both of them. What a beautiful country!

  23. Wow – I didn’t know Ukraine can be so scenic! Ukraine has never really been on my bucket list, up until recently when i’m seeing more and more of travelers visiting this country.

    I’ve also seen quite a few pics of the love tunnel! I’m so jealous you went! I can also imagine what that would look like in fall colors!

    1. I too imagined the same way like you that what would Tunnel of Love look like in Fall .. Amazing shades of orange and yellow.

    1. I too love historical buildings and want to know history behind those castles on top on hills. They have very unique past

  24. Wow, I would absolutely love to go for a stroll in the Tunnel of Love and those scenic sunflower fields. I had no idea Ukraine had so much natural beauty!

  25. Thanks for sharing this. We have been interested in the Ukraine for a while, but had no idea where to start. Your itinerary is a great starting point and your review and recommendations are inspiring. Hopefully we can follow in these footsteps one day.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep travel blogging. Adventure is better shared with friends!

  26. Ukraine comes across as a real indulgence for the senses. So many places to see and experience. I was particularly riveted by the pictures of the Klevan town and the surreal Railway Line. It definitely is the stuff of dreams. Odessa is another place that I instanttly connected, as it reminded me of the thriller The Odessa File by Frederick Forsythe.

  27. Tunnel of Love is surely the highlight, as it’s something I had never heard of. Hiking through dense forest and plucking berries in between surely sounds mystical for a berry lover like me. Another thing that interests me is camp beside emerald lakes. Overall a great post with lovely pictures.

  28. I’m Dying to visit Ukraine!! Odessa Looks and sounds gorgeous!! Will definitely visit in spring or summer per your suggestion. Do you think early fall is pretty?

    1. Yes early fall can be pretty because Ukraine has wonderful greenery which will turn orange n yellow beauties in Fall.

  29. Ever since I made friends with a girl from Ukraine, I have wanted to visit this offbeat destination. There is so much to see and do here. It’s a pity that not many people go here. Or maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. I would love to explore the castles and natural places in Ukraine.

    1. Yes it is an offbeat destination, with many natural wonders. Also it provides Visa on Arrival for Indians

  30. Ukraine looks like an amazing country to visit. I love Ukrainian food, so I would need to take advantage of those beautiful hikes so I could enjoy all thee food. And I always see that love tunnel on Instagram, but didn’t know where it was located until now.

  31. Ukraine has such stunning landscapes! The tunnel of love and sunflower fields look especially beautiful. Is there a particular time of year you recommend visiting?

    1. Teresa for sunflowers, July is recommended and Tunnel of Love looks beautiful in summers and Autumn.

  32. The itinerary is really a great help. The tunnel of love is something totally out of the world. That should be a must visit one for everyone. I really liked the style of architecture of the buildings. It is a great place indeed.

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