Best Things To Do in Odessa City Tour

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Best Things To Do in Odessa City Tour – Sightseeing in Odessa 

A Black Sea Port city – Odessa in Southern Ukraine is known for its wildest nightlife, dark-colored waters of beautiful Black Sea, sunshine weather, humorous people, chestnut trees and unique historic grandeur.  Odessa’s history, culture, and architectures are influenced by French, Italian, Greeks, Turkish and Russian and that is why it also serves as Window to Europe.  Odessa is known as “The Pearl of the Black Sea”.  Once upon of time, it was supposed to be a powerful military base for the Black Sea & Mediterranean Sea.  In this post, let’s check about Best Things To Do in Odessa City Tour.


Best Things to Do in Odessa City Tour
Odessa Opera House and Ballet Theater

Best Things To Do in Odessa City Tour | Odessa Sightseeing Tours


 The second biggest Opera in the world after La Scala in Milan and is also considered as one of the most beautiful Opera houses in Europe. This 19th-century Baroque style architecture has stunning exteriors, adorned with mythological heroes – Orpheus playing cittern, dancing Terpsichore and muse of tragedy Melpomene. Not only exteriors are splendidly beautiful but interiors are also impressive as well. It has a unique acoustics arrangement that even the whispering sounds can be heard from any part of the hall.  Tickets to play or ballet are not expensive deal here and within the range of 15 to 20 Euro per person, you can enjoy your beautiful evening here.  

Best Things To Do in Odessa City Tour
Odessa Opera House and Ballet Theater
Best Things to do in Odessa City Tour
Odessa Opera House and Ballet Theater



Odessa Passage is located on the corner of Deribasovskaya street. This splendid historical complex – “Passage” is also one the most beautiful architectural masterpiece of Odessa. Constructed in the 19th century have architectural styles of Baroque, modernism, classical types. Earlier this used to be a most luxurious hotel in southern Russia. Now also the hotel is there on the top floor but it lacks the modern day’s luxurious amenities. At present, there are many luxury shops, boutiques, art galleries on the ground floor.  

Best Things To Do in Odessa City Tour
Odessa Passage
Best Things to do in Odessa City Tour
Odessa Passage sculptures


Featured in iconic movie Battleship Potemkin, this was built in the 19th century which was constructed to access the city from the harbor on the Black This is the most famous symbol of Odessa and it is constructed with such an illusion, that it looks endless though there are 192 steps with 10 Landing spans. On the top of stairs, there is a monument of Duke de Richelieu who is the founder of Odessa.   

Best Things To Do in Odessa City Tour
Potemkin Stairs


 The great-great-grandson of the famous cardinal of France, Richelieu was exiled from France to Russia in 1790. He joined the Russian army and fought with the Turkish He was appointed Governor of this place which was situated on the Black Sea which was further named as Odessa by Catherine.  Richelieu’s goal was to make Odessa a true European styled city, which can be depicted from its beautiful architectures and organization of this city.   


Is this a house or just a front façade with balconies and windows. This magical house is located on Vorontsov Lane and when you pass through the front of this house it looks like only a front façade standing up.  Normally houses have 4 or more than it but if you closely look this building from the lateral side then it is made up of thing triangular block with 3 walls.  As the architect of this building faced a financial crisis during construction he decided to adjoin two lateral walls and saved money of 4th  It was built 150 years ago and the name of the architect is still not known.  This is the most unusual building of Odessa and attracts many visitors throughout the year.  This illusion house has many beliefs associated with it among locals and it is popularly known as DEVIL’S OR WITCH’S HOUSE.  

Best Things To Do in Odessa City Tour
One Walled House | Witch’s House


 This prominent area of Odessa was completed in 1797 is also known as Monument to Catherine and her companions. When Odessa was 100 years old, this monument was set to dedicated to founders. It is believed that Catherine has given the name of this city – “Odessa” 

Best Things to do in Odessa City Tour
Odessa Founders Monument


This main street is the most vibrant and colorful location of Odessa. There are numerous boutiques, luxury shops, cafes, restaurants, and street plays. Also, the street is full of the festive atmosphere due to pony rides, toy dog rides for children, street shopping, funky art and paintings shops, dance and music shows, puppet shows and many more.  A perfect place for dining and feel the vibe of this vibrant and colorful city.  

Best Things to do in Odessa City Tour
Iskon’s Hare Krishna troupe performing on the streets of Odessa


 As Odessa has many boulevards designed by French, Italians, and Greeks there are many interesting buildings and their backyards. Discover the unique and hidden backyards inspired by different architectures like the beauty of Italian courtyard or an elegant French Palais. 


 Odessa is the major harbor or seaport of Ukraine and also of whole Black Sea. A great place to walk along and watch the loading and unloading of cargoes, cruises sailing out or in, luxury yachts and many marine activities. You can also hire a cruise for an hour and sail around the skyline of Odessa, around the lighthouse and take the closeup view of harbor or port.  

Best Things to do in Odessa City Tour
Odessa Harbor/Port

Best Things to do in Odessa City Tour


This is very crowded and is a public beach. I would not suggest swimming here as it is crowded too much. There is always some shows of Dolphins in this Dolphinarium which is adjoining the beach.  There is Nemo resort besides it, where you can stay and enjoy marine activities.  There is a wooden promenade beside this beach where you can walk along and enjoy the beautiful views of the Black  I would not suggest swimming here as it is overcrowded here because this is a public beach.   


 It is called IBIZA OF EASTERN EUROPE. As most of the wildest clubs, hippest bars are located here. Here people chill in daytime and party till dawn. 


 Odessa has a lovely romantic atmosphere and thousands of lovers spend their unforgettable moments here.   

Best Things to do in Odessa City Tour
Love Heart Locks Sculpture


While driving across one of the streets, during the architectural wonders tours, you would figure out a massive sculpture with two huge men holding celestial globe on their backs in front of the doors.  


 Russian Orthodox Cathedral dating since 1808 which was destroyed by Stalin but now was restored.  It has beautiful interiors. 


  • Exotic and wildest Nightlife.  Odessa offers you wide range of Bars and Pubs which you can check by reading this Bars in Odessa/Nightlife in Odessa article.  Prefer to stay in the historic center. I stayed at the Marlin Hotel and loved my stay
  • Summer Festivals – Dozens of International festivals take place which is attended by well-known personalities from art and culture fields. Check the list of events and festivals in Odessa on their official tourism site. 
  • City of Love and Romance. While Odessa is known as a city of love and romance, be aware that a Ukraine brides scam is common in Odessa
  • People of Odessa are very jolly and humorous with friendly communication skills. Odessa is also called as CITY OF SMILES and therefore every year LAUGHTER FESTIVAL OR HUMOROUS FESTIVAL is held on the streets of Odessa.
  • The climate of Odessa is very mild and moderate with 290 days of sunshine all year around. Mild climate with long summers and the attractive Black Sea attracts many tourists. 
  • Check out the funky and colorful cars in Odessa. There are many colorful vehicles with old models moving around and is a good photo opportunity with it.

HOW TO REACH ODESSA – Best Things To Do in Odessa City Tour

  • Odessa can be reached through trains from Kiev/Kyiv. Check their timetable by clicking this.
  • A new, beautiful and sloppy highway takes you to Odessa from Kiev/Kyiv. The whole drive is 5 to 6 hours if you don’t take in between stops. I took this road trip and did a stopover at Nuclear Missile Base station for a few
  • Odessa has its own airport which can be connected through domestic carriers and some International routes too.

Stay near or at Deribasavaskaya StreetClick here to check my review on my stay at the Marlin Hotel which has marine-themed interiors.


TIPS FOR UKRAINE  | BEST THINGS TO DO IN ODESSA CITY TOURThe currency of Ukraine is Ukrainian Hryvnia, also known as UAH.

    • Check closing days of monuments, museums, and cathedral before planning your visit.
    • People do not understand ENGLISH much so there can be Language problem but you can rid of by using Google Translator. Always keep your Google Translator ready.  Google Translator or any Translator App on your mobile is a must in Kyiv.
    • There are different Visa formalities for Ukraine. Check on their website for more information. Indians now can visit Ukraine through Visa on Arrivals with small half an hour formality of stamping at Airport of Kiev.  Check this official website for Visa information. 
    • Spring and Summers (April to September) are the best times to visit Ukraine
    • Ukraine is well known for vibrant Nightlife. Nightlife lovers will enjoy in Ukraine.
    • Ukraine offers various cuisines and you will not find any problem regards eating out. Kiev even has a beautiful street food culture.  Vegetarians can find many options in Italian, Georgian, Indian and Grilled Section of Ukrainian Cuisines.
    • Ukraine is safe and only you have to take general precautions.
    • Ukraine is not very expensive. Shopping is good and affordable.
    • For transportation in towns or cities of Ukraine, you can use Uber, Metro and walk. Walking along Historic town is best. Uber is also quite efficient here.  For inter cities you can take a flight, rail routes or taxis. Taking taxis from one city to another is not very expensive in Ukraine.

Go for an Odessa City tour either through walking tours, cars or buggy rides.  People hire colorful scooters for local commuting in Odessa. 

Best Things to do in Odessa City Tour
For local tours in Odessa..

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  1. I’ve always been curious about visiting Ukraine, and this gave me a great teaser. The architecture looks stunning, I especially like the passageway, it reminds me of the ones in Brussels or Paris. This serves as a great guide for first timers to the city.

  2. I am stuck on the phrase – unique historic grandeur. And that seems to sum up Odessa for me. I would love to check out the beautiful exterior of the Baroque Opera House, walk the Potemkin Stairs, and adore the detailed sculptures at the Odessa Passage. The house with one wall looks so queer and interesting at the same time.

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